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I was going to send you all that I have on the descendants of Pierre
SEGUIN-LADEROUTE but it ended up being 22 pages long. I don't know if the
list can handle that big a file. I'll try sending it after I send this one
in case it works... If it doesn't all come through, let me know and I'll
send it to you privately --- I don't usually like responding off list
because there may be someone on the list that can use the data.

I'm sending you 4 generations...
Looks like you're a distant cousin to my wife.
I'd like to see what you have in your database.

If you see any errors or omissions please tell me.
Descendants of: Pierre SEGUIN-dit-LADEROUTE

1 Pierre SEGUIN-dit-LADEROUTE b. 1715
m. Josephte Marie Anne MALLET m. Feb 03 1739 Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-I'lle,
Montreal b. 1715 d. Apr 1760 Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, Quebec
[daughter of Louis MALLET and Jeanne BRUNET]
m. Catherine ANDRE-dit-St-AMAND m. Nov 03 1761 Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-I'lle,
Montreal b. BEF 1749
[daughter of Louis ANDRE-dit-St-AMAND and Marguerite Anne M. SAMSON]

2 Catherine M. SEGUIN-dit-LADEROUTE b. 1740
m. William "Guillaume" HEATE-DECOEUR m. Jan 11 1758
Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, Quebec b. Salomon, Ireland d. Apr 01 1760
Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, Quebec
m. Pierre COUILLAUD-LAROCQUEBRUNE m. Sep 14 1761
Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, Quebec b. May 1741 Bout-de-L'Ile, Ile de Montreal,
[son of Louis COUILLAUD-LAROCQUEBRUNE and Madeleine Francoise
Marriage Contract from Chambre des Notaires:

Le Parchemin... 11 Septembre 1761 (Mtl)

Vuatier, T. (1751-1785)

Observation: Acte sans intitulé. Guillaume Decoeur est anglais de nation.

Contrat de mariage entre Pierre Laroc, fils de Louis Laroc, habitant et de
Madeleine Sabourin, de la côte de Veaudreuil; et Catherine Seguin, veuve de
Guillaume Decoeur, fille de Pierre Seguin, habitant, de la côte de

Doc #: 17610911PA025994


Vuatier, T. (1751-1785)

Observation: Untitled Act. Guillaume Decoeur is of English nationality.

Marriage contract between Pierre Laroc, son of Louis Laroc, settler, and of
Madeleine Sabourin, of the Cote-de-Veaudreuil (literally, the riverbank at
Veaudreuil), and Catherine Seguin, widow of Guillaume Decoeur, daughter of
Pierre Seguin, settler, of the Cote-de-Veaudreuil.

Was born as William HEATE (pronounced HARD-HART).
In Canada he used the name Guillaume.
He can be found listed as DECOEUR -- translation of "heart".

3 Pierre HEATE-DECOEUR b. Dec 1758 Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

3 Louis Guillaume HEATE-DECOEUR b. Dec 1760 Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes,

3 Marguerite LAROCQUE b. BEF 1780
m. Jacques ROY m. Nov 12 1792 St-Michel, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada
b. BEF 1777
[son of Jacques ROY and Amable BIGRAS]

4 Joseph ROY b. BEF 1818
m. Sophie LABELLE m. Feb 18 1833 St-Eustache, Deux Montagnes,
Quebec b. BEF 1821
[daughter of Pierre LABELLE and Ursule ROCHON]

3 Jean Constant LAROCQUEBRUNE b. BEF 1787
m. Louise M. BOUCHER m. Jan 18 1802 St-Benoit, Deux Montagnes,
Quebec b. BEF 1790
[daughter of Francois BOUCHER and Charlotte LORRAIN]

4 Francois LAROCQUE
m. Esther AMYOT-VILLENEUVE m. ABT 1840
[daughter of Jean Baptiste AMYOT-VILLENEUVE and Angelique M.

4 Jean Constant LAROCQUEBRUNE b. BEF 1818
m. Antoinette BARBARY m. Aug 12 1833 St-Benoit, Deux Montagnes,
Quebec b. BEF 1821
[daughter of Andre BARBARY and Marie FRANCHE-dit-LAFRAMBOISE]

4 Hyacinthe LAROCQUEBRUNE b. BEF 1828
m. Marie DICAIRE m. Jan 07 1843 St-Finnans, Alexandria, Ontario,
Canada b. BEF 1831
[daughter of Gedeon DICAIRE and Catherine BOILEAU]

2 Marguerite SEGUIN-dit-LADEROUTE b. BEF 1760
m. Eustache SAUVE-dit-LAPLANTE m. Jan 07 1772 Soulanges, Quebec, Canada
b. BEF 1757
[son of Francois SAUVE-dit-LAPLANTE and Elisabeth

3 Eustache SAUVE b. BEF 1787
m. Anne M. BRABANT m. Oct 18 1802 Soulanges, Quebec, Canada b. BEF
[daughter of Pierre BRABANT and Agathe PROULT]

4 Josephte SAUVE b. BEF 1812
m. Louis LARIVIERE m. Feb 23 1824 Les Cedres, Soulanges, Quebec,
Canada b. BEF 1809
[son of Pierre LARIVIERE and Marguerite GARY-GARIE]

4 Eustache SAUVE
m. Sophie BENOIT m. Jul 08 1828 Les Cedres, Soulanges, Quebec,
[daughter of Francois BENOIT-LAGUERRE and Angelique POULIN]

2 Pierre Philibert SEGUIN-dit-LADEROUTE
m. Josephe M. ANDRE-dit-St-AMANT m. May 05 1769 St-Joseph, Soulanges,
Les Cedres, Quebec b. BEF 1745
[daughter of Louis ANDRE-dit-St-AMAND and Marguerite Anne M. SAMSON]

2 Jean Noel SEGUIN b. EST 1770
m. Marie Josephe LAROCQUEBRUNE m. Jan 20 1793 St-Michel, Vaudreuil,
Quebec, Canada b. EST 1770
[daughter of Mathieu J. COUILLAUD-LAROCQUEBRUNE and Josephte M.

3 Joseph Jean Baptiste SEGUIN b. Jul 1798
m. Josephte SABOURIN m. Oct 18 1824 Ste-Madeleine-de-Rigaud,
Vaudreuil b. BEF 1812
[daughter of Antoine CHOINIERE-dit-SABOURIN and Angelique

4 Justine "Henriette" SEGUIN b. Aug 25 1831 Vaudreuil, Quebec,
m. Bazile Onesime MENARD m. 1865 Rigaud, Vaudreuil, Quebec,
Canada b. May 20 1819 Quebec, Canada
[son of Francois Augustin MENARD and Josephte RICHER]
Alternate marriage date November 07 1854 (William Fleming -

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> Hello Ann,
> Jean-Noel Seguin dit Laderoute, son of Pierre Seguin dit Laderoute and
> Marie-Josephet Mallet, married Marie Josephte Rochbrune in Vancouver,
> County or Walla Walla, Washington on January 23,1839. Marie was born in
> Quebec, Canada in 1770. One child known: Francois Xavier Seguin dit
> Laderoute born 1800 in Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada Married Julie Gervais
> ,,,January 23,1839 in Vancouver, Clark County or Walla Walla County,
> Washington...second wife Marie Anne Ouvre married Francois in 1847 at
> Gervais, Oregon.
> This is all I have so far Ann!
> Take Care,
> Charles Derr
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