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Hi Karen,
This is from Gail MORIN'S "Metis Families-A genealogical Compendium". Hope this helps.
Descendants of Vital Turcotte

Generation One

1. Vital Turcotte; born circa 1818 (1870C-MB, #1, St. Boniface; page 1); baptized 21 Apr 1832 St.Boniface B-423, Vital Turcot, bt. 21 Apr 1832, born before the legitimate marriage of Jean Baptiste Turcot and a Sautuese, Gf: Charles Belgarde, F. Boucher ptre. (page 60) (SB, page 60, B-423); married Madeleine Caplette, daughter of Joseph Caplette and Angelique Guiboche, before 1837; married Marguerite Hamel before 1872; died 1 Jan 1882 St. Francois Xavier (SFXI-Kipling, S-1).

Children of Vital Turcotte and Madeleine Caplette were as follows:

2 i. Jean Baptiste Turcotte, born 22 Feb 1837 St. Boniface; married Angelique Paquin;

married Marguerite Descoteaux.

3 ii. Pelagie Turcotte, born 24 Apr 1843 St. James; married Joseph Hogue.

4 iii. Genevieve Turcotte, born Oct 1846 St. Boniface; married Louis Lesperance; married

Antoine Vandal.

5 iv. Joseph Turcotte, born 30 Aug 1849 Headingley; married Sarah McMillan.

6 v. Julie Turcotte, born 9 Jan 1851 St. James; married Louis Hogue.

7 vi. Marguerite Turcotte, born 23 Dec 1853 St. Boniface; married Peter Bremner; married

Joseph Braconnier.

8 vii. Norbert Turcotte, born 12 Jun 1855 St. Boniface; married Josephte Lepine.

9 viii. Pascal Turcotte, born 23 Aug 1857 St. Boniface; married Mary D. Wells.

10 ix. Modeste Turcotte, born 4 Mar 1860 St. Boniface; married Madeleine (--?--).

x. Clara Turcotte; born 11 Nov 1861 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934) (SB-Rozyk, page

37, B-143); baptized 11 Nov 1861 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934) (SB-Rozyk, page 37,

B-143); married David C. McDaniels, son of Calvin McDaniels and Marie Joan (--?--

), 19 Feb 1879 Fort Benton Convalidation of marriage on 9 Jan at Fort Walsh


xi. James Patrice McKenzie Turcotte; born 18 Dec 1864 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934)

(SB-Rozyk, page 170, B-121); baptized 20 Dec 1864 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934)

(SB-Rozyk, page 170, B-121); died 7 Mar 1874 St. Boniface at age 9 (MBS, C-14934)

(SB-Rozyk, page 10, S-13); buried 8 Mar 1874 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934) (SBRozyk,

page 10, S-13).

xii. Caroline Turcotte; born circa 1866.

Children of Vital Turcotte and Marguerite Hamel were:

11 i. Henrietta Turcotte, born 1872 Wood Mountain; married Charles Houle.

Generation Two

2. Jean Baptiste Turcotte; born 22 Feb 1837 St. Boniface; born Jan 1838 (1900C-TMC, House 252,

page 301A); married Angelique Paquin, daughter of Jean Baptiste Paquin and Gevevieve Laterregrasse,

1858 St. Boniface; married Marguerite Descoteaux, daughter of Louis Decouteau Sr. and Isabelle

Laverdure, after 1883; died circa 1902 Belcourt.

Children of Jean Baptiste Turcotte and Angelique Paquin were as follows:

12 i. Vital Turcotte, born 15 Jan 1858; married Adele Berger.

ii. Jean Baptiste Turcotte; born 1860 (HBSI); died Dec 1873 Wood Mountain (ibid).

13 iii. Napoleon Turcotte, born 1861; married Madeleine Deschamps.

14 iv. Marie Turcotte, born 1861; married Francois Laverdure.

v. Norbert Turcotte; born 1862 (ibid); died Jul 1877 Wood Mountain (ibid).

vi. William Turcotte; born 1864 (ibid); baptized 9 Feb 1864 (ibid); died Jun 1879

Cypress Hills (ibid).

15 vii. Suzanne Turcotte, born 1868 St. Joe; married William Frederick.

viii. Adele Turcotte; born 19 Oct 1870 (AP1; baptized 19 Oct 1870 Assumption, Pembina

(ibid); died circa 1887 St. Michaels (HBSI).

