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Subject: Re: [METISGEN-L] Alexander McDougall & Maria Irvine---Part 2 of 2
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Lois and is Part 2 of 2...Descendants of Duncan McDougall and
Marguerite McDonald:

Metis Families - Volume 4
Page 63
Julie Dumas, Tissot ptre. (page 154) (SB-Rozyk, page 154, B-57); married
Virginie Lepine,
daughter of Maxime Lepine and Josephte Lavallee, 9 Feb 1891 St. Boniface
(RMSB); died 1947
St. Louis (Denney).
Children of Alexandre Peter McDougall and Virginie Lepine were as follows:
i. Wilfred McDougall; born 11 Feb 1891 St. Laurent (ibid); married Virginie
Racette, daughter of Jerome Racette and Caroline Nolin, 1918 Bellevue
ii. Olive McDougall; born 24 Oct 1893 St. Louis (ibid); died 16 Nov 1948 St.
Louis at age 55 (ibid).
iii. Marie McDougall; born 1899 St. Laurent (ibid); married Frank Chatlain
iv. Mederick McDougall; born 1903 St. Louis (ibid); married Anne C. Lepine,
daughter of Patrice Tobie Lepine and Lucie Nolin, 2 Feb 1933 St. Louis
v. Marguerite McDougall; born 1905 St. Louis (ibid); married Auguste Joubert
1935 St. Louis (ibid).
vi. Henri Edouard McDougall; born 1905 St. Louis (ibid); married Yvonne
Bremner, daughter of Hercule Bremner and Justine Racette, 1930 St. Louis
vii. Mathilda McDougall; born 1909 St. Louis (ibid); married Raphael Fidler,
of Cuthbert Fidler and Eliza Ross, 19 Oct 1939 St. Louis (ibid).
viii. Hugh McDougall; born 1913 St. Louis (ibid).
19 ix. Wilbrod McDougall, born 16 Sep 1916 St. Louis; married Odile Rose
13. Pierre McDougall; born 10 Feb 1873 (SB-Rozyk, page 266, B-22); baptized
14 Feb 1873 St.
Boniface B-22, Pierre McDougall, bt. 14 Feb 1873, born 10 Feb 1873, son of
McDougall and Marie Harven, Gf: Pierre Berard, Gm: Henriette Harven, Dugast
priest. (page
266) (ibid); married Mathilde Ferguson, daughter of Antoine Ferguson and
Elise Jerome, 19 Jul
1892 Batoche M-3, Pierre Mcdougal, minor son of Alexandre Mcdougal and Marie
married 19 Jul 1892, Mathilde Ferguson, minor daughter of Antoine Fergusson
and Elise
Jerome, Witness: Alexandre ..., Moulin ptre o.m.i. (page 97) (BSAP Records
of the Parish of
Batoche, St. Antoine de Padoue Roman Catholic Church: Register for Baptisms,
Deaths, Volume One, 1881-1909, page 97, M-3); died 1948 St. Louis (Denney).
Children of Pierre McDougall and Mathilde Ferguson were as follows:
i. Charles McDougall.
ii. Rose McDougall; married Charles McCarthy 1919 St. Louis.
iii. Elizabeth McDougall; married Frederick Jerome 1918 St. Louis (ibid).
iv. Joseph McDougall; born 11 Jun 1893 Batoche (BSAP, page 107, B-15);
baptized 11 Jun 1893 Batoche B-15, Joseph Mcdougal, bt. 11 Jun 1893, born
today, of the legitimate marriage of Pierre Mcdougal and Mathilde Fergusson,
Gf: ..., Gm: Marguerite Fergusson, Moulin ptre o.m.i. (page 107) (ibid).
20 v. Lisa McDougall, born 1909; married Robert Boyer.
14. Samuel McDougall; born 1875; married Delia Regnier, daughter of Octave
Nicholas Regnier and Celestine Lepine, 1904 St. Louis; died 1951 St. Louis.
Children of Samuel McDougall and Delia Regnier were as follows:
i. Eva McDougall; born 1907 St. Louis (Denney); married George Pilon, son of
Raymond Barthelemy Pilon and Christine Dumas, 1924 St. Louis (ibid).
ii. Lisa McDougall; born 1911 St. Louis; married Marcel Lepine, son of
Tobie Lepine and Lucie Nolin, 1933 St. Louis.
Metis Families - Volume 4
Page 64
iii. Ernest McDougall; born 1913 St. Louis (ibid); married Leonie Boyer,
of Tobie Boyer and Marie Emma Ferguson, 1936 Batoche (ibid).
iv. May McDougall; born 1917 St. Louis (ibid); married John Caron, son of
Theophile Caron and Elise Gervais, 1935 Batoche (ibid).
v. C. McDougall; born 1919 St. Louis (ibid); married Philias Caron, son of
Theophile Caron and Elise Gervais, 1941 Batoche (ibid).
vi. Angus McDougall; born 1921 St. Louis; married Goldy Dirksen, daughter of
Abraham Dirksen and Rosie Fidler, 1942 Prince Albert.
vii. Ulric McDougall; born 1922 St. Louis (ibid); married Sophie Boyer,
of Robert Boyer and Lisa McDougall, 27 Dec 1948 St. Louis (ibid).
viii. Hildige McDougall; born 1928 St. Louis; married Suzanne Parenteau,
daughter of Jerome Parenteau and Agnes Seguin dit Laderoute, 1950 Batoche
15. Henry Andre McDougall; born 1879 (ibid); married Cecile Montour,
daughter of Abraham
Montour and Marie Page, Jul 1899 (ibid); died 1904 St. Louis (ibid).
Children of Henry Andre McDougall and Cecile Montour were:
i. Mary Jane McDougall; born 1904 St. Louis (ibid); married Thomas Dubreuil
1918 (ibid).
16. Josephine McDougall; married Bruno Larocque, son of Francois Larocque
and Judith
Henault, 15 Oct 1900 St. Boniface.
17. Sarah Jane McDougall; born 27 Sep 1881 (ibid); married George William
Ambroise Potter
1901 Saskatoon (ibid); died 1966 (ibid).
18. Susan McDougall; born 1879 Winnipeg (ibid); married Langdon Porter
Wright before
1912; died 1927 (ibid).
Generation Four
19. Wilbrod McDougall; born 16 Sep 1916 St. Louis (ibid) (Terry McDougall
Research, 10 Jul
2000); married Odile Rose Moreau, daughter of Napoleon Moreau and Rosalie
Fidler, 1938
Prince Albert (Denney).
Children of Wilbrod McDougall and Odile Rose Moreau were:
i. Terrance McDougall; born 6 Feb 1947 Prince Albert (Terry McDougall, 10
20. Lisa McDougall; born 1909 (Denney); married Robert Boyer, son of
Napoleon Boyer and
Nancy Sophie Anderson, 1928 St. Louis (ibid).
End of Part 2 (of 2)
I do have more info, on the descendants, but living descendants are
included --- contact me directly, if you wish to share (as I do not have
all of my info entered)

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