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From: "Linda Leonard" <>
Subject: [MENARY] First Keady - The Temple Church
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 23:28:00 +0100


Thanks for posting these photos - you had kindly sent the older Menary grave one to me earlier this year. Is the grave of Frederick and his wife Ross' parents ? I hope to go along to The Temple Church sometime soon to check out some other graves as I have just found a connection between the Archibald Coleman / Rebecca Menary family ( photo of gravestone at Armaghbreague CoI posted) and a family called Watson who attended First Keady.

The granddaughter of Archibald and Rebecca ( Lily Coleman - probably Elizabeth, possibly Eleanor) married Robert Watson and I have details of their family born 1920s/ 1930s and some of their children born 1950s They were very close friends of my grandparents and I have just found out now appear to be "cousins". The Watsons previously lived at Armaghbreague ( see Bassett records 1888) but Robert came to live in Milford and the family ran a grocer's / general goods store. There were also Watsons who farmed at Milford. Perhaps your cousin Ross or his family might have known them.

Doing some reading recently I found out that your great aunt Mary Ann b 1870 did marry a McGowan ( you had a query beside this name) - William Magowan of Ballymaculley - which is north of Killylea - probably Eglish parish. They married on 20 June 1893. He was a widower and she was "a full age spinster"

The other thing which I have found out was that there was a Joseph at Lisnadill in 1838 and in "Wendy's snippets" - recently posted - a Joseph Menary was mentioned in an incident in 1851. As there are not many Josephs featuring in all the names so far perhaps there is a link. I have made a note of it..

Could you please check if there is any mention of Watson / Coleman in the book which gives the history of The Temple Church?


I see in your reply to Brian about his photos that you have transcribed some records from First Keady - did you find any Coleman/ Watson link? I have the names of 4 children for Archibald and Rebecca Coleman from one of the lists already circulated. : Eleanor 1869; James 1870; Agnes 1872 and Martha 1874. Archie - whose name is on the Armaghbreague gravestone died in 1925 aged 44 years. He was not mentioned on the list but would fit in with a dob in 1881.

I think Lily is possibly the daughter of James or Archie as it would be too much of a gap for Eleanor to have married Bob Watson as their children were not born until 1920s. Lily also had a brother Archie

This would give us another link to a family which is well known to us

It is also interesting to see the name Eleanor, which is not that common, as there was an Ellenor Menary ( father Alexander) who married Hugh Garmany at Eglish on 29 Jan 1852 which would probably make her dob around 1831. Could Ellenor (Menary) Garmony have been an aunt/ cousin of Rebecca (Menary) Coleman?

Linda L

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