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From: Nan Bailey <>
Subject: [MDX] Sophia Jane WILLS c 1878 London
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 14:08:17 +1000

Hello Listers,

I have been trying to find the birth registration of Sophia Jane WILLS,
somewhere in the London area and her in any census'. I do not know if her
birth is really in London, or somewhere in Middlesex, but I have to start

The only concrete evidence I have on her so far are, her marriage
registration to William PARROTT in Oxford 1910 and her death registration
in Brisbane Queensland in 1931, which states her Fathers name was Harry
James Board WILLS. I think her husband was the informant as he died after
her, but we haven't bought her death certificate yet.

I have been told that another descendant has her marriage certificate and I
will be given a photocopy soon. On this, she states her age as 32 yrs, with
her father named as Harry James Board WILLS, photographer. I haven't yet
been told who the witnesses were or her place of residence.

Sophia and husband William emigrated to Queensland Australia between their
marriage in 1910 and mid 1911 when their son was born here in Murgon
Queensland, so there is a small period posible for that, but we have not
been able to find anything on them. We presume they paid their own way to
Australia as they are not on any available shipping list for assistesd
imigrants to Australia, also I cannot find them on the Find My Past
shipping lists under their name PARROTT or in any other spelling.

I have searched for her father in the census' prior to her marriage and she
is not with him in the 1901, where he is a photoographer and I cannot find
either of them in the 1881 census. We did find Harry JB WELLS in the 1911
census as a Fine art dealer with his sons as photographers.

We found her fathers birth registration in 1856, his marriage in 1882 and
he and his wife & family not including Sophia in 1891. With what we have
found and what we have NOT found we think Sophia may have been born out of
wedlock and registered in her mothers maiden name. We do not know if Harrys
wife is her mother as all children were accounted for except Sophia in the
1911 census.

Could anyone give me some ideas where to search next. I have tried Free
BDM, Family Search, googling in various combinations of names & words and I
have a subs for Find My Past. I am at a loss on where else to search
besides Ancestry and do not have a subscription for that.

Kind regards,
Nan Bailey

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