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From: Eileen Horan <>
Subject: Re: [METIS] Ancestry - LaRance/Nadeau
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 22:54:01 -0600
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Hi John
found your Sauve
only have a couple children for Margaret Sauve & James Sinclair though, do not know who his parents were
2 generations follow
would you please post the James Sinclair line, as I do have a few strays in my database
Descendants of Jean-Baptiste SAUVE

1 Jean-Baptiste SAUVE b: Bet. 1769 - 1780 in Quebec, Lower Canada d: Unknown
.. + Marguerite SAULTEAUX dit MASKEGONNE b: Abt. 1790 in North West Territories d: Unknown m: Abt. 1807 in North West Territories [7 children identified in Scrip Records & documented in Metis Families: Vol.5, p.98], where they were married according to the custom of the country
.. 2 Charlotte SAUVE b: November 12, 1808 in North West Territories (near the Polar Sea, according to Paulette's research) d: October 14, 1888 in St Francois Xavier district, Manitoba
...... + Francois-"Xavier" WALSH dit WELLS dit WELSH b: Abt. 1797 in Germany (or elsewhere, in Europe) d: Bef. 1867 in Red River District (Manitoba) m: Abt. 1834 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba)
.. 2 Jean SAUVE b: Abt. 1812 in North West Territories; being baptized April 6th 1833 in the St Boniface Church (Manitoba) d: Unknown
.. 2 Joseph SAUVE b: December 20, 1822 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba) d: Bef. 1870
...... + Marie-Suzanne DEASE b: January 05, 1824 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba) d: Unknown m: Abt. 1844 in St Boniface Parish [8 children identified in Scrip Records & Metis Families: Vol.5, pp.98-99], Red River Settlement (Manitoba) Father: Charles Johnson Watts DEASE Mother: Louise NATIVE dit MONTAGNAISE dit DeMONTIGNY
.. 2 Norbert SAUVE b: 1823 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba) d: Unknown
...... + Josephte LAVERDURE dit ST PIERRE b: 1828 in the Pembina district, North West Territories (North Dakota) d: Unknown m: 1847 in The Pembina district Mission [9 children identified in Scrip Records & Metis Families: Vol.5, p.99], North West Territories, Minnesota Territory (North Dakota) Father: Francois ST PIERRE Mother: Marie LAVERDURE
.. 2 Margaret SAUVE b: January 06, 1831 in Red River Settlement [Manitoba] d: Unknown
...... + James SINCLAIR b: 1826 in St Boniface Parish District, Red River Settlement (Manitoba) d: Unknown m: Abt. 1849 in Red River District
.. 2 Denis SAUVE b: April 05, 1834 in Red River Settlement [Manitoba] d: Unknown
.. 2 Francois SAUVE b: July 13, 1838 in Red River Settlement [Manitoba] d: Unknown
...... + Eliza CAPLETTE b: Abt. 1840 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba) d: Unknown m: January 10, 1865 in St Boniface Parish Church, Red River Settlement (Manitoba) Father: Joseph CAPLETTE Mother: Margaret BRANCONNIER
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Subject: Re: [METIS] Ancestry - LaRance/Nadeau

> Hi, Eileen,
> Your two generations of the Desjarlais line lead me to believe that my Marguerite Sauve is not the correct Sauve who married Guillame, but I do believe that a cousin of hers also named Marguerite Sauve is a strong
> possibility. The progenitor of my Sauve line in Jean BaptisteSauve born about 1763 in Quebec who married Marguerite Muskegon a Cree girl,
and they had seven children one of which was Margaret Sauve, who married James Sinclair my great grandfather born in St. Boniface parish in 1826.
> Jean Baptiste's fourth child born in 1823 named Norbert was born in 1823 and married a Josephte ST.Pierre in 1839 in Pembina, a child of theirs is shown
> in the following web site [E1]
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