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Subject: Indians of Tamaulipas
Date: 16 Aug 2004 07:17:35 -0600

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Janambre and Pisón to the north of Pánuco and south of Sierra Madre Oriental

Pasita, Mariguan and Simariguan en la desembocadura del Pánuco and Purificación

Huasteca and Cuexteca in north

Coahuiltecan tribes, the name given a great number of small tribes or bands in the State of Coahuila, México, and also in Neuvo León, Tamaulipas, and southern Texas as far as the River San Antonio.

Tamaulipec, a group of small tribes named from the State of Tamaulipas in the central and southeastern parts of which they lived. It is probable that they were related to the Coahuilteco and Karankawa (see Texas), but the merest fragment of any of their languages survives. Through the Coahuilteco they are conjecturally connected with the Hokan stock.

The Mexican Publicaciones del Archivo General de la Nación XV (Reyes, 1944) gives the following Tamaulipec tribes: Anachiguaies (about Escandón), Apostatas (about Burgos), Aracanaes (about Altamira), Borrados (about Dolores), Cacalotes (about Mier), Cadimas (about Guemes), Camaleones (about Santillán), Carrizos (about Camargo), Comecamotes (about Soto la Marina), Comecrudo (about San Fernando), Cuercos quemados (about Revilla), Inocoples (about Hoyos), Mariguanes (about Horcasitas), Pitas (about Santander), Sainoscos (about Padilla), Serranos (about Santa Barbara), Sibayones (1) (about Aguayo), Sibayones (2) (about Río de los Infantes), Tepemacas (about Laredo).

Anachiquaies (the Anacasiguais of Orozco y Berra, 1864), a Tamaulipec tribe about Escandón.

Apostata, a Tamaulipec tribe about Burgos.

Borrado, a Tamaulipec tribe near Dolores.

Most are culturally extinct, except the famous Huastecas, who still inhabit Veracruz.

John Schmal

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