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Subject: [METISGEN-L] Randolph County/Kaskaskia, IL marriages of the 1700's
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June 6, 1723 Philippe BIENVENU, widower, master joiner, to Marie FORET,
widow of Pierre VERRIER

June 15, 1723 Pierre CHANNETON, Native of Donfron, diocese of Pariguen, to
Marguerite CLAIRJON, widow of Henry METIVIER.

Sept. 13, 1723 Charles GOSSIAU, mason, son of Philippe, of the diocese of
Cambray to Jeanne BIENVENU, dau. of Philippe and Francoise ALLARI, parish of
Pleines, diocese of Cannes.

Jan 4, 1724 Pierre DANY, mason, to Simone Marie MARTIN, widow of Claude

Jan 11, 1724 Michel Francois QUADRIN, son of Nicolas and Francoise DELAUNAY,
to Marianne FAFART, dau. of Pierre, capt. of militia, and Therese AXIGA.

Jan 11, 1724 Toussaint LOISEL, son of Joseph, and Jeanne DUCHENE, native of
Pointe au Tremble, diocese of Montreal, to Cecile BRUNET, dau. of J. BRUNET,
second lieut. of the militia and Elisabeth DESHAYES.

Jan 14, 1724 Mathurin CHAPU, son of Michel and Angelique LANDREVILE, native
of Vareenes in Canada, to Helen DANY

May 2, 1724 Antoine Sans SOUCY, previously a slave, to Francoise, of the
nation of Chetimacka, slave of the Jesuits.

May 21, 1724 Christopher POTTIE, native of the diocese of Bourges, to Agnes
ANARD, widow of Mare CLEMENT, sergeant of the miners of the kings. One bann.

Sept 11, 1724 Louis TURPIN, widower of Marie COULON, to Dorothee ____, widow
of Charles DANIS. Three banns.

Sept 28, 1724 Jacques FOUILLARD, of Quimper, aged thirty-one, to Anne, a
Natchez Indian. no banns.

Apr 11, 1725 Rene GRUDE, native of Louplande, aged thirty-nine, to Anne
Marie DEBLE, native of Alber, Germany. Two banns.

Mar 3, 1726 Jean Baptiste THAUMUR, son of Dominique and Jeanne PRUDHOMME, to
Marie Francoise RIVART, widow of Joseph LAMY. Two banns.

May 20, 1726 Jean Baptiste TEXIER, son of Jean Baptiste and Elisabeth
DESMOULINS of Montreal, to Marianne MIGNERET, dau. of Pierre Migneret and
Susanne KERAMI. Two banns.

June 3, 1726 Antoine BIENVENU to Francoise RABUT. two banns.
Aug 5, 1726 Jacques H__ PANIS to Therese, a free savage. Three banns.

Oct 20, 1726 Francois ALLARD, son of Pierre and Marie LUGRE, to Marie
LORRAIN, dau. of Joseph.

Feb 12, 1727 Etienne HEBERT, son of Ignace and Marguerite ST. MICHEL to
Elisabeth PHILIPPE.

Feb. 19, 1727 Nicolas BLOT, son of Etienne and Marguerite SEGNIER, native of
Chateau Riches, diocese of Quebec, to Therese BOISSEAU of this parrish. One

Oct. 20, 1727 Joseph SERNIN (L?), native of Montreal to Josepohine Marie
PHILIPPE, dau. of Michel and Marie ROUENSA. Three banns.

Mar 28, 1728 Two negroes. no banns.

May 4, 1728 Francois BEQUET, son of Jean Baptiste and Jeanne Claire DEMONTE
to Marie FAFART deBOISJOLY, widow of Nicolas CADRIN. Two banns.

May 5, 1728 Pierre Du PRE', son of Jean Baptiste and Francoise, native of
Quebec, habitant of Ft. de Chartres, to Marie CHEKAOKIA, widow of Francois
Cecile BONTAN. Three banns.

June 7, 1728 Daniel LeGRAS, son of Jean Baptiste and Marianne MALETTE,
native of Villemand parish of Montreal to Susanne KERAMI, widow of Leonard.
Three banns.

Aug 1, 1728 Francois DIONET, son of Francois and Madelieine AVARIEE of
Pointe aux Trembles, to Denise, widow of Jean Fabert de Lau_____. One bann.

Mar 29, 1729 Joseph AUBUCHON, son of Joseph and Elizabeth CUSSON, native of
St. Francois parish of Montreal, to Marie Mean PANIS.

