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Here is my MIDDLETON lineage from Thomas and Winnifred down through my
grandmother. It does get confusing because there are two instances of
intermarrying within the line. Please let me know if I confuse you. John
C. MIDDLETON b. 1831 migrated to Indiana, as you will see below. I do know
that his sister Sarah MIDDLETON, who married Thomas Jefferson APPLEGATE,
also migrated to Indiana.

Thomas and Winnifred eldest child, John N. MIDDLETON is both my my 4th and
5th great grandfather:

John Nelson MIDDLETON, b. 13 Sep 1778 in Fairfax Co. VA - d. 12 Aug 1873
Wayne Township, Champaign County, OH
Married Elizabeth WEST, b. 13 Jul 1783 in Fairfax Co. VA - d. 13 Dec 1873
Wayne Twp, Champaign County, OH
They were married 3 Mar 1801 in Adams County, Ohio
John was a land owner in Champaign County
John and Elizabeth are both buried in Jenkins Chapel Cemetery, Champaign
County, OH

John and Elizabeth's eldest child is William MIDDLETON, my 3rd and 4th

William MIDDLETON, b. 16 Apr 1802 in Brown County, OH - d. 1 Jan 1890 in
Wayne Twp, Champaign Co. OH
Married (1) Rachel MIDDLETON, b. 1802 in Ohio - d. 1834-1838 Champaign Co.,
Rachel was William's first cousin - Her father was John Nelson's brother,
Thomas MIDDLETON, b.1782 - d. 3 Sep 1834 in Champaign County. Thomas was
married to Elizabeth SWISHER, and they were married 12 Jun 1802 in Adams Co,
William was a land owner in Champaign County
William is buried in Jenkins Chapel Cemetery in Champaign County, OH

William and Rachel's third son, John C. MIDDLETON, my 3rd great grandfather
and my 3rd great uncle:

John C. MIDDLETON, b. 15 Mar 1831 Champaign County, OH - d. 21 Apr 1905,
Delaware Twp, Hamilton Co. IN
Married Mary Ann BLUE, b. 27 Jan 1832 Champaign Co., OH - d. 17 Apr 1879
Carmel, Hamilton Co., IN
Married 29 Aug 1850 in Champaign County
They moved to Indiana after he returned to the Civil War, sometime after
1866, but before 1870
I believe John was a land owner in Hamilton County.
John and Mary Ann are both buried in Union Chapel Cemetery in Marion County,

William (above) married again after Rachel's death:
(2) Estavilla GUTRIDGE, b. Dec 1818 Champaign Co., OH - d. 1900 Champaign
They married in 1838 in Champaign County, OH
Estavilla is buried in Jenkin's Chapel Cemetery, Champaign County, OH

William and Estavilla's youngest son, Cyrus W. MIDDLETON, my great great

Cyrus W. MIDDLETON, b. 1854 Champaign County,OH d. 8 Sep 1945, Woodstock,
Champaign County, OH
Married (as his third wife, first two having died at very young age) Susan
M. "Susie" MIDDLETON, b. Oct 1860 in Champaign County, OH - d. Mar 1930 in
Mechanicsburg, Champaign County, OH
Married in 1883
Susan MIDDLETON was Cyrus' half niece. She was the daughter of John C. and
Mary Ann (above). This is how John C. is both a grandfather (through Susie)
and an uncle (through Cyrus) to me, with William above being the common
Cyrus and Susie are both buried in Treacles Creek Cemetery, in Champaign
County, OH
Cyrus and Susie owned property in Mechanicsburg, Champaign County, OH

Cyrus and Susie's eldest daughter, Kate May MIDDLETON, is my great

Kate May MIDDLETON, b. 23 Mar 1890 Champaign Co. OH - d. 16 Dec 1980 Madison
County, OH (hospital there)
Married George Hull CARMAN, b. Aug 1856 Jefferson County, OH - d. 6 Jul 1973
Madison County, OH (hospital there--had resided in Mechanicsburg, Champaign
Married 28 Nov 1907 in Rush Twp., Champaign County, OH
"Katie" and George are both buried in Treacles Creek Cemetery, Champaign
County, OH

"Katie" and George's eldest daughter, Edith Lucille CARMAN, was my

That is my direct MIDDLETON line. Below are the other children of the

Thomas and Winnifed Children:
*John Nelson MIDDLETON (above), b. 1778 m. Elizabeth WEST
Elizabeth Jane MIDDLETON, b. 1779
William MIDDLETON, 1780 m. Jane WEST (sister of Elizabeth WEST above)
Therefore, two brothers married two sisters
*Thomas MIDDLETON, 1782 m. Elizabeth SWISHER
Sarah MIDDLETON, b. 1784 m. John SHELDON
Edward MIDDLETON, b. 1790
Jessie MIDDLETON, b. 1792
Mary Middleton, b. 1795
Susannah MIDDLETON, b. 1798

John Nelson and Elizabeth (West)Children:
*William MIDDLETON, b. 1802 Brown Co. OH
Letice MIDDLETON, b. 1804 Adams Co. OH
James MIDDLETON, b. Oct 1807 Adams Co. OH
Eleanor Ellen MIDDLETON, b. 1809 Adams Co, OH
Susannah (Susan) MIDDLETON, b. 1810 Adams Co OH
Winnifred MIDDLETON, b. 1812 Adams Co. OH
Sarah MIDDLETON, b. 1815 Adams Co. OH
Thomas MIDDLETON, b. 1817 Adams Co. OH
Elizabeth MIDDLETON 1818 Adams Co. OH
John Nelson MIDDLETON JR., b. 1821
George Washington MIDDLETON, b. 1824 Brown Co. OH
Edward MIDDLETON, b. 1827 Brown Co. OH

