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Subject: [MENNO] Wolford Hartzell Blough Berkey etc.
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 16:42:35 EDT

AMISH & AMISH MENNONITE GENEALOGIES by Gingrich & Kreider says this about
the Wolfords:

HZ3192 - David Hertzler, Juniata County PA, born 12/4/1850 no DOD, married
Eliza A. Wolford born 4/4/1854. Footnote says she was d/o Jacob and
Elizabeth (Floyd) Wolford. Eliza from Dauphin Co. PA. David was s/o Noah
Hertzler and Susanna Garman (6/18/1817-12/19/1900 from Dauphin Co to Juniata
Co. PA) . David Hertzler can be traced back more generations if you want.

BL1275 refers to Susanna Blough of Somerset Co born 8/7/1842 who married
Noah Lohr. She was d/o Jonas Blough and Elizabeth Bowman (line can be
traced further back). Noah, according to footnote, was a s/o Valentine and
Hannah (Wolford Lohr. No dates given for Noah or his parents.

BK2142 Peter Berkey married Sarah Wolford, born c.1805 in PA. Footnote says
"Sallie." Children of Peter and Sarah Wolford Berkey, all born Somerset
Co., are Barbara (m. Jacob Wessam); Samuel 1825-1852 (m. Mary Stutzman as
h1); Hannah c1828 (m. Jacob Knavel); Rachel c1830 (m. Stephen Stutzman as
w1); Susanna 6/2/1833-1918 (m. Lewis Cobaugh); Jacob P c1836 (m. Sarah
Dickey); Sarah c1840; Peter c1851. Peter Berkey the father is s/o Jacob
Berkey & Barbara Miller ML65. More info available on Peter Bekey line.

WV554 Daniel A. Weaver m. Mary "Polly" Blough BL 1351. More on each's
ancestry is available. All ch born Somerset Co. Their daughter Christina
Weaver 11/5/1851 no DOD, married Robert Wolford (4-12-1857 to 1/20/1916,
Somerset) as her 2d husband. First husband was Joseph A. Boyer 1853-1895.
Principal source of information about Somerset PA Weavers was Anna Casebeer
Weaver (1818-1893) , who married a nephew of Christina Weaver Boyer Wolford.
Names of Christina's siblings available and spouses, but not the next
generation except for the nephew who married Anna Casebeer.

I don't know whether your Wolfords would be connected with Michael Wohlfahrt,
a/k/a/ Michael Welfare. Brethren Encyclopedia says:

"WOHLFAHRT (WELFARE) MICHAEL, 1687-1741, Ephrata Community leader.
Wohlfahrt was born in Memel (since 1923 Klaipeda in Lithuania) on the Baltic
Sea. He migrated to North America, visiting Conrad Beissel in 1722 in the
course of an evangelistic journey to the Carolinas. Upon his return he
lived as a hermit near Beissel. Wohlfahrt was baptized by Beissel in 1725
and became a vociferous supporter of Beissel when schism occurred in the
Conestoga Brethren congregation. He became a trusted assistant of Beissel
in the Ephrata Community, where he took the name Brother Angonius. When
Alexander Mack Sr attempted to reconcile the parties in 1729, Wohlfahrt
mocked him publicly.

"Wohlfahrt was known in Philadelphia for prophetic messages which he
delivered regularly at meetings of the Society of Friends and also in public.
Benjamin Franklin included an anecdote about Wohlfahrt in his Autobiography,
commending him for an explanation of the Ephrata Community's noncreedalism.
Wohlfahrt translated or wrote several books, emphasizing sabbatarian
observance, which he imbibed from the Seventh Day Baptists. The writers of
the Cnronicon Ephratense (1786) described at length Wohlfahrt's activities,
including his mistakes, but praised his loyalty and humility."

BE also includes a reprint of an article about this fellow in the Sept. 24
1734 issue of Benjamin Franklin's newspaper, the The Pennsylvania Gaztte,
taken from F> Reichmann and EE Doll, eds., Ephrata as Seen by Contemporaries
91953) 9.

Since he was part of Ephrata as "Brother Angonius" I would guess he did not
marry and have children, but some married folks also joined the cloistered
order. I did not find a listing for Wolford family.

I did find some Wolfords in the ministerial lists of Brethren Encyclopedia:

A. Klein Wolford (CB) Santa Ana CA addr 1920-32;

Eva Wolford (CB) Ligonier, PA addr 1926-28.

Harley H. Wolford (BC) 8-3-1880-4-26-1936; Roann & Elkhart IN (pastor 1914,
1918, 1920); Lathrop, Ripon & Turlock CA (pastor 1930s); W. Independence &
Gretna OH (pastor); Ashland College, OH.

William Edward Wolford (CB) 9-14-1877 to 12-1-1950; eld 1920 at Ligonier
Valley PA (1902-46); Waterford CA; Reedley CA. Gospel Messenger May 5 1951
p 27 might well carry obituary.

Sorry, I don't think we're related to any Thompsons. But the Tompkinses
apparently have been Brethren since the 1880s or so, when a Tompkins married
a very Brethren Stump. Hope all this helps.

Jan T

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