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Subject: Re: MENEFEE-D Digest V05 #16-regarding William Walker Menefee
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 19:59:38 EDT

Am glad that I can be of some help in answering this "brick wall"!

William Walker 'Billy' Menefee was a descendant of Gerrard Menefee as is
shown below

William Walker 'Billy' Menefee [1860-1929 m/#1 Ida Belle or Isabelle Owens
m/#2 Lucy Smith or Lucy Brown

He was a son of
Alexander Campbell Menefee [1835-1911] and Paulina 'Puss' Snodgrass

He was a son of
Nimrod William Menefee [1806 -1877/80] and Mary E. Underwood [1802-bef 1865]

He was a son of
James 'The Hairlip' Menefee [1766-1849] and Nancy Hurst [1779-1815]

He was a son of
Gerrard Menefee [1721-1811] and Agnes Sutherland [ca 1723-aft 1811]

My husband is a descendant of Gerrard through his son William Menefee.

Hope this helps you!
Best Wishes
Sue Eagle Sparkman

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Looking for any info on William Walker Menefee my great granfather born in
Va. in 1860. Moved to Ky in either Rockcastle Co. or Lincoln Co. He married
my great grandmother, not sure when, Lucy E. Brown. They had several children
one being my grandfather William R. (Richard) Menefee born 09-22-1902 in
Lincoln Co. Richard is the one who is the most mysterious to find. I did find him
on the 1930 census in Jefferson Co. Ky after he had married my grandmother
Lizzie May Sowder. They had 4 children, one being my father James. I would
really like to know what happened to my grandfather Richard. I have no other
info about him after the 1930's. My father is the only one still living from
that family and has limited memory regarding his father. Please help me find
info on Richard !!!!!

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