William and (1) Rachel (Middleton) Children:
Elizabeth MIDDLETON, b. 1825 Wayne Twp, Champaign Co. OH, m. Jehu G.
William MIDDLETON, b. 1827, Wyane Twp, Champaign Co. OH
Thomas MIDDLETON, b. 1828
*John C. MIDDLETON, b. 1831 Champaign Co.OH (moved to Indiana)
Sarah Ellen MIDDLETON, b. 1834 m. Thomas Jefferson APPLEGATE (Sarah and
Thomas also moved to Indiana)

William and (2) Estavilla (GUTRIDGE) Children:
Rachel Ann MIDDLETON, b. Sep 1838 Champaign Co. OH - m. Ellis Passmore
Fanny Lavina MIDDLETON, b. Sep 1843 Champaign Co. OH - m. Thomas BAYLOR
Cornelia Susan MIDDLETON, b. 1845 Champaign Co. OH
Eliza J. MIDDLETON, b. 1847 Champaign Co. OH
Laura E. MIDDLETON, b. 4 Jun 1852 Champaign Co. OH - m. William BRINNON
*Cyrus W. MIDDLETON, b. 1854 Champaign Co, OH 0 m. (1)Sara COFFENBARGER
(died young) (2)Minnie ELLSWORTH (died young); and (3) Susan M. MIDDLETON
Ida A. MIDDLETON, b. 1858 Champaign County, OH m. James CARSON
Mary Diantha MIDDLETON,
Melatiah MIDDLETON, b. 1864 Champaign Co. OH - m. Maurice HINTON

John C. and Mary Ann Children:
Elbert MIDDLETON, b. 1852 Champaign Co. OH d. 20 Aug 1928 Hamilton Co. IN -
m. Nancy FARLEY
Adrianna MIDDLETON, b. 1853 Champaign Co. OH - buried in Union Chapel,
Marion County, IN
Lewis MIDDLETON, b. 1855 Champaign Co. OH d. 1924 buried in Union Chapel,
Marion County, IN
Silas MIDDLETON, b. 1857 Champaign Co. OH d. 1918 buried in Union Chapel,
Marion County, IN
Edward W. MIDDLETON, b. 1858 Champaign Co. OH d. 1945 buried in Farley
Cemetery, Hamilton Co. IN m. Priscilla DAY
*Susan M. MIDDLETON, b. Oct 1860 Champaign Co. OH d. Mar 1930 Champaign
County, OH m. Cyrus W. MIDDLETON
Ellen "Ella" MIDDLETON, b. 1866 Champaign Co. OH d. 1943 buried in Union
Chapel, Marion County, IN
Elias MIDDLETON, b. Jan 1869 in Hamilton Co. IN d. 1952 in Hamilton Co. IN,
burried in Union Chapel, Marion Co. IN - m. Hattie MILLIS
Orvil MIDDLETON, b. 1871 Hamilton County, IN d. 1871 Hamiliton Co, IN buried
in Union Chapel, Marion County, IN
Martha (Mattie) Ann MIDDLETON, b. 1872 Hamilton Co. IN
Albertie MIDDLETON, b. 1876 Hamilton Co., IN d. 1951 buried in Union Chapel,
Marion County, IN

Cyrus W. and Susan (MIDDLETON) Children:
Grant MIDDLETON, b. Feb 1884 Champaign Co, IN, d. 1911 buried in Treacles
Creek Cem, Champaign Co. OH
Versalius "Sil" MIDDLETON, b. Mar 1886 Champaign Co., d. 1910 buried in
Treacles Creek Cem. Champaign Co. OH m. Edna "Gail" FUDGE
*Kate May MIDDLETON, b. Mar 1890 d. Dec 1980 buried in Treacles Creek Cem,
Champaign Co., OH, m. George CARMAN
John Clay Middleton, b. Mar 1993 Champaign County, OH, d. 1977 buried in
Treacles Creek Cem., Champaign Co. OH
Ralph S. MIDDLETON, b. Aug 1897 Champaign Co. OH, d. Mar 1981 Hollywood, FL
buried in Treacles Creek Cem., Champaign Co. OH
Eva Christine MIDDLETON, b. Oct 1900 Champaign Co., d. Aug 1985 Hollywood,
FL buried in Treacles Creek Cem., Champaign Co., OH m. Robert Francis
Hazel B. MIDDLETON b. 1904 d. 1904


Edith Lucille CARMAN, b. Apr 1910 Champaign Co. OH d. Jun 1994 Jacksonville,
Frances Pauline CARMAN b. 1914 Champaign Co., OH d. Jun 1968 Middletown, OH

I assume you are probably sorry you asked at this point, but... This is what
I have :)

Please let me know if you have any contradictions, corrections, etc., and I
would love to hear what you think about any of this as it may relate to
anything you have.

Have a great day

Nancy Sagester BISHOP

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Thanks for sharing your lineage. I am using parts in my next issue. Do
you know if any of your branch were land owners?
Indiana Middleton was your 3rd great grandfather. Correct? I would like
to know more about him birth, birthplace, death, where. From which of his
children did you descend? He was the son of John C. Middleton (4th great
grandfather?) He migrated to Indiana. Correct?


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