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Author: Johan_Robitaille
Surnames: Casavant, Vegiard, Vegeard, Labonte, Tetro, Tetreault, Tetrault, Ducharme, Benoit, Pepin, Pinault, Charron, Richer, Pillard, Pillat, Plat, LaPlatte, Jarret, Jaret, Beauregard, Chagnon, Larose, Fauvreau, Martin
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Her parents were

Francois Casavant (Jean-Baptiste & Marie-Joseph Vegiard)
- m.1780-02-07 St-Charles-sur-le-Richelieu
Marie Tetro / Tetreault dit Ducharme (Jean-Baptiste & Angelique Benoit)

Jean-Baptiste Casavant (Jean-Baptiste & Marie-Magdeleine Pepin)
- m.1742-04-17 Vercheres, Qc
Marie-Joseph Vegiard (Louis & Marie-Magdeleine Pinault)

Louis Vegiard / Vegeard (Raymond & Marie-Charlotte Charron)
- m.1719-09-10 La Perade, Qc
Marie-Madeleine Pineau (Joseph & Catherine Richer)

Raymond Vegeard dit Labonte (unknown parents & unknown origine)
- m. about 1695 Vercheres, Qc
Marie-Charlotte Charron (Pierre & Catherine Pillard/Pillat)
*** Info about the parents of M-charlotte Charron will be at the end of the other line, since it goes to the same couple


Jean-Baptiste Tetreault (Joseph-Marie & Anne Jarret)
- m.1735-02-07 Vercheres, Qc
Angelique Benoit (Francois & Angele/Angelique Chagnon)

Francois Benoit (Etienne & Jeanne Campeau)
- m.1711-02-07 Contrecoeur, Qc
Marie-Angelique Chagnon (Francois & Catherine Charron)

Francois Chagnon dit Larose (Pierre & Louise Fauvreau)
- marriage contract 1679-07-23 Menard notary at Contrecoeur
Catherine Charron (Pierre & Catherine Pillard/Pillat)


Pierre Charron (Pierre & Judith Martin) from France
- m.1665-10-19 Montreal, Qc
Catherine Pillard/Pillat/Plat/LaPlatte ***
said to be from France, parents listed in the church record of her marriage are Pierre Pillard & Marguerite Moulinet of LaRochelle, France

mtDNA show Siberian-Amerindian ligneage - Haplogroup A with a very rare tribal motif...

This haplogroup/haplotype is NOT European and was not brought in Europe by ancient invasion either... invasion were done by male warrior not women... further more if such maternal DNA had been brought into Europe trace of it would have been found in the studies of various cemetaries of the regions in question covering that time frame all the way to around the 1500's or 1600's, it is not the case...
Which means that if Catherine was ever in France, and it is a big IF, the only this could have happened is if she or her mother had been brought to France by the French... which consequently would not change the fact that this person is Native and not French or European...

Fichier origine has found a baptism in France with NO surname for the mother that they presumme to be hers, but no additional documents are listed to validate it... it is basically a presumption base on the marriage record and the fact that they could not find any other baptism that more or less appear to match her...

A baptism in Montreal was found last winter, that is more consistant with everything that is available about Catherine, including the mtDNA results, if we disregard the French origine given on the marriage record...

Published researches on this case are available at this address in both English and French...

It is unfortunatly a sour subject among genealogists right now...

Even though every experience genealogists are aware that priests did not right the truth in baptisms of illegitimate children in more than 90% of the case... many refuse to consider that priests may have felt justified in doing the same in other type of records at various point in time and for various reasons depending on the case...
Personally, I find this approach illogical and quite contre-productive for researchers who are suppose to seek the truth what ever it may be... but that's me, some agree and there are definatly some who desagree...

By the way, the president of the Charron-Ducharme family association did took the time to have the research verified by a DNA scientist and it got a 2 thumbs up... he could not found a flaw in it and the references are solid... his only comment, at the time, was that he wished there was a third line going to a third daughters, because of the age difference between the 2 lines we had been able to genealogically validate, leaving open the possibility that the oldest could be adopted and the second being an illegitimate child of the 1st one... his concern was addressed in the following weeks when 2 other lines were completed and validated, which brought the research to 4 matches with 4 validated genealogical lines going back to three different daughters of Catherine, leaving no doubts anymore that the mtDNA sequence is really hers...

So anyway... base on mtDNA this line of yours is Native twice through the same ancestral mother...

And for those who would feel compele to bash the information I just gave... please have the decency and honesty to truly and meticulously verify and research the case before trying to destroy a research that took a year of continous and meticulous hard work to complete...


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