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>From the book Homestead Shacks over Buffalo Tracks Published by the Roy,
Montana History and Genealogy Society Copyright 1990 pages 79 and 80
(also Lafouten)
information by Elizabeth "Tiny" Arthur, church and other records

Ezear LaFountain, better known as Joe, was born at Big Sandy, Montana, on
November 9, 1871, the son of Anthony LaFountain and Madely Ross. He spent
his early years in North Dakota and in Canada. Naturalization papers for
"Ezre Lafouten" are dated 30 September 1904 (Grt. Brit.)*
Mary Rose Turcotte was born November 21, 1869 at Dunseith, North Dakota,
the daughter of Modess Turcotte and Mary Rose Peltier.
*Naturalization Records, Fergus Co. Montana
Joe and Mary were married in 1889 at the Turtle Mountain Agency in
Belcourt, North Dakota. They had 15 children all born at home. Mary never
went to a hospital.
The children are: Collins, the eldest, died April 16, 1936. Isadore, born
in North Dakota, married Louise Plummer, and died August 26, 1928 at 28.
John, born at Wilder, died June 29, 1977. John always claimed to be the
first white child born at Wilder. Ed of Portland, Oregon; Tony, married
Lucille Purdy. Albert, born December 28, 1910, died November 14, 1985. He
married Martha Bakshos of Winifred.
Francis, born in Roy in 1915, married Barbara McIntosh. Joseph, twin to
Francis, was born in Roy 1915 and died in Billings August 16, 1947, in a
rodeo accident.
James, WWII veteran, died September 20, 1981. Mary, married Robert
Stofield in 1920. Emma, married Oscar Stofield in 1923. Martha is Mrs. Lyle
Waites. Elizabeth "Tiny" is Mrs. Hedley Arthur. Dorothy is Mrs. Emery
Marcene "Max" LaFountain, who was born on May .22, 1911 and died at the
age of 2 years and 5 months at Black Butte. The story is that this child was
bitten by a rattlesnake and is buried close to Black Butte.
Ezear "Joe" passed away in Roy on January 12, 1949 and Mary Rose passed
away on May 29, 1963. Of their children, Francis and Dorothy of Lewistown
and Tiny of Winifred still survive.

> now, have only to figure out which LaFountain daughter married Lyle Waite
> which one married Emery Garlick (only leaves Martine & Dorothy, but the
> question is: who married whom??)

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