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Hi Joyce,
yes she is Metis... sending 7 generations from my database; hope it helps.... have estimated years of marriage and birth, from what you sent
would appreciate receiving whatever you can, so I can update my database...

Take care,
Ancestors of Shelly McRAE

Generation No. 1

1. Shelly McRAE, born Abt. 1967. She was the daughter of 2. Mister McRAE and 3. Elaine Margaret DERBY.

Generation No. 2

2. Mister McRAE, born Abt. 1944. He married 3. Elaine Margaret DERBY Abt. 1964.

3. Elaine Margaret DERBY, born 1946. She was the daughter of 6. Stanley DERBY and 7. Eleanor FINLAYSON.

Child of Mister McRAE and Elaine DERBY is:

1 i. Shelly McRAE, born Abt. 1967.

Generation No. 3

6. Stanley DERBY, born Abt. 1921; died Unknown. He married 7. Eleanor FINLAYSON Abt. 1942.

7. Eleanor FINLAYSON, born 1923 in Vernon, British Columbia; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 14. George FINLAYSON and 15. Dorothy McGOWAN.

Children of Stanley DERBY and Eleanor FINLAYSON are:

3 i. Elaine Margaret DERBY, born 1946; married Mister McRAE Abt. 1964.

ii. James Andrew DERBY, born 1951.

iii. Kathleen Alice DERBY, born 1957.

Generation No. 4

14. George FINLAYSON, born Abt. 1896; died Unknown. He was the son of 28. Fred FINLAYSON and 29. Frances Daisy "Fanny" CARTWRIGHT. He married 15. Dorothy McGOWAN Abt. 1918.

15. Dorothy McGOWAN, born 1895 in Shuswap Falls, near Lumby, British Columbia; died Unknown.

Child of George FINLAYSON and Dorothy McGOWAN is:

7 i. Eleanor FINLAYSON, born 1923 in Vernon, British Columbia; died Unknown; married Stanley DERBY Abt. 1942.

Generation No. 5

28. Fred FINLAYSON, born 1875 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; died Unknown. He married 29. Frances Daisy "Fanny" CARTWRIGHT Abt. 1895.

29. Frances Daisy "Fanny" CARTWRIGHT, born Abt. 1877 in Red River District; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 58. Joseph CARTWRIGHT and 59. Sarah SPENCER.

Child of Fred FINLAYSON and Frances CARTWRIGHT is:

14 i. George FINLAYSON, born Abt. 1896; died Unknown; married Dorothy McGOWAN Abt. 1918.

Generation No. 6

58. Joseph CARTWRIGHT, born 1841 in Moose Factory district, North West Territories {Quebec}; died Unknown. He married 59. Sarah SPENCER Abt. 1862 in Red River District, (Manitoba).

59. Sarah SPENCER, born May 4, 1841 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba); died Unknown. She was the daughter of 118. John-Hodges SPENCER and 119. Anne SINCLAIR.

Notes for Sarah SPENCER:

1467 Reference: RG15 , Interior , Series D-II-8-a , Volume 1319 , Reel C-14926 , Access code: 90

File Title: Scrip affidavit for Cartwright, Sarah; born: May 4, 1841; father: John SPENCER (WHITE); mother: Ann SINCLAIR (M├ętis); claim no.: 1700; scrip no.: 10602; date of issue: Sept. 20, 1876; amount: $160 Finding Aid number: 15-19


Child of Joseph CARTWRIGHT and Sarah SPENCER is:

29 i. Frances Daisy "Fanny" CARTWRIGHT, born Abt. 1877 in Red River District; died Unknown; married Fred FINLAYSON Abt. 1895.

Generation No. 7

118. John-Hodges SPENCER, born 1790 in Orkney Islands, Scotland; died January 4, 1881 in Goderich district, Ontario. He was the son of John Simpson SINCLAIR and Elizabeth KNOTT. He married 119. Anne SINCLAIR Abt. 1820 in York Factory District, where they were married according to the custom of the country (Manitoba).

119. Anne SINCLAIR, born 1800 in North West Territories; died 1861 in Goderich district, Ontario. She was the daughter of William-Senior SINCLAIR and Margaret-"Nahovway" NORTON.

More About John-Hodges SPENCER:

Sprague & Frye: FMN ID# 4457, European

Notes for Anne SINCLAIR:

Anne is identified in Metis Families pages 424, 1090. 1122 and 1204.

The information on Anne's family was obtained from a printout provided by Bill Hawley. Rupert Spencer, listed as a child does not appear in the Spencer family as listed in Gail Morin's "Metis Families...".

Another possible date of death is 1866 in Goderich, Ontario (provided by Shawn Hilts)

===========from Stan Hulme....

