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From: "Reginald Horton" <>
Subject: SOME Jan 17th Marriages From My Database
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 13:39:49 -0700

Source: Drouin

Jean Baptiste Tarault-Carault-Champagne
married Anne Marie Charbonneau
Jan 17, 1814 at St Ours
Jean parents were Laurent Tarault-Chapagne and Elisabeth Dunas
Anne parents were Louis Charbonneau and Marie Angelique Papillon

Thadee Meilleur married Celina Belec-Beleque
Jan 17, 1848 at St Jerome
Thadee parents were Francois Meilleur and Josette Thibault
Celina parents were Belonie Belec and Scholastique Fortier

Francois Perigny-Papilleau married Elisabeth Brisson
Jan 17, 1745 at Ste Anne de la Perade
Francois parents were Jean Baptiste Perigny-Papilleau and Marie Morand
Elisabeth parents were Francois Brisson and Marguerite Perrault

Julie Guertin married Joseph Dubois
Jan 17, 1842 at St Hugues
Julie parents were Louis Guertin and Louise Brousseau
Joseph parents were Jean Baptiste Dubois and Marguerite Vadnais

Francois Courval married Marguerite Duclos
Jan 17, 1825 at Terrebonne
Francois parents were Paul Courval and Charlotte Damien-Rouillard
Marguerite parents were Nicolas Duclos and Marguerite Forget

Gabriel Caron married Ropse Gueret-Dumont
Jan 17, 1820 at Kasmouraska
Gabriel parents were Benjamin Caron and Catherine Pelletier
Rose parents were Francois Gueret-Dumont and Marie Anne Landry

Amable Messier married Josephte Bousquet
Jan 17, 1815 at St Denis
Amable parents were Francois Messier and Josephte Meunier-Lapierre
Josephte parents were Ignace Bousquet and Josephte Baunier-Laplante

Pelagie Hussereau married Isidore Lauzon
Jan 17, 1837 at St Benoit
Pelagie parents were Jean Baptiste Hussereau and Suzanne Beaulne
Isidore parents were Michel Lauzon and Marguerite Chauret

Joseph Maxwell married Georgianna Gosselin
Jan 17, 1893 at St Damien, Brandon
Joseph parents were Francois Xavier Maxwell and Florentine Duperrault
Georgianna parents were Napolean Gosselin and Georgianna Boucher

Pierre Bourbeau married Catherine Provencher
Jan 17, 1754 by Notary Leproust
Pierre parents were Pierre Bourbeau and Marie Provencher
Catherine parents were Louis Provencher and Marie Anne Leclair-Fleurant

Adophe Vaillancourt married Louise Paquette
Jan 17, 1853 at St Jerome, Terrebonne
Adolphe parents were Joseph Vaillancourt and Marie Labelle
Louise parents were Jean Paquette and Marie Labelle

Antoine Genereux married Marie Genevieve Sylvestre
Jan 17, 1803 at St Cuthbert
Antoine parents were Pierre Louis Genereux and Josephte Dupas
Marie parents were Nicolas Sylvestre and Marie Forcier

Louis Goyet married Marie Louise Arres
Jan 17, 1814 at Longueuil
Louis parents were Joseph Goyet and Marguerite Charon
Marie parents were Jean Baptiste Sansfacon-Arres and Marie Gosselin

Ange Simard married Marie Roche Tremblay
Jan 17, 1747 at Eboulements
Ange parents were Ange Simard and Therese Letartre
Marie parents were Jean Tremblay and Catherine De Lavoye

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