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From: "RC Brooks" <>
Subject: Re: [MEWALDO] Speed/Batchelder/Smith
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 18:41:46 -0400
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<clip> Iam looking for George Speed that married Margaret
> Batchelder and or Margaret Smith in Belfast, Waldo,abt 1837

There were two men named George W. Speed within twenty miles of Belfast and
both married women named Susannah or Susan during the 1820s.

There is no record of a marriage of a George Speed on file with Waldo
county, formed in 1827.

In the Prospect VRs I find the marriage intentions published 26 Oct 1822
between George Washington Speed and Miss Susanna Fletcher, both of Prospect.
They were married 05 Dec 1822 in Prospect by Rev. Thomas Merrill. The
intentions give his middle name but other records only use a middle initial.
The family settled on Cape Jellison in present day Stockton Springs. George
W. Speed d. 21 Apr 1873, ae 79 yrs 1 mo, and Susan Speed d. 23 Apr 1875, ae
69 yrs 9 mos. Some of their children's births are recorded in Prospect.
This George Washington Speed not to be confused with one who married

In the Camden VRs is the record of marriage between George Speed and Susan
Shibles. They were married in 1826 by William Carleton Jr, J.P.

In the published Belfast VRs, I find the marriage intentions published 25
Nov 1838 between George Speed and Margaret Smith. The town clerk certified
on 10 Dec 1838 that the banns had legally been published. This
certification legally authorized their marriage; however, no record of
their marriage was returned to the Belfast town clerk or the Waldo county

Following NEHGS format, the published Belfast VRs included info from
gravestones, church records and private records. Most of the Speed family
info is sourced as "P.R.62" described as: "private record, from the George
W. Speed family Bible, now in the possession of Mrs. Thomas D. Barr of
Belfast." "Now" refers to about 1915-1917 when the first volume of Belfast
VRs was being compiled.

Attributing "P.R.62" there also is the record of the marriage of George W.
Speed and Margaret Batchelder on 15 Dec 1837. Also attributing "P.R.62" the
George W. Speed who died of consumption 22 Mar 1876, age 72 was "h. Margaret

I find the death of "Margaret Speed, 76" on 28 May 1889 and the death of
"Margaret, 77, widow of George Speed" on 24 Nov 1893. [Ref: Williamson's
History of Belfast, v. 2, pp. 442, 466] I find the death of "George W.
Speed, 72" on 22 May 1876 [ibid., p. 390]. In the East Northport cem. is
the gravestone of Mrs. Margaret Speed who d. 28 May 1889 ae 76. She is
buried with her husband, William Speed, who d. 06 Jan 1880 ae 66-11-26.

Re: the lady with the family Bible -- "P.R.62" gives Mary R. Speed, b. 10
Oct 1850, dau. of George and Margaret (Batchelder), m. 03 Nov 1872 Thomas D.
Barr. Coombs' funeral record for Mary R. Barr, d. 02 Oct 1937 ae 86-11-22,
says her mother was Margaret Smith who was born in Searsmont.

Margaret Smith and Margaret Batchelder may be the same person which would
mean that she was Mrs. Margaret (Batchelder) Smith when they married. This
also means that either the family Bible lists the marriage as occurring a
year before it actually occurred or there is a typographical error in one of
the dates in the published VRs. The family Bible could have been "fudged" a
year if the mother was pregnant when she married. As "P.R.62" was the cited
source for the family birth records, then a check would be to see if there
was a child b. in 1839. Their first born child, George H. Speed, was not
born until 24 Feb 1840 which discredits the "fudging" theory. I looked for
a record of marriage (or at least the intentions to marriage) between
Margaret Batchelder & _______ Smith but found nothing.

In the Belfast VR recorded as children of George & Susan Speed are:
Thomas, b. 04 Aug 1827
Fidelia Ann, b. 20 Aug 1829
Adison, b. 03 Dec 1833

In the Belfast VR (citing "P.R.82") recorded as the children of George W. &
Margaret (Batchelder) are:
George H., b. 24 Feb 1840 [d. 31 Mar 1841, ae 14 mos]
Elizabeth S., b. 03 Jan 1842
William E., b. 02 Nov 1843
Leonora, b. 23 Feb 1847 [sic, probably 1846 intended]
Horace O., b. 24 Jan 1848 [d. -- Feb 1848, ae 3 weeks]
Mary R., b. 10 Oct 1850

From the 1850 census for Belfast, it is apparent that this is all one
House # 581, Household # 618 [text is exceptionally difficult to read as it
is the penmanship of Joseph Williamson]:
Speed, George 47
Margarett 35
Fidelia 21
Addison 18
[illegible] 8 [Elizabeth S.]
William 6
[illegible] 4 [Lenora S.]

Bob Brooks

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