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Subject: posted by Shirley Breeden
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:35:20 EDT


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More on Francis Meadows.....
by ShirleyS.Breeden (no login)
Francis Meadows,Sr. lived with his mother untill she deceased
after 1770.She and John Bryson signed a deed for their daughter Mary and her
husband as witness for land given to
them by Thomas Hackett the grandfather of,Martin Hackett her
husband in 1770.I guess Ann was born about 1675 to be
married before 1698 when her father deceased, so, she lived to be near a 100
yrs. of age.On the first census records for
Orange Co.,Va. in 1785-90, Francis is listed as owning no
house only a barn and some buildings.On a deed for Francis,Jr. in Rockingham
Co. it states the land is located in the hollow near his father's
barn.Richard,Jr. is listed
in Orange Co.,Va. as being a neighbor to Henry Tilly/Lilly,
and Capt.Joseph Martin Louisa Co.,Va.Deed Book C,P.48 1760
Richard Meadows land joining Phillip Thurman, Henry Bunches,
in Fredericksville Parish Albemarle Co.,Va.Deed Book 3,P.211
1761.Richard Meadows.Martin Hackett, and others lay off a road between Louisa
Co. line and Lynches River in Orange Co,
to the upper fork of Buck Mountain Creek.Louisa Co.,Va.
C.O.B.I,P. 80 10/10/1743.
tHERE ARE MANY RECORDS OF Francis Meadows in Orange Co.,Va.
fighting with John and Honorius Powell, Francis Williams.
From 1740 - 1764 there are assult and battery warrants and
tresspassaging for Francis Meadowswith his neighbors.
There lots of records on Francis ,deeds,surveries, taxes,
thitables,etc.He and Reuben Roach transferring land, also,
Thomas Barber,John Bell,and Francis giving land to his son Jacob Meadows and
Jacob sold it to Absolom Roach, and sold
some to Harnsbarger on the mt. at Cold comfort Spring. I
have note books of documents that I have founf in the pass 25 years on
Francis and his sons.

To whom it may concern..........
by ShirleyS.Breeden (no login)
About the father of Francis Meadows,Sr......
Richard Meadows was the eldest son of ,John F.Meadows and
Elizabeth White d/o Richard White and Addrea. Richard White
gave his grandson some land in Essex Co.,Va. John Meadows gave Richard
Meadows a deed of gift after his wife died in 1694.Richard Meadows leased it to his
sister,Hester, and her
Husband ,William Brown/Broune untill their death and then it
went to Richard's youngest son,Richard,Jr.Richard Meadows,Sr.
married Elizabeth Ann Moss d/o John about 1695 and they are
named as executor and executrix in John Moss' will 1698
Essex Co.,Va. will book 9,page 163-65.Richard and AAnn had
eight children put he only names three in his will of 1715
Essex Co.,Va. D&W Book 14,p.526.He names William, eldest son,
Richard,Jr. youngest son and Addrea youngest daughter.
In 1723 William petitioned the court against his mother and
step-father,John Bryson, for his part of his father's personal property.The
tobbaco was appraised for 41 pounds,
eight shillings, and eight pence.Eight children came in for
their part of, 5 pounds, one shilling,and eleven pence.
Ann married John Bryson about 1716 an old family friend and
they moved to the Blue Ridge Mountians with her sister who
married William Cox. John and Ann had two children,John,Jr.
and Mary Ann Bryson.John born about 1717 married a Margaret
and moved to Surry Co.,N.C. and deceased in 1804.Several of
his sons stayed on the mountian with Francis and Richard
Meadows.James and William Bryson.John Bryson,III left
letters in the state Archives in N.C. about when he lived on the Blue Ridge
Mts.Tells about being friends with Thomas
Jefferson.The letters where written in 1822 and he was 64 years of age.John
Bryson received land for his service in the Rev War. John,Sr. was a large land
owner in the Mts.
They named a hollow in honor of him,Bryson Hollow, in Greene
Co.,Va. He owned land on Buck Mt. and Flat Top on the Orange
and Albermarle Co. lines.This part was Louisa Co. at one time.Richard ,Jr. is
listed as overseer of the road on Buck Mt. and Blue Run with John
Bryson.Richard,Jr. and Francis
are the only Meadows' listed in the records of Orange
,Louisa,Albrmarle,Rockingham,Cos. in the early 1700's
They are listed on the list in 1757 for Orange Co.
with John Bryson.John Bryson deceased April 1770 and Francis
got his first land survey in March 1770 in Agusta Co. on top
of the Mt. near Bryson Hollow.The eight children of Richard
and Ann Meadows that I have found near them are:
William Meadows married Frances Fritzsimmons
Joel Meadows/Medders married Elizabeth Wright & Agnes Green
James Meadows married Eleanor....dec'd Anson C.,N.C. 1803
George in Orange Co. 1792
Hester Meadows married Reuben Roach
John Francis Meadows married Mary Ann Bell d/o John Bell
Richard Meadows,Jr. married Mildred/Millie......
Addrea Meadows married Francis Haile

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