16 ix. Daniel Turcotte, born 5 Jun 1873; married Marie Rosine Delaunay.

x. Anastasie Turcotte; born circa 1875 (1885-TMC, #228).

xi. Patrice Turcotte; baptized 13 Mar 1876 Lebret (L1, page 181, B-90); died 1972

Zurich; buried 1972 Zurich. He was also known as Francois Turcotte. He was also

known as Joseph (1885-TMC, #229).

17 xii. Angelique Turcotte, born 9 Mar 1878 Milk River; married Francois Davis.

Children of Jean Baptiste Turcotte and Marguerite Descoteaux were as follows:

18 i. Celina Turcotte, never married John Brunelle Jr; born circa 1883; married Gabriel


ii. Pierre 'Peter' Turcotte; born Sep 1886 (1900C-TMC, 253-253).

19 iii. Collin Turcotte, born Jun 1888; married Christine Jeannotte.

20 iv. Mary Jane Turcotte, born 17 Oct 1889; married Louis Brunelle.

21 v. Sarah Turcotte, born circa 1891; married Joseph Beauchman.

3. Pelagie Turcotte; born 24 Apr 1843 St. James (MBS, C-14929); married Joseph Hogue, son of Amable Hogue and Marguerite Taylor, circa 1859 St. Boniface (Treasure of Time, page 373).

4. Genevieve Turcotte; born Oct 1846 St. Boniface; married Louis Lesperance, son of Alexis Bonami Lesperance and Marguerite Grenon, 13 Jan 1863 St. Boniface (SB-Rozyk, page 98, M-3); married Antoine Vandal, son of Antoine Vandal and Marguerite Savoyard dit Berthelet, 20 Jun 1887 St. Francois Xavier (SFXI-Kipling, M-6).

5. Joseph Turcotte; born 30 Aug 1849 Headingley (MBS, C-14934); married Sarah McMillan, daughter

of William McMillan and Margaret Dease, 26 Jan 1870 St. Boniface (SB-Rozyk, page 172, M-4).

Children of Joseph Turcotte and Sarah McMillan were as follows:

22 i. Lionel Turcotte, married Virginie Ranger.

23 ii. Joseph Turcotte, married Alvina Vandal.

6. Julie Turcotte; born 9 Jan 1851 St. James (MBS, C-14928); married Louis Hogue, son of Amable

Hogue and Marguerite Taylor, 14 Jan 1868 St. Boniface (SB-Rozyk, page 104, M-2); died 29 Aug 1927

St. Charles at age 76 (Denney).

7. Marguerite Turcotte; born 23 Dec 1853 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14925); married Peter Bremner, son of

William Bremner and Marie Gariepy, 17 Jan 1870 St. Boniface (SB-Rozyk, page 172, M-3); married

Joseph Braconnier before 18 Jul 1901.

8. Norbert Turcotte; born 12 Jun 1855 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934); married Josephte Lepine,

daughter of Maxime Lepine and Josephte Lavallee, 17 Jan 1876 St. Francois Xavier (SFXI-Kipling, M-


Children of Norbert Turcotte and Josephte Lepine were as follows:

i. Maxime Adrian Turcotte; born 15 May 1877 St. Francois Xavier (ibid, B-25); died

26 Jan 1878 St. Francois Xavier (ibid, S-2).

ii. Sara Turcotte; born 27 Dec 1878 St. Francois Xavier (ibid, B-50).

iii. Albert Turcotte; born 3 Feb 1881 St. Francois Xavier (ibid, B-6).

iv. Michel Turcotte; born 17 Jul 1884 St. Laurent (Denney).

v. Zenaide Turcotte; born 27 Dec 1885 St. Louis (ibid).

vi. Lucie Georgina Turcotte; born 21 Dec 1886 (ibid); baptized 3 Jan 1887 St. Laurent


vii. Xerine Alice Turcotte; baptized 27 Nov 1888 St. Laurent (ibid); married William

Charles Kember 23 Jun 1912 Duck Lake (ibid).

9. Pascal Turcotte; born 23 Aug 1857 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934); married Mary D. Wells before


Children of Pascal Turcotte and Mary D. Wells were as follows:

i. Patrick Turcotte; born circa 1876 (Al Yerbury); born circa 1879 (1886-TMC, #821);

married Justine Berger, daughter of Isaie Berger and Clemence Gourneau, 3 May

1903 (AYM, Fergus County Marriages). As of 3 May 1903, he was also known as

James Turcotte (ibid).