Jan 23, 1741 Joseph LeCOUR of Montreal to Marie Joseph LeROY, widow of Jean
Baptiste La PIERRE.

Feb 10, 1741 SimonGAUTIER, native of Quebec to Marie Louise LANGLOIS, native
of New Orleans, dau. of Augustine and Marie ____ BODEREAU.

Nov 20, 1741 Nicolas BOYER, son of Antoine and Louise de L'AMOUR, habitants
of Riber St. Pierre, to Marie Rose TEXIER, widow of Pierre Groston St. ANGE.

May 29, 1742 Michael BOURDON, Native of Amiens, son of Pierre and Marie
DUFOUR to Elisabeth, an Indian, given her freedom by Sieur BLOT. One bann.

Aug 20, 1742 Joseph COURTOIS, Native of La Pointe, son of Jean Courtois and
Marguerite ARGENEA, to Marguerite PERTHIUS, widow of Jacques BASSON. One

Sept 17, 1742 Francois LALUMANDIERE, son of Francois and Marianne MORAN,
native of Montreal, to Louise PERTHIUS, native of Detroit. Three Banns.

Jan 18, 1743 Charles BRAZEAU, son of Charles of Montreal, to Francoise
MALLET, dau. of the late Pierre MALLET and Francoise RABUT. Three banns.

Jan 30, 1743 Paul RHEAUME, native of La Chine, son of Simon and Elisabeth
BELLEHUMEUR, to Marie Louise PILLET, dau. of Pierre and Madeleine ___.

Feb 5, 1743 Jacques LACOURSE, native of Three Rivers, son of Pierre and
Magdeleine BOURBEAU, to Jeanne BIENVENU, dau. of Antoine and Francoise

Feb 12, 1743 Charles Jannot de la CHAPELLE, son of Pierre and Petronilla
TEXIER to Francoise LAMY, dau of Joseph and Francoise RIVARD. Three banns.

Feb 20, 1743 Claude CARON, native of Montreal, son of Claude and Jeanne
BOYER, to Charlotte LACHENAIS, born in Montreal, dau. of Philippe Lachenais
and Marguerite TEXIER. Two banns.

Sept 15, 1743 Antoine CHENEAU dit SANSCHAGRIN, master roofer, widower of
Cecile BORTAN, to Dorothee ARIGA, widow of Pierre HUTIN. One bann.

Oct 29, 1743 Joseph Marie MERCIER, master wig-maker, native of Kaskaskia,
son of Louis and Louise LaPOINTE to Catherine DEGANIER, native of Montreal.
One bann.

June 1, 1744 Etienne LALANDE, born in Kaskaskia, son of Jacques, captain of
the militia, and Marie TETIO, to Jeanne PERTHIUS, born in Detroit, dau. of
Pierre and Catherine MALET. Three banns.

June 6, 1744 Jean Baptiste ALARIC, born in Montreal, son of Rene' and
Marianne BOYER, to Marie AUBUCHON, natural daughter of Pierre.

Nov 4, 1744 Pierre LaCOURSE, widower of Marie Louise ROY, to Elisabeth
BIENVENU, dau. of Antoine and Francoise RABUT. Three banns.

Jan 19, 1745 Jean Baptiste DEGANIER, native of Montreal, son of Jacques and
Marguerite____, to Louise HULIN, born in New Orleans, dau. of Pierre and
Dorothee ARIGA. one bann.

Apr 27, 1745 Pierre Ignace Bardet LaFERME, formerly surgeon-major, native of
parish St. Hypolie de Beard, son of Jean Pierre, first surgeon of the marine
and Anne BANCHAUD, to Damoiselle Marianne BARROIS, born in Montreal, dau. of
Jean Baptist , notary, and Dame Magdeleine CARDINAL. Three banns.

June 14, 1745 Joseph LIBERVILE, native of La Chine, son of Joseph and
Marianne LeMAI, to Marie Louise LANGLOIS, widow of Simon GAUTIER. Three

June 29, 1745 Michel DANIS, native of Kaskaskia, son of Charles and Dorothee
MICH___, to Barbe PILLET, native of Kaskaskia, dau. of Pierre and Magdeleine
BOISRON. Three banns.

Jan 9, 1747 Jacques GODEFROY, son of Jacques and Marie CHENE, native of
Detroit, to Francoise TUILLIER, dau. of Nicolas TUILLIER dit DESVIGNET and
Dorothee MERCIER. Three banns.

