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Subject: Re: [MENARY-L] U.S. Land Patent
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 22:57:58 -0500
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My apologies to all listers if this is "off topic" to the web. Have I asked
you before if you're related to the Scottish Herrons of Herron's Mills,
Lanark Township, Ontario (Canada)? They're well-known here. Thanks,

Max (Hon. Cuz of the Menary Family)

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Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: [MENARY-L] U.S. Land Patent

I have a question for you all. I have also paid for a MyFamily web site for
one of my other names, Herron. Who in the Menary clan is it that's the
administrator for the Menary site in MyFamily? I'd love some advice on
making mine look as wonderful as yours is. AND, I have 2 pictures now, one
of William W. Menary, his 2nd wife Anna and his son as a young adult, Andrew
William, taken in about 1904. And I have one of Andrew as an older man, in
front of the church he was devoted to. Would I / should I send them to the
Menary site for downloading? I'm not sure what is wanted there.

Myra Herron
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Subject: RE: [MENARY-L] U.S. Land Patent

And let's not to forget thanking Lilyan for all she does; helping with
newlist and researching.

Cousin Susan J.

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Subject: [MENARY-L] U.S. Land Patent
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 11:32:10 -0500

HI Everyone,
I have attempted to send this message three times I do more than
if I am filling up your mailbox at such a busy time. But it never shows up
in my mailbox. Hope the third time will be the charm .
The information is very interesting, and fun to see the names of the
presidents, Lincoln, Tyler, and Roosevelt on documents granting land
pertaining to our very own Menary, Manary Minery, Minary, Meneray, etc.
This information came from Rootweb's latest letter, but I did not want you
to miss it.
It is worth repeating. Great information if you did not already have it.
Lots of good data regarding the Land Patents taken by our relatives. It
shows the location, and dates of the land purchases.
Apparently, after a closure the U.S.Land Patent records are now once more
available on line , and can be reached at this url:<>;. Some of
the documents are on the site to
download, and originals of the patents can be ordered.

Since the beginning of a New Year is always a time of reflections,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara for doing such a
great job keeping us going, and adding such interesting information for us
from your files and researching efforts. You are doing a terrific job.

I would like to, once again ,commend Susan for starting this list way
back in 1999, keeping it going and coming to our rescue with adding family

Also thanks to our dear cousin Susan Wann who paid to keep the Myfamily
alive and well. It holds so many of our treasures.
Janice, we very seldom thank you for your time and efforts keeping the Web
site and the Myfamily site purring along. Since I am that roadkill on the
information highway, I am always impressed.

Thanks, thanks and thanks again to all of you on the list who send in
information,and facts , puzzling questions, and research information . I
so very grateful to you, and have learned so much. I love hearing about
each of the families , and watching the connections coming together. The
sharing is invaluable every morsel has been so worthwhile .I appreciate
of you cousins .Such a pleasure to know you .

You are terrific cousins and I wish each and everyone of you a
Joyous Happy Healthy New Year.
Best regards,

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