24 ii. Joseph Turcotte, born circa 1884; married Marguerite Berger.

10. Modeste Turcotte; born 4 Mar 1860 St. Boniface (MBS, C-14934); married Madeleine (--?--) before


Children of Modeste Turcotte and Madeleine (--?--) were as follows:

i. Emma Louise Turcotte; born 21 Feb 1883 Illet de Bois (SFXI-Kipling, B-18).

ii. Marie Turcotte; born circa 1887 (1890-TMC, #1128).

iii. Jane Turcotte; born circa 1888 (ibid, #1129).

11. Henrietta Turcotte; born 1872 Wood Mountain; married Charles Houle, son of Antoine Houle and

Genevieve St. Pierre, circa Jun 1886 (1884-TMC 1884-).

Generation Three

12. Vital Turcotte; born 15 Jan 1858 (AP1, page 184, B-562); baptized 15 Jan 1858 Assumption,

Pembina (ibid); married Adele Berger, daughter of Pierre Berger and Judith Wilkie, 29 Jan 1878 Milk River (SPMT); died 1928 St. Paul's Mission.

Children of Vital Turcotte and Adele Berger were as follows:

i. Christine Turcotte; born circa 1878 (1892C-TMC, Family 74, #355-362).

ii. Joseph Turcotte; born 11 Dec 1878 St. Peter's Mission (SPMT); baptized 12 Dec

1878 St. Peter's Mission (ibid).

iii. John Turcotte; born circa 1880 (1892C-TMC, Family 74, #355-362).

iv. Charles Turcotte; born circa 1882 (ibid).

v. Patrice Turcotte; born circa 1884 (ibid).

25 vi. Marie Turcotte, born circa 1886; married James C. Doney.

vii. Cecelia Turcotte; born circa 1888 (ibid).

13. Napoleon Turcotte; born Oct 1857 (1900C-TMC, 262-262); born 1861 (NWHBS, C-14942);

married Madeleine Deschamps, daughter of Jean Baptiste Deschamps and Isabelle Henry, 7 May 1883 St. Ignace, Willow Bunch (M-5, page 110).

Children of Napoleon Turcotte and Madeleine Deschamps were as follows:

26 i. Marie Louise Turcotte, born 28 Jun 1883 between Regina and Wood Mountain;

married Louis Desjarlais.

27 ii. Antoine Turcotte, born circa Feb 1885; married Adele Standing.

Page 276

14. Marie Turcotte; baptized 5 Sep 1861 Assumption, Pembina (AP1, page 246, B-223); married

Francois Laverdure, son of Pierre Laverdure and Catherine Charette, 15 Jan 1879 St. Peter's Mission

(SPMT); died circa 1888 Lewistown (Historical Data Project, Bismarck, North Dakota).

15. Suzanne Turcotte; born 1868 St. Joe (Historical Data Project, Bismarck); baptized 16 Jun 1868

(NWHBSI Index, page 79); married William Frederick, son of Joseph Frederick and Marie Anne Keplin,

26 Jun 1885 Belcourt (Historical Data Project, Bismarck).

16. Daniel Turcotte; born 5 Jun 1873; baptized 10 Aug 1873 Lebret (L1, B-22 (33), page 98); married

Marie Rosine Delaunay, daughter of Francois Daunais and Marguerite Descoteaux, 12 Apr 1890 (BIATM).

Children of Daniel Turcotte and Marie Rosine Delaunay were as follows:

i. Daniel Turcotte; born 29 Jan 1892 (Historical Data Project, Bismarck).

28 ii. John Turcotte, born 1893; married Margaret Latreille.

29 iii. Mary Josephine Turcotte, born Feb 1895; married Peter Falcon.

iv. William Turcotte; born 7 Sep 1898 Belcourt (ibid); died 1917 Trenton (ibid).

v. Joseph Turcotte; born 3 Sep 1899 (ibid).

vi. Marie Claudia Turcotte; born Nov 1897 (ibid); born 1900 (1936-TMC, page 121);

died 6 Jan 1929 Portland (Historical Data Project, Bismarck).

vii. Joseph Turcotte; born 1904 (1936-TMC, page 121).

viii. James Russell Turcotte; born 23 Sep 1907 (Historical Data Project, Bismarck).

ix. Robert Turcotte; born 27 Aug 1908 (ibid).

x. Mary Flora Turcotte; born 5 Jul 1910 (ibid).

