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Hello Bob:

Also on the subscriber list is Louise in Ontario.

As I understand it, Mennonite immigrants were registered with the
Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization because they had a transportation
CPR debt and are indexed on the following site. If you can identify your
family's colonization record, email them and they will scan the front and
back of that record and place them on the site. That way you may be able to
find out who the little England-quaranteed girl was.

My mother was Margaret Dick and father Abram J. Mathies. They arrived in
Quebec, Canada with two little girls and a (Dick) brother in July, 1924.

My father's stepmother Susanna (nee Wiens) Mathies married Mr. D. P. Enns
and I think they lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan until he died. She then
moved to be nearer her relatives in Essex County, Ontario.

Happy hunting, L. Ross

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Is there anyone on this list besides, Tim in Seattle, Bob in Winnipeg, and
Bob in Saskatchewan?

from Bob in Saskatchewan

PS Abe Remple always said he was the closest non blood relative of the Walde
Family, does anyone know where his family came from? Dad mentioned once the
their family brought a girl who was in quarantine in England with them to
Canada in 1926, would anyone know who she was and what became of her? I can
not ask Dad as he died Oct. 15, 2005 just 20 minuets short of his 95th

Someone may recognize some names so here is part of Grandfather, Heinrich
Abram Walde's story

"I, Heinrich Abram Walde, was born Feb. 5, 1881 in Neu-Kirch, Malotschna,
South Russia. That same year my parents, Abram Bernhard and Elizabeth nee
Siemens Walde, moved to the new settlement of Sogradow in the Cheroner
Territory and settled in the village of Orloff No. 6. The settlement
consisted of 17 villages, some of which had large holdings. (65 Desjaton -
162 acres) were considered large holdings or farms. Others again had (38
Desjatin - 95 acres).

These were classed as small holdings farms. Our village happened to be the
largest one in the settlement, with 41 farms. The homes in the village were
set up in two long rows, with the school situated in the middle. Here I
spent my childhood and youth, and received my elementary education in this
village school. We were privileged to have Christian teachers, Mr. Jacob
Martens was one of them. His Christian influence was widely felt, not only
among the children, but the young people and adults as well. My other
teacher was Mr. Johann Harder. For five years he taught and encouraged me to
exert more effort to my studies, indicating I could be the top student in my
class if I would only try. Unfortunately, I did not heed his good advice. I
did, however, make my grades quite well."

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