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Here are some family group sheets of your family with points of contact for
obtaining more information.
Jacob Miller 1758 York PA 1833KY s/o Jacob Muller and Barbara

Margaret Fenner 1775 PA 1830 KY d/o Peter Fenner Margaret

John Benjamin 1785 1852/Polly Nonaker

Adam 1783 1816/Elizabeth Runner

Elizabeth 1789/Adam Flora.......CIS QUERY

Anthony 1791/Ann Nonaker

Samuel/Polly Newbarger

Jacob G. 1816/Elizabeth Miller sister of Marshall Edmund Miller

David 1810/Margaret Nonaker

henry /Polly Smith

John 1815/Birdie Ballard

Isaac /Elizabeth Crews


Louise 1805/James Young...poc...Charles A. Cron 116 Ridgeway Dr Brandenburg
KY 40108

Jacob Miller died 1766 Woodstock VA s/o Ulrich Miller



Jacob 1758/Margaret Penner


Christain 1744/Catherine Wiseman


Mary...poc...Charles Cron as above

Woodford F. Miller 1818KY1889KY s/o Anthony and Ann Honaker Miller

1) Ann Flora (2) cYNTHIA jORDAN (3) Mary Green Harper

Albert 1886/Hester Flora

Ella 1888/George Cron

Hannah...poc ...Chas. Cron as above

Anthony Miller 1791 VA 1853 KY s/o Jacob and Margaret Penner Miller

Ann Honaker VA

Margaret/W. F. Davis

Woodford F. 1818/Ann Flora

Jacob G/

Alford/Polly Ann wilson


P. H.

Anthony Jr/Franke Upton...poc Chas Cron as above

Adam Miller died 1834 KY s/o Jacob and Margaret

Elizabeth Runner d/o Adam Runner

Thomas Hugh 1810/Mary Ann McClung

Wm. /elizabeth C.

Bluford Jackson 1819/catherine Chastain

Sallie/Alfred Cheney...poc Chas Cron as above

Christain Miller 1744VA-1836 KY s/o Jacob and Barbara

Catherine Wiseman

Phillip 1772/ elizabeth

Jacob W. 1775/ellen Miller

Catherine 1776 Jacob L

John 1779/Sophia

Mary 1783/

Henry/Annie Clendennan

Elizabeth...poc Chjas Cron as above

Thomas Jones Miller 1811PA 1854 NY s/o Phillip and Rebecca Jones

Josephine Grover 1830 ME/1864NY

Sarah Henrietta 1850/ Daniel Sheldon Fletcher

Thomas Jones 1855/Clara Coolidge

Alfred 1852...poc...Danell Knight 2758 NW GRant Coraville. OR 97330

John Miller 1794 VA/1864 OH

mary Sharkey died 1839 OH

Frances 1825/jacob Rhinehart

michael 1826/Anne Robison

Gideon 1828/Leafey Waggoner

Phillip 1829/Abbey Cooper

Saraah 1831/George Kline

Nancy 1833/Patten

Hiram 1837 OH/Nancy Mills


Jacob...poc...juliane Loomis 5749 SOM Center Road Willoughby OH 44094-3013

James P. Miller 1830 GA owner Miller Hotel Talbotten GA

Mary Alton Jameson 1830

George A. 1855

James A. 1857

Edward C. 1859...poc Kris Oleson POBOX 1113 Monroe WA 98272

Harmon Miller (Hermanus Muller) 1750 1818 Stokes NC

Johanna Catharina Fiedler/ Fidler 1740-1803 NC

Gottfried 1775 NC/Catharina Hempleman

hermanus 1777 NC/Salome Shouse...poc...Katrhleen Bachtold 1515 Catapala Dr
Othello WA 99344

Cpt John "Raccoon" Miller 1747 Newberry SC 1832 TN

Eva Weidner (Whitener) 1751-1853 VA/TN d/o Ludwig Weidner

Sally 1782/John Loy

henry 1785

John 1787/Nell Davis

Isaac 1791/susan Davis

Nancy 1792/

Lewis 1795/Parley Hill

Rachel 1798/whitner Cox

Jacob (twin) 1799/Lucinda Sharp

Elizabeth (twin) 1799/Henry Graves...poc...L. Ray Miller 7337 Fieldgate
Dallas TX 75230

Isaac Miller 1791 NC 1878/Iowa s/o John and Eva Weidner as above

Susan Davis or Susan Clayton? 1792 TN

George W. 1815 TN/Aletha Hill

William 1817/Elizabeth Thunderburke

Hannah 1822/

john 1823/Mary Loy

Elijah 1825/aletha Loy

Robert 1834/Edda Loy

Wolf 1837/Martha Harrell...poc...L. Ray Miller as above

William Miller 1817 s/o Isaac and Susan as above b. TN d. MO

Elizabeth Funderburke 1832 TN

Hillman Billy

Elijah 1853/Dora simpson

John W. 1855/Charlotte Harlock

' louisa 1857/Ardvil McVey...poc... L. Ray Miller as above

Submlited by: Angie T. Miller 1195 Fairmount Ave. Vinelrnd N..J.08360

I. JOHN MI[LER - b. 1633, Breckenbrough in ye Parish of Kerbywilk in
Yorkshire, England. In 1657 he went to Irelend as a Planter