30 xi. Clarence Walter Turcotte, born 9 May 1912 Trenton; married Doris Louise Morin.

17. Angelique Turcotte; born 9 Mar 1878 Milk River (SPMT, page 116, #2461); baptized 10 Mar 1878

Milk River (ibid); baptized 13 Jun 1879 Lebret (L1, 284); married Francois Davis, son of

William Davis Sr. and Marie Vallee, 1895 (1900C-TMC, House 402, page 318B).

18. Celina Turcotte (BIA-TM); born circa 1883; married Gabriel Beauchman, son of Gabriel

Beauchman and Marguerite Azure, circa 1899 (1900C-TMC, House 385, page 316B); married Gabriel

Beauchman, son of Gabriel Beauchman and Marguerite Azure, 30 Jan 1901 (BIA-TM); died 25 Jul 1949


19. Collin Turcotte; born Jun 1888 (1900C-TMC, 253-253); married Christine Jeannotte, daughter of

Gregoire Frederic Jeanotte and Marie Rose Desjarlais, before 1911; died 1969.

Children of Collin Turcotte and Christine Jeannotte were as follows:

i. LaRose Turcotte; born 1911 (1936-TMC, page 121).

ii. Fred Turcotte; born 1912 (ibid).

iii. Marie Cecelie Turcotte; born 1914 (ibid).

iv. Louis A. Turcotte; born 1915 (ibid).

v. Louis Turcotte; born after 1915 (ibid); died before 1936 (ibid).

vi. Andrew Turcotte; born 1916 (ibid).

31 vii. William James Turcotte, born 1919.

viii. Edna P. Turcotte; born 1921 (ibid).

ix. Josephine Turcotte; born 1922 (ibid).

x. Elizabeth Turcotte; born 1922 (ibid).

20. Mary Jane Turcotte; born 17 Oct 1889 (Cindy Charlebois Research); married Louis Brunelle, son of

John Brunelle and Julia Montreuille, 15 May 1906 St. Ann, Belcourt (ibid); died Jan 1984 at age 94


21. Sarah Turcotte; born circa 1891; married Joseph Beauchman, son of Gabriel Beauchman and

Marguerite Azure, before 1912.

22. Lionel Turcotte; married Virginie Ranger, daughter of Joseph Ranger and Marguerite Rocbrune dit

Larocque, 25 Jan 1905 St. Boniface (RMSB).

Metis Families - Volume 5

Children of Lionel Turcotte and Virginie Ranger were:

i. Blanche Turcotte; married Marius Goulet, son of Albert Goulet and Marie Louise

Parenteau, 10 Oct 1923 St. Boniface (ibid).

23. Joseph Turcotte; married Alvina Vandal, daughter of Antoine Vandal and Marguerite St. Denis, 15

Oct 1900 St. Jean Baptiste (MM).

Children of Joseph Turcotte and Alvina Vandal were as follows:

i. Eugene Turcotte; married Fernande Lagace 11 Jun 1942 Lasalle (ibid).

ii. Josephine Turcotte; married Ovide Fontaine 25 Apr 1928 St. Jean Baptiste (ibid).

iii. Marie Turcotte; married Adelard Landry, son of Joseph Landry and Elise Roy, 25

Nov 1925 St. Jean Baptiste (ibid).

iv. Henri Turcotte; married Irene Beaudette 30 Sep 1931 St. Jean Baptiste (ibid).

v. Marcel Turcotte; born circa 1904 of, St. Charles (ibid); married Marie Cecile

Sabourin 10 Sep 1944 St. Jean Baptiste (ibid).

24. Joseph Turcotte; born circa 1884; married Marguerite Berger, daughter of Isaie Berger and

Clemence Gourneau, 17 Oct 1910 (Al Yerbury Research, Fergus County Marriages).

Children of Joseph Turcotte and Marguerite Berger were as follows:

i. John A. Turcotte; born after 1915.

ii. Elmer M. Turcotte; born after 1915.

iii. Louis N. Turcotte; born after 1915 (1936-TMC, page 147).

