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Subject: Re: Drury Mims
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:59:41 -0500
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I would like to post my interpretation of the several Drury Mims mentioned
in some recent messages.

The Drury Mims (c1737 VA- 1818 SC) who was the father of Winnifred Mims
(married Henry Ware) left Virginia before 1764, married LYDIA JONES
(probably in NC) and had his first children in NC. The family later migrated
into SC and left many records there. See narrative below. I have posted
wills and census records for all of the sons in this family at Rootsweb.

This Drury Mims was a son of Thomas Mims (1708- after 1779) and Grace
Britton (various spellings). Their sons David, Drury, James, and Valentine
migrated into NC and SC. These were Mims families who migrated south out of

There is NO evidence of a Drury Mims marrying an Elizabeth Woodson. If
someone believes this is true, they should site the evidence of this
marriage. What is the primary source (not the Woodson book which is
wonderful but has mistakes)??

Shadrack Mims married Elizabeth Woodson and that marriage is an official
record. Shadrack lived his entire life in Goochland Co VA and, generally,
his children married and life there as well. There is no evidence of what
happened to Shadrack's son Drury Mims whose birth was recorded in the
Douglas Register. He is not the Drury who married Lydia Jones.

The Drury Mims who married Ann Ridgway (Ridgeway) was a different man. He
was a son of David Mims and Agnes Weldy. He probably lived in Buckingham Co
VA and died after 1782.

DAR papers that were acceptable in the 1930s often would not pass muster

Best wishes--
Ann Blomquist
Orlando, FL

Descendants of Drury Mims

1. DRURY4 MIMS (THOMAS3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born c 1737 in Henrico Co VA,
and died 1818 in Edgefield Co SC. He married LYDIA JONES c 1764 in prob NC.
She was born c 1744 in Edgecombe Co NC, and died 1821 in Edgefield Co SC.

Notes for DRURY MIMS:

Drury Mims was born in Henrico Co VA. His father may have moved the family
to NC as early as 1748, but they were certainly there by 1763.

About 1764 at age 27, Drury married Lydia Jones, probably in NC. Drury and
Lydia had 10 known children.

In Sep 1772, Drury and Lydia "of Johnston Co NC" sold 95 acres on the north
side of Cape Fear River in Orange Co NC to John Avent for L60. (Johnston Co
NC) Witnesses were Joseph Avent and Robert Mims. [when was this bought?]

Drury served in the American Revolution.

In 1787, Drury was taxed £4.6.11 1/2 for 459 acres and 7 slaves in Edgefield
Co SC. (Holcomb, 2) His land was rated 43 acres of second rate land and 416
acres of 4th rate land.

In 1790, Drury was listed in the federal census in Cheraw District of South
Carolina with 2 males older than 16 [Drury 46, Matthew c15], 3 males under
16 [Livingston 13, Tingnell 9, Drury 7], and 4 females [Lydia 42, Ridley 11,
Winny 5, Lydia 3].

The family was included in the 1800 census in Edgefield Co with 5 children
in the household. By 1810, only Tingnell was at home.

Drury wrote his will, dated May 13 1817 in Edgefield Co SC. "I, Drury Mims,
being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind. First