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Subject: Re: [MIHOUGHT] new database passport applications
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 18:08:57 -0000

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This is what I could find for that date but no Ana/Anna
There are none listed on German passorts.
Bara Rogina 14 Jun 1906 abt 1889 Bremen Slovenian Kaiser Wilhelm II

Barbara Rogina 17 Apr 1906 abt 1871 Havre slovakian La Champagne

Barbara Rogina 17 Apr 1906 abt 1883 Bremen Slovenian Gneisenau

Bare Rogina 16 Jul 1906 abt 1888 Havre slovakian La Bretagne

Franc Rogina 23 Mar 1906 abt 1887 Bremen Slovenian Trave

Giuseppe Rogina 8 Mar 1906 abt 1873 Naples, Italy Italian (South) (Italian) Konigin Luise

Johann Rogina 4 Apr 1906 abt 1887 Rotterdam Croatian Potsdam

Johann Rogina 8 Jun 1906 abt 1888 Havre Slovenian Hudson

Matyas Rogina 18 Apr 1906 abt 1877 Fiume Croatian Carpathia

Vikola Rogina 24 Jan 1906 abt 1888 Hamburg Croatian Moltke

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