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From: "Elinor Hickey" <>
Subject: Re: [MLN] John DAVIDSON
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 19:43:19 -0400
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Hi Jan,

John Davidson and Martha McIntosh Banns 17 April 1813 Edinburgh and 10 Oct.
1813 Cockpen.
John Davidson B. 16 July 1814 Lasswade

This could be John B. 1814 ----1851 Census, Parish of Newbattle, Reference
695, Enum. Dist 7 Page ll, Schedule 39
Address: 26 Stobhill

Surname Firstname Sex Rel. C Age Occupation Birthplace
Davidson John m HD M 35 Coal Miner Lasswade
Davidson Elisabeth (m/s Dickson) f WI M 35 ENG. DUR.
Davidson Mary f DA 15 MLN Cranston
B. 16 April 1836
Davidson Martha f DA 11 Scholar MLN Crichton C. 23
Feb. 1840
Davidson James m SO 6 Scholar MLN Cranston
Davidson William m SO 3 MLN Crichton
Davidson Jane f DA 5m MLN Newbattle
not on census
Davidson John B. 11 Mar. 1838 Crichton
Davidson John B. 22 May 1842 Crichton

This could be yours------Gardener Davidson and Charlote Duncan married 4
June 1836 Gladsmuir, East Lothian
1841 Census, Parish of Newbattle (695) Enum Dist. 7 Page 6
Address: Stobhill

Davidson Gardener m 25 Coal Miner Yes, Midlothian
Davidson Charlote f 28 Yes, Midlothian
Davidson John m 3 Yes, Midlothian Cr. 15 July
1837 Crichton
Davidson Elizabeth f 2 Yes, Midlothian Cr. 10
April 1839 Crichton
Davidson Martha f 1m Yes, Midlothian B. 23 May
Davidson Joseph m 17 Coal Miner Yes, Midlothian (could be brother to
Can't find this family on the 1851 census for Midlothian.

This may be yours ----1851 Census for Parish of Dalkeith (683) Enum.Dist 9
Page 10 Sch. 61
Address: Bennet's Close
Davidson Martha f HD W 54 Lodging House Keeper MLN Cockpen
Lindsay Elizabeth f NC U 8 at home PEE Peebles
Thomson Elizabeth f LG W 64 MLN

There is another Martha Davidson listed but Davidson is her maiden name and
her married name is Gilbert

That's about all I can find, if you have anymore info. I have the 1841
census and 1851 census for Midlothian on CD. There are probably more
children out there, it is just the matter of finding them

Best Wishes,

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