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From: Gary Boivin <>
Subject: [METISGEN] Algonquin Woodland Métis Aboriginal Tribe - Chief Zane Bell
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 16:01:37 -0600

I was asked to forward this....

Algonquin Woodland Métis Aboriginal Tribe
Ontario Corporations Number 001619641
Descendants of Aboriginal First Families, Slaves, Fur Traders and Settlers
Pre-1618 to 2007
Head Office: P.O. Box 496 Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0

Offices of the :
Chief, Zane Bell
Chief of Woman's and Elders Council, Dr. Yvonne Fulton
Chief Cultural Relations, Mary Jane Metatawabin, Ft. Albany First Nation
Chief Financial Affaires, Jacques Huot
Deputy Chief, Anne Roots
Business and fax; 705-286-6118
Economic Development: Ogeebiccoon Inc 430166-8, Hong Mukwa Consulting

Agent for

Major stuff happening for our community Have three human rights
violation possible One supreme court action and one in Ontario re

Have also started the application process for land claim

I need all our family now to come on board. The greater the numbers
of family the greater result.

Have a meeting with the Lawyer at the Congress of Aboriginal People
soon to go over the Human rights cases as well.

The one case has gone past mediation in fact the Human Right
Commission of Ontario skipped the mediation phase and went right into

We are all related

meegwetch Zane

Chief Wabiska Mukwa (Zane Bell)
Algonquin Woodland Métis Aboriginal Tribe

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