More About Anne SINCLAIR:

Metis Families-G.Morin: FMN opposite her husband # 4457 as Metis

Children of John-Hodges SPENCER and Anne SINCLAIR are:

i. Edward SPENCER, born 1821 in York Factory district, Rupert's Land [Manitoba}; died April 27, 1822 in St John's Parish, Red River Settlement [Manitoba].

ii. William SPENCER, born 1822 in Northwest Territories, Hudson's Bay Company Trading District; died 1909 in Stanleyville District , Saskatchewan, at the age of 87 years, being buried in the SPENCER Family Plot in the Stanleyville Cemetery; married Caroline SMALL July 15, 1849 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba); born October 3, 1827 in Rocky Mountain House, North West Territories (Alberta); died August 30, 1889 in Prince Albert, at the age of 61, being buried in St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery west of the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary, Saskatchewan.

Notes for William SPENCER:

***HISTORY OF WILLIAM SPENCER and CAROLINE SMALL***as written by their grand daughter, Elsie (SPENCER) Swaby, in the book "Settlers Between the Mighty Saskatchewans" (p.9), published in 1980 by the Stanleyville-Russellville History Book Commitee.

William SPENCER Senior was born in 1822. He was of Scottish ancestry, with his father being born in the Orkney Islands. WILLIAM MARRIED CAROLINE SMALL. He was established as a Hudson's Bay Company Factor, working for many years with the Indians of the Northland. William was a well educated and very intelligent man. He was honored by being the "first Sheriff of Rupert's Land". Rupert's Land was a large area drained by the rivers running into the Hudson Bay, including western and northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Manitoba of the North West Teritories, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

William and Caroline raised a ffamily of six sons and four daughters. Some of the older family entred into the college of sion in Winnipeg. Some years later, the family came west to the Prince Albert area (1883-1885) in Saskatchewan.

William SPENCER came to the Stanleyviller District in 1895 (age 73) and filed on a homestead in the NE 1/4 Section 30, Township 47, Range 24. He was the oldest settler (in years) to settle in the district. William was not established to farm. His son, ALEX, had the adjoining quarter-section and was able to work the land for the requirements needed far a land patent of a homestead. This was done and William owned his quarter of land. he built a log house here. He was the "Registrar for the New Born Babies" in the district.

The only means of travel was walking and MRS ISAAC McKEEN, a friend, recalls the times when William SPENCE "walked from Stanleyville to Prince Albert", cutting across country. He often stopped at the McKeen home for a rest. She always made him a cup of tea. He lit his pipe and thanked her; and on his way, he'd go.

Friends and relatives of the District gathered at the home of EDWARD SPENCE to honor William on his 85th Birthday, in 1907. The district friends collected a purse of money for a gift. A "red plush armchair" was presented to him by MRS PETER BYRNE, on behalf of his friends.

William SPENCER passed away in 1909, a span of 87 years and was buried in the Stanleyville Cemetery. His wife, Caroline, died in 1886 and is buried in St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery (west of the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary) in Prince Albert.

*******************written in 1980...

More About William SPENCER:

History: William was a Hudson's Bay Co Clerk, he is identified in the book "Settlers Between the Mighty Saskatchewans".

More About Caroline SMALL:

Baptism: August 21, 1838, Fort Carlton, Northwest Territories (Saskatchewan)

History: Caroline & William are identified in Metis Families (p.1108) by Gail MORIN, on Metis & Furtrade Websites, in the history book "Settlers Between the Mighty Saskatchewans", and SPENCER Familiy Research

iii. Mary-Elizabeth SPENCER, born 1836 in Fort George district, North West Territories; died April 23, 1880 in Popular Point, Manitoba; married John-Spencer-A. GARTON September 5, 1855 in North West Territories, where they were married according to the custom of the Country; born February 21, 1829 in Moose Factory, Rupert's Land (Quebec) **date of birth February 21st 1830, in 1901 Manitoba Census**; died July 25, 1911 in Popular Point, Manitoba.

Notes for John-Spencer-A. GARTON:

Further identified in "Manitoba Scrip", author Gail Morin:

GARTON, John; HB Head: myself, wife and children; St Johns Parish, Selkirk County, said province of Manitoba; b. 21 Feb 1829 Moose Factory; John GARTON [White] was father; Mary GARTON [HB] was mother; English, John GARTON [signature], 24 Jun 1875; John Garton, farmer; Thomas H. Smith, farmer. C-14928


iv. Rupert SPENCER, born 1836; died 1915; married Mary Ann ROSS; born Abt. 1838; died Unknown.

More About Rupert SPENCER:

Metis Families-G.Morin: Metis

59 v. Sarah SPENCER, born May 4, 1841 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba); died Unknown; married Joseph CARTWRIGHT Abt. 1862 in Red River District, (Manitoba).

vi. Charles Alexander SPENCER, born Abt. 1849 in Red River Settlement (Manitoba); died Bef. 1874 in St John's, Manitoba; married Sarah Ann Elizabeth TRUTHWAITE February 17, 1871 in St John's, Manitoba; born May 1851 in St Andrew's Parish District, Red River Settlement (Manitoba); died Bef. 1888 in St Andrew's, Manitoba.


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