Generation Four

25. Marie Turcotte; born circa 1886 (1892C-TMC, Family 74, #355-362); born 1887; married James C.

Doney, son of John Doney and Virginie Lafontaine, before 1908.

26. Marie Louise Turcotte; born 28 Jun 1883 between, Regina and Wood Mountain (L2, page 75, B-_);

baptized 14 Jul 1883 Lebret (ibid); married Louis Desjarlais, son of Francois Xavier Desjarlais and

Rachel St. Pierre, 1899 (1900C-TMC, House 362, page 314A).

27. Antoine Turcotte; born circa Feb 1885 (NWHBS, C-14937); married Adele Standing before 1936

(1936-TMC, page 121). As of 1888, he was also known as Andre Turcotte (1888-TMC, #957).

Children of Antoine Turcotte include:

i. Andrew Turcotte.

ii. Celina Turcotte; born 1910 (1936-TMC, page 122).

28. John Turcotte; born 1893 (ibid, page 120); born 26 Dec 1896 (Historical Data Project, Bismarck);

married Margaret Latreille, daughter of Louis Napoleon Latreille and Sara Azure, before 1913 (1936-

TMC, page 120).

Children of John Turcotte and Margaret Latreille were as follows:

i. John A. Turcotte; born 1913 (ibid).

ii. Elmer Marion Turcotte; born 1914 (ibid).

29. Mary Josephine Turcotte; born Feb 1895 (Historical Data Project, Bismarck) (1936-TMC, page 92);

married Peter Falcon before 1913 (ibid).

30. Clarence Walter Turcotte; born 9 May 1912 Trenton; married Doris Louise Morin, daughter of

Joseph Andrew Morin and Isabell Harriet Baney, circa 1945 Wolf Point; buried Feb 1980 Trenton; died

6 Feb 1980 Trenton at age 67.

Children of Clarence Walter Turcotte and Doris Louise Morin were as follows:

i. Clarence Donald Turcotte; born 30 Nov 1945 Santa Cruz.

ii. Gary Turcotte; born 9 May 1947 Salinas.

31. William James Turcotte; born 1919 (ibid, page 121).

Children of William James Turcotte and Helene Margarete Bauchsch were:

i. Robert Turcotte.

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From: Karen Carignan
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 5:00 PM
Subject: [METISGEN-L] Request for More Answers

I have a puzzle to put together and I'm sure hoping someone can help me out with this one.

I have been researching my grandfather's Turcotte line and kept going around in circles. I am finally putting a few pieces together but can't connect anything, yet! Hopefully, someone will be able to help me???????

Sarah McMillan b. March 5, 1854, St. Vital married Joseph Turcotte January 1870. My grandfather, Leonide was born in 1875. I assume that Joseph Turcotte died shortly after that and that she then married Pierre Jobin, son of Ambroise Jobin and Marguerite Mandeville.

I recently came across some information that lists 9 children born to the union of Pierre Jobin and Sarah McMillan which I doubt is true. The reason I think this is that Pierre Jobin was supposedly killed at Batoche. If Jobin died at Batoche then that would be the year 1885. That's an awful lot of children to be born between 1875 and 1885. It's possible except for the fact that I believe my grandfather had younger Turcotte siblings which would make the time period even shorter.

It's possible that the 9 children were not from the union of Pierre Jobin and Sarah McMillan but perhaps by a first wife of Pierre Jobin?????

To top this all off, Sarah was married to Antoine Vandal after Jobin.

I have reached the obvious conclusion that my grandfather, Leonide Turcotte was brought up with 3 different fathers and more than likely, they were all followers of Louis Riel. I think that at least two members of the Vandal family were tried for treason after the Northwest Rebellion. Joseph Turcotte's brother, Norbert was a follower of Louis Riel and connected by marriage to the L├ępine family who were ardent followers of Riel.

I recently got my grandfather's obituary from Kenora, Ontario. It mentions that he was survived by a half sister, a Mrs. M. Richard of St. Boniface. I have to assume that this must be a Jobin. Until seeing the obit, I had never thought of my grandfather and half brothers or sisters. Of course, there must be some!

Can anyone give me information on the Jobin family. I know I sound confused; I am!!!!! I never thought of looking anywhere else but the Turcotte line. I think that whatever I might find may explain the reason for the secrecy in my mother's family.



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