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I have the book. George Pye is not an Ark and Dove Adventurer but
an early immigrant. On page 217 we have "Thomas Charinton attended the
Assembly on the morning of 21 March 1641, but that afternoon appointed
George Pye as his proxy. Archives, 1:116-117. On page 186 in a footnote
he was assigned a warrant to 50 acres that were first demanded by
Captain Robert Vaughan on 9/10/1640 for service to the Governor. Why
Vaughan did this assignment three days later is not stated. Md Land
Patents, ABH:90, 130; 1:99. He is mentioned several times in Newman's
"The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate", which in my view is the best
book on the original settlement of Maryland. On page 231 we find " On
July 23, 1641, for the ensuing assembly he and others of St. George's
Hundred elected George Pye, Esq., in place of Francis Gray". Archives,
Vol. 1, p104. The Esq. is significant and implies he was from a gentry
family. I think this means you very likely will be able to trace his
family back in England. On page 58 we have "The householders of St.
George's Hundred were commanded to carry their women and children to the
house of Mr. [Thomas] Weston "such house as shall be thought most
defensible by George Pye, late Burgess of that hundred"". Good
luck in your search!
Cheers, Pete

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> If anyone has access to the book "Ark and Dove Adventures"
> published by the Ark and Dove Society I would appreciate a look up in Part 3 Other Early Settlers.
> My ancestor, George Pye, is listed in Maryland Archives as being a Burgess as early as 1638 but he is not listed on the first voyage of the Ark or the Dove.
> Any help gladly received.
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