Jan 23, 1747 Jean Baptiste MILLOT, son of Baptiste and Marianne, to
Madeleine PILLET, dau. of Pierre PILLET dit LaSONDE and Catherine Madeleine

June 14, 1747 Francois Xavier ROLLET to Marianne FOUILLARD, widow of Jean
Baptist GIRARD. One bann.

July 13, 1747 Louis NORMANT dit LaBRUIERE to Agnes HULIN, dau. of Pierre and
Dorothee ACCICA. Two banns.

Sept 11, 1747 Pierre DUMONT dit LaVIOLETTE to Agnes MARC, widow of Augustin
ST. IVES. Two banns.

Sept 25, 1747 Joseph FOREL dit CHAPONGA to Francoise, widow of Antoine
SANSOUCY, with the permission of the Chevalier de BERET. Three banns.

Nov 21, 1747 Joseph CHOQUETTE to Marie Rose deGUIRRE. Two banns.

Jan 7, 1748 Joseph BUCHET, judge, widower of Marie Francoise POTIER, to
Marie Louise MICHEL, dau. of Jacques. One bann.

Jan 7, 1748 Francoise VALLEE, son of Charles and Genevieve MARCON, native of
Beauport, to Marianne BILLERON, dau. of Leonard, notary, and Marie Claire

May 14, 1748 Nicolas BOYER, widower of Marie Rose TEXIER, to Dorothee
OLIVER, dau. of Jean Baptiste and Marthe ACCICA, of Kaskaskia. Three banns.

Feb 3, 1749 Jacques LACOURSE, widower of Jeanne BIENVENUE to Charlotte
GUILLEMOT, dau. of Jean Gaptiste Guilemont dit LaLANDE and Charlote
MARCHAND. three banns.

Jan 13, 1750 Jean Baptiste BENOIT de Ste. CLAIRE, captain commandant at
Illinois, to Marie BIENVENU, dau. of Antoine , major of the militia, and
Frncoise RABUT. one bann.

Jan 27, 1750 Louis CABASSIER, son of Charles and Marguerite RENAND, native
of Montreal to Victoire DOME', dau. of Charles and Catherine BICHERON.

Feb 3, 1750 Jacques SEGUIN dit LaDEROUTE to Marie Rose TUILLER, dau. of
Nicolas Tuiller dit DEVIGNET and Dorothee MERCIER. Two banns.

Mar 19, 1750 Joseph LaMIRANDE to Hypolite LaFRESNIERE. Three banns.

May 25, 1750 Francois DIROUSE, son of Pierre Dirouse dit LaVERDURE and
Catherine DITORNI, to Marie Joseph TURPIN, dau. of Louis , captain of the
militia and Dorothee. Three banns.

Jan 12, 1751 Double Wedding of:
Jean Baptiste MARQUIS to Marie Louise PILLET, widow of Alphonse Paul
Etienne GAUVEREAY to Marie Louise QUESNEL.

Jan 12, 1751 Double wedding of :
Pierre TEXIER, son of Jean Baptiste Texier dit LaVIGNE, and Marianne
MIGNERET, to Marie Madeleine TURPIN, dau. of Joseph and Hypolite CHAUVIN.
Pierre BILLERON, son of Leonard and Marie Claire CATOISE, to Elizabeth
AUBUCHON, dau. of Pierre Aubuchon and Marie BRUNET.

Feb 2, 1751 Prisque PAGE' to Marie Francoise MICHEl, dau. of Jacques Michel
dit DUFRENE. Two banns.

Apr 27, 1751 Nicolas JANIS, son of Francois and Simone BRUSSANT, to Marie
Louise TAUMUR, dau. of Jean Baptiste Taumur dit LaSource, officer of the
militia, to Marie Francoise RIVART. Two banns.

Nov 13, 1751 Rene' le Moine DESPINS, son of Rene and Renee' St. PIERRE, to
Marie Jeanne Ste. JEMME, dau. of Jean Baptiste and Marie Louise LaCROIX. Two

Nov 23, 1751 Antoine Capon dit BOISETOUT to Catherine CORSET, dau. of
Francois Corset dit COCO and Elizabeth BIENVENU. Three banns.

Mar 21, 1752 Jean Baptiste DORNON, native of Quebec, to Marianne LaFONTAINE,
widow of Antoine GIRARD, officer of the militia. One bann.

Sept 4, 1752 Alexis PICARD, widower of Francoise RIVIERE, to Marie LaROCHE,
dau of Joseph and Marie LaPOINTE.

Nov 6, 1752 Louise de LISLE to Damoiselle Marie Therese de VINCENNES. One

July 17, 1753 Antoine Laurent BIENVENU, officer of the militia, to Elisabeth

Jan 22, 1754 Michel PLACE to Marie Louise TEXIER.

May 14, 1754 Francois PERRON to Marianne FOUILLARD, widow of Francois Xavier
ROLLET. Three banns.

Feb 3, 1755 Louis LONGVAL to Marie Louise LaCOURSE. Three banns.

Feb 4, 1755 Daniel Fagot de la GARCENIERE to Damoiselle Genevieve de
BONACCUELI. Two banns.

Mar 17, 1755 Etienne GAUVEREAU, widower of Marie Louise QUESNEL, to
Angelique PERTHIUS, widow of Louis CHAUVIN. Two banns and dispensation for
prohibited time.

June 23, 1755 Joseph DUBORD to Elisabeth BIENVENU, widow of Pierre LaCOURSE.
Two banns.

July 1, 1755 Dominique LaSOURCE, son of Jean Baptiste, officer of the
militia, and Francoise RIVARD, to Elisabeth AUBUCHON, dau. of Antoine and
Elisabeth de LAUNAY. Three banns.

Aug 19, 1755 Joseph DOSA, son of Pierre and Marguerite GIGNARD, to Josephe
ANTAYA, dau. of Joseph and Marie BODIN. Three banns.

Sept. 2, 1755 Jean Baptists CRELY, son of Jean Baptiste and N. AIET, to
Angelique PILLET, dau. of Pierre and Madeleine BOIROND. Three banns.

Jan 10, 1756 Eugene POUVRE dit BEAUSOLEIL, sergeant in the company of
Varenne, to Marie Joseph GODEAU, dau. of surgeon Michel GODEAU. Three banns.

Jan 20, 1756 Jean Baptiste COURTURIER to Catherine PETIT. Three banns.
Feb 3, 1756 Francois Antoine DROUET, Sieur de Bajolet of Post Vincennes, to
Francoise OUTLAS. Three banns.

June 20, 1756 Antoine BEAUVAIS to Francoise DIEL. Three banns.

July 13, 1756 Antoine GILBERT dit SANSPEUR to Dorothee MERCIER, widow of
Nicolas DESVIGNETS. Three banns.

Aug 24, 1756 Andre de GUIERE, son of Andre, captain of the militia at Ste.
Genevieve, and Elisabeth BRUNET, to Marguerite GOUVEREAY, dau. of Etienne
and Marie MILLET. Three banns.

Oct 12, 1756 Jean Baptiste MAURICE, widower of Marguerite CRESSMAN, of
Nouvelle Chartres, to Marie Jeanne CORSET, dau. of Francois and Elizabeteh
BIENVENUE. Three banns.

Nov 8, 1757 Henri CARPENTIER, Nouvelle Chartres, to Marie AUBUCHON, dau. of
Pierre and Marie BRUNET. Three banns.

Nov 22, 1757 Nicolas CAILOT dit LaCHANSE to Marianne GIARD. Three banns.

Jan 12, 1758 Leonard BILLERON dit LaFATIGUE to Catherine LaBRUYERE.

Jan 24, 1758 Etienne NICOLE, habitant of Kaskaskia to Marie Angelique GIARD.
Three banns.

May 23, 1758 Joseph LIBERVILE, widower of Marie Louise LANGLOIS, to Marie
Madeleine Monique BOUDRAND, widow of Jean Baptiste RICHARD. Three banns.

Nov 28, 1758 Joseph LABOLE, widower of Marguerite Saint LOUIS, to Jeanne
KENNARDE, widow of Robert COCHERIN. Three banns.

Nov 30, 1758 Jean Baptiste LaSOURCE, son of Jean Baptiste, officer of the
militia, and Marie Francoise RIVARD, to Catherine BEAUVAIS, dau. of Raphael
BEAUVAIS and Catheine ALARIC. Three banns.

Jan 31, 1759 Louis TIRARD dit St. JEAN, to Marie JOSEPH, dau. of Jean
Baptiste de GUIERRE.

Feb 6, 1759 Pierre BARON to Louise Marguerite GODEAU. Three banns.

Feb 13, 1759 Jean Baptiste GILBERT to Charolotte, dau. of Valentin MOREAU.
Two banns.

Jan 30, 1760 Antoine LaFRAMBOISE, habitant of Vincennes to Elisabeth
BEAUVAIS. One bann.

Feb 18, 1760 Mon. Dussault de la CROIX, officer of the troops, son of
Dussault, chevalier of the order of St. Louis, major of the town of Gap in
Dauphine, and Dame Marie Freancoise BOREL, to Dame Marie Therese AUFRERE,
widow of Antoine de GRUYS, lieutenant of the troops of the marine, with
Macarty's permission. One bann.

May 5, 1760 Antoine LaSOURCE, son of Jean Baptiste and Dame Marie RIVARD, to
Marianne ROY, dau. of Jacques and Catherine FELIX, inhabitants of Mobile.
One ban, published at Ft. de Chartres.

May 13, 1760 Francois CORSET, son of Francois Corse dit COCO and Elisabeth
BIENVENU, to Francois SCIONAUX, dau. of Louis and Francois MELIQUE. Three

June 2, 1760 Charles BIENVENU, Son of Francois and Marianne LeMOINE, native
of Detroit, to Elisabeth GUILMON, dau. of Jean Baptiste Guilmon dit LaLANDE
and Charlotte MARCHAND. Two banns.

June 17, 1760 Daniel BLOUIN, Native of Segonzac in Saintonge, son of Jean
Pierre and Marie Marguerite BAUD, to Helen CHARLEVILLE, dau. of Joseph
Chauvin dit CHARLEVILLE and Genevieve RIVARD. One bann.

Jan 7, 1761 Jacques DESVIGNETS, son of Nicolas and Dorothee MERCIER, to
Marie Anne SEGUIN, dau. of Joseph and Francoise, savage of Champlain. Three

Jan 18, 1762 Basile LaCHAPELLE, son of Jean Janot and Marie DuRIVAGE, native
of Pointe Aux Tremble, to Louise LaLUMANDIERE, dau. of Francoise and Louise
PERTHIUS. Three banns.

April 28, 1762 Charles BRAZEAU, son of Charles and Francois MELOT, habitant
of DuRocher, to Marie Louise ALARIC. Three bans.

June 4, 1762 Raphael BEAUVAIS, widower of Catheine ALARIC, to Marie
Francoise, savage, widow of Joseph SEGUIN, of Boucharville. Two banns.

July 3, 1762 Antoine MAURIN, son of Antoine and Marguerite DAGNEAY, native
of St. Francois, to Pelagie ANTAYA, dau. of Antoine and Marie Anne DOZA.
Three banns.

Sept 14, 1762 Pauyl JUSSEAUME dit St. PIERRE, of Vincennes, son of Leonard
and Angelique LaPORTE, of Montreal, to Thereres TURPIN, dau. of Louis and
Dorothee. One bann.

Feb 9, 1763 Pierre GUERET dit DUMONT, son of Pierre and Josephe AUBE of St.
Louis, diocese of Quebec, to Pelagie MILLOT, dau. of Jean Baptiste and
Magdeleine PILLET. Three banns.

April 11, 1763 Monsier Philippe Francois de RASTEL, chevalier de Rocheblave,
officer of the troops of this colony, native of Savournon, diocese of Gap in
Dauphine, son of Monsier Jean Joseph de Rastwl, chevalier, Marquis de
Rocheblave, Seigneur de Savournon and Dame Diane Elisabeth DILLON, to
Damoiselle Marie Michel DUFRESNE, dau.. of Sieur Jacques Michel Dufresne,
habitant, officer of the militia of this parish and Marie Francoise HENRY,
with the permission of DeVILLIERS, commandant. One bann.

May 3, 1763 Conrad SEELOFF dit CAULET, kings baker at Ft. de Chartres,
native of Dietz, to Magdeleine MANUEL, dau. of Jean and Jeanne LaPARRIERE,
habitant of this parish. One bann.

July 21, 1763 Claud LeMIEUX, son of Francois and Angelique GOULET, of St.
Antoine of Quebec, to Marguerite DESAGNIERS, dau. of Jean Baptiste and Marie
Louise HULLIN. Three banns.

Nov 16, 1763 Joseph CRELY, son of Jean Baptiste and Francoise AYET, to
Therese GODEAY, dau. of Micheal, surgeon and Marie Thereses HUCHET.

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