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From: Karen Carignan <>
Subject: [METISGEN-L] Request for More Answers
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 14:00:35 -0700

I have a puzzle to put together and I'm sure hoping someone can help me out with this one.

I have been researching my grandfather's Turcotte line and kept going around in circles. I am finally putting a few pieces together but can't connect anything, yet! Hopefully, someone will be able to help me???????

Sarah McMillan b. March 5, 1854, St. Vital married Joseph Turcotte January 1870. My grandfather, Leonide was born in 1875. I assume that Joseph Turcotte died shortly after that and that she then married Pierre Jobin, son of Ambroise Jobin and Marguerite Mandeville.

I recently came across some information that lists 9 children born to the union of Pierre Jobin and Sarah McMillan which I doubt is true. The reason I think this is that Pierre Jobin was supposedly killed at Batoche. If Jobin died at Batoche then that would be the year 1885. That's an awful lot of children to be born between 1875 and 1885. It's possible except for the fact that I believe my grandfather had younger Turcotte siblings which would make the time period even shorter.

It's possible that the 9 children were not from the union of Pierre Jobin and Sarah McMillan but perhaps by a first wife of Pierre Jobin?????

To top this all off, Sarah was married to Antoine Vandal after Jobin.

I have reached the obvious conclusion that my grandfather, Leonide Turcotte was brought up with 3 different fathers and more than likely, they were all followers of Louis Riel. I think that at least two members of the Vandal family were tried for treason after the Northwest Rebellion. Joseph Turcotte's brother, Norbert was a follower of Louis Riel and connected by marriage to the L├ępine family who were ardent followers of Riel.

I recently got my grandfather's obituary from Kenora, Ontario. It mentions that he was survived by a half sister, a Mrs. M. Richard of St. Boniface. I have to assume that this must be a Jobin. Until seeing the obit, I had never thought of my grandfather and half brothers or sisters. Of course, there must be some!

Can anyone give me information on the Jobin family. I know I sound confused; I am!!!!! I never thought of looking anywhere else but the Turcotte line. I think that whatever I might find may explain the reason for the secrecy in my mother's family.



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