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We had a high school girl live with us for about six months. She became
pregnant and the baby was born in January of her senior year of high school.
Her parents were divorced and a mess. She didn't have anyone to help her.
She is a good friend of my oldest daughter. She was a really good student,
honor roll, etc. She had made a mistake and I didn't want it to ruin her
life. Long story short, she came to live with us so she could finish

I am the mother of six children, none of my babies had colic. This poor
baby had it constantly. She cried all the time. Even with four of us to
take care of her, she wore us all out. After several weeks of constant
crying, I called her doctor and discussed the situation with him. All of my
children were allergic to cow's milk. They would throw-up formula made with
a cow's milk base. My children didn't spit up, they projectile vomited
formula. Thankfully I was able to breast-feed all of them.

This baby showed the same symptoms. I had called the help line listed on
her formula can, they thought it sounded like allergies also. The formula
company sent us, without charge, two cans of really expensive formula. The
cans were nearly twenty dollars each for the powder in stores. We changed
her to it, and the colic went away. We had to get her doctor to write a
prescription for it. Because of the mother's lack of any income, WIC, (a
federal program that provides basic nutrition support for poor mothers and
children) was providing her with formula. WIC wouldn't cover the expensive
formula without a prescription from her doctor. I'm sure it saved that
babies life.

I have no doubt that had this baby been in the care of just one mother
full-time, she would have been a victim of at the very least shaken baby
syndrome. There was many a night when I would hear her crying, I would
listen for a while as the mother and my daughter would both try to settle
her down for bed. I would give them a little while and when the baby didn't
stop screaming, I would ask them if they needed my help. I'm called the
"baby whisperer" by my family and friends. I have no idea what I do, but I
can settle down any screaming or crying child. I love going to the hospital
and rocking the poor little sick babies.

The baby is now in first grade, her parents married, purchased their own
home and have a second child a boy. My oldest daughter and her husband are
their god-parents.

*** Lana ***

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I was a nervous type when I was young. Of course, my firstborn
was terribly ill and in the hospital for almost three months so
I had a reason to be apprehensive. By the time she came home
she weighed almost five pounds. She was very hungry and ate
like a little piggy. Back then it was Carnation Milk and
boiled water with a touch of Karo syrup. She put weight on
fast then had acute diarrhea when she was nine months old. Her
poor little body had been through a mighty struggle and so had
mine. I was pregnant again and didn't feel well.
What a year!! We made it though. The oldest is 45, the next
44 and the boy is 40. No wonder I have grey hair! Sharon K.


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I was told I was overly cautious as well as nervous with my
firstborn too. I didn't think I was but maybe I was. My
husband could hold her against his chest and massage her spine
and she'd go right to sleep. I never forgot the time she was
screaming in the middle of the night - I was dead tired and
slept like a log thru it. He got up, fixed a bottle for her
and was holding her when he went to sleep too. He dropped the
bottle of milk onto the hardwood floor and the sound made me
come to life immediately! I jumped up and ran to the room
where they were .... he was still asleep and the baby was
screaming! Those first 3 months seemed like an eternity for
her to get over the colic.

The two boys never seemed to have colic like she did, so maybe
by that time I'd learn to relax and not be so anxious about not
doing something right.


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