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From: "Tony & Lori" <>
Subject: RE: [METIS] Ancestry - Question Eileen - don't mean to bore any listers ^_^
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 00:58:49 -0700
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Goodnight Eileen - great minds must think alike because I'm checking before
bed too ^_^

I've had a strange life too, plus all siblings, aunts, uncles, etc that we
were "raised" with are long gone except for 2 brothers. I am the last
female in my line outside of our 2 daughters, and twin granddaughters. I
have always been desperate to hang onto any piece of history I can get my
hands on, especially since my family was so unusual, different dads for
brothers/sister, adoptions, and no real dad around.

I wanted to be an Archaeologist when I was YOUNGer and I've been trying to
trace my roots since 1974...I had very little "live" family info except what
my mother, grandmother, grandfather shared. I've since asked my birth
father about our history and he is one of the "Denial" type of guys. But
then again, I could have been told and lived a lie since I was 13 and
believed I was Métis. I've always been proud of the fact and tried in any
way, shape, and form possible to find out more about being Métis since
leaving home in early 70's. All my census forms, etc., have always
indicated my Métis status and my kids were active in their High schools and
one even received the Sto:lo Award of Excellence for Youth for Honour and
Effort roll standings.

I've collated tons of online resources and have had our library bring in
docs and books till I think they want to scream - and I, like you, love to
share and help others where I can. You, Paulette, Serena, Gail (especially
Paulette & Serena) have been a source of inspiration since I first found the
"METIS ONE LIST" and "Titameg's Children / Turtle Mtn Stuff" in late 90's -
I used to go by the handle of "Sharai". I lost my computer and other tech
stuff to thieves and then suffered a fall which left me immobile for several
years in 1998 so, things kind of went on the burner for a long period of
time. Since I started moving around again - getting steroid shots,
cortisone, etc., I got back into trying to find my "OLD" Métis favourites
and email addy's and found the list and Paulette again. I am thankful and
enjoyed SEEING you all after the pics were posted on the website this
summer. I smile when I think of you all even though I truly don't know
everyone. Different genealogy formats posted confuse me still even though I
have done Family Tree stuff, Roots-Web, etc., for a long time. Which is why
I "HUG" you ^_^

I am tired...I am rambling and rambling.... GB and GN

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Hi Lori
just checking messages before bed you ask a very good question

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