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From: "Dee Sager" <>
Subject: Re: [MI-Genealogy] Our Name in History
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 22:09:04 -0500
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Eleanor, Myra, Judy, Sherry

Thank you to all of you who took the time to respond to my e-mail. You have
just saved me $50. Copied and pasted below is the email I received. It
didn't forward except in bits and pieces when I sent it with my original
request for info.

Apparently the book is published, or at least backed, by Ancestral
Findings.com. I thought at first that it would include information on all
surnames, but one must request info for a specific surname AND pay $50 for
each name that is requested. Ancestry.com provides a lot of the info that
they advertise will be provided. Doesn't say how much info will be provided

Again - thank you.

Dee Sager

Granby, Missouri

*Searching for Antoni/Anthony Poplawski 1859 to abt. 1928, b. in Poland,
last known with family in Detroit and before that in Bay County, Michigan
about 1926. Wife Josephine shown as widow on 1929/1930 City Directory
living with son, Anthony..

*Also three brothers: Paul, Peter, and John Posh who disappeared from
Detroit about 1928 or 1929 according to Detroit City Directories. Unable to
locate on any 1920 or 1930 census record. Their parents are Stanislava Pos
and Anna Kafera Pos from Russian Poland. I do have their draft
registrations from 1917 and 1918.


The "Our Name in History" book will provide a collection of facts, figures
and other information on your last name. The information in each book is
painstakingly gathered from billions of records and other trusted sources.

See a sample of the book

It's divided into sections based on Family Facts that highlight different
facts and facets of your family name, including:

- What your name means

- Life expectancy rates

- Civil War Statistics

- Occupations

- Where in the U.S. you'll find your family name

- And More!

There's also a section that outlines the initial steps you need to take in
discovering your family history. In addition, your book will give you a list
of valuable online and offline resources, as well as a CD with an
introductory version of our Award Winning Family Tree Maker software.

See a sample of the book

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My husband bought 3 before we married, they are not worth the paper they are
written on, sure could not use one thing in them.
I have been working on my family from 1969 to now.
I joined MI for the Prieskorn family -Germany to Wayne County MI.
Eleanor (Ellie) Prieskorn
Warsaw Missouri

My mom bought something similar to it, and it basically was useless junk
information. It's NOT for any particular family, and is just a collection
of information that you don't need.
Myra Herron
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Hello List Members,

Has anyone ordered this book? Or I should say the info regarding your
family name that has been made into a book? I'd like to know a little more
about this before I order one.



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