Ann Clibborn


1. William b.1659 at Moate

2. .Margaret b. 1662

3. Shurrch b. d.1668

4. John b.l665 at Moate

5. Thomas b. 1667 at Ballynalinch

6. Abraham b. 1670 at Glin, County West Meath

7. Isaac.b. 1672 at Glin, County West Meath

II. JohnMiller b. 1665 Moate, Ireland; d. 1714, New Garden Twp Chester Co.,
Pa. will dated 17 Oct. 1714. married mary Ignew as early as 1693,was living
near CharlemontCounty Armagh, Ireland. He and his family arrived in Chester
Co., Pa. in 1709 nd settled on a large tract of land in New Garden Township.
He was a prominent member of the New Garden Meeting of Friends, and was
elected to the Provincial Asssembly in 1714, but died that same year. Mary,
his widow died in 1730.


1. Joseph b. 1691 d. 1727 m. Ann Gilpin

2. James b. 1693 d. 1774 m. Ann Cain

3. Mary b. 1694 d. 1736 m. Josenh Hutton

4. Martha b. 1696 d. 1769 m. l)John Jordan 2)Nathnniel Houlton 5. William b.
1698 d. 1768 m. Ann Emien

6. Sarah b. 1700 d. 1767 m. Nehemiah Hutton

7. Elizabeth b. 1704 a. 1767 m. William Chambere

8. Elinor b. 1710 d. 1774 m. Richard Chambers

9. Susanna b. 1713 d. 1766 m. Joseph Jackson

III. JAmes MILLER - "second son of John and Mary (Ignew) Miller was born
near Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland and was about sixteen when he
arrived in New Garden Township in 1709. He married Ann Cain in 1722. James
was a fermer, and at his fathers death, inherited 300 acres of the original
1013 acre tract. He was a regular attendant at the New Garden Meeting and
deeded six acres of his land for the purpose of building a meeting house,
and the establishment of a buria1 ground. From 1751 to 1753 he was a County
Asessor for Chester County. James died in 1774, and his Widow Ann, died in


1. Mary b. 1724 a. m. Inumanuel Barnes

2. Ann b. 1796 d. m. Joshua Spikeman

3 . Sarah b . 17 27 a. m. Thomas Barnet

4. John b. 1730 d. m. Ann Thompson

5. Joseph b. 1732 d.1769 m. Margaret

6. Susannah b. 1734 d. 1780 m. Edward Doughtery

7. Hannah b. 1737. m. John Keron

8. William b. 1739 m. Sarah Hall

9. James b. 1745 d. 1809 m. Jane Elliott

IV. James MILLER son of James and Ann (Cain) Miller was born in 1745, New
Garden Township, Chester Co. Pa. He married Jane Elliott in 1768. James
inherited all of his father's plantation and was well established as a
farmer and land owner. During the Revolution he served as a patriot in the
civil office of Overseer of the Poor for New Garden Township. James died in
1809, and his Widow Jane, died in 1813


1. Mary b. 1769 Benjamin Orin

2. William b. 1771 d. m. Elizabeth Chamberlain

3. John . 1773 d, m. Mary Webster

4. George b. 1775 d. m.

5. Joshua b. 1777 d, m.

6. James b. 1779 d. m.

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Subject: [MLR] Jacob Miller of Bucks Pa.

> Have not finished reading all of it yet - great for those of S. C.
> I am interested in a Jacob Miller b.-1753 in Bucks, Pa. died in Warren
> Ky. m.- Margaret Penner. I think their children may be as follows. :
> David Miller b. abt 1778 - m. Margaret Honaker - 1813 in Warren Co. Ky.
> Jacob Miller Jr. - avbt 1779 m. Elizabeth Tigrett - Dec. 1822
> Mary Polly Miller - abt. 1780 in Montgomery Co. Va. d. abt. 1830 in Warren
> Co. Ky.
> Adam Miller - Sept 25, 1782 Bucks Co. Va. d. Sept 25, 1847 - m. Elizabeth
> Runner -Mar 10, 1810
> Henry Miller b-abt. 1784; m Louise
> John Benjamin Miller -b. Sept 15, 1785 . d. May 20, 1852- Warren Co. Ky.
> Atkinson, 2nd m to Polly Honaker Aug 6, 1810 and 3rd m. to Paulina Penner
> abt 1821. This is my connection to Jacob Miller.
> Elizabeth Miller b abt 1787
> James Miller b. abt 1789 m. Rachael McClung
> Margaret Miller b. abt 1790 m. Dolphin Lindsey Mar 1815 ;m2 -Joseph
> Oct. 1823
> Samuel Miller, b- 1790, m. Polly Harchbarger, Aug 22, 1812
> Anthony Miller b. 1791, Botetourt Co. Va; d. 1853 Warren Co., Ky.
> Isaac Miller b. abt. 1795 m. Elizabeth Crews, May 18, 1820.
> >From my findings these Miller stayed in Va until around very early 1800
> moved to Richardsville, Green Castle, Anna, Ky and then some on to Gipson
> , Indiana. in very late 1890.
> Does anyone know anything of these Millers???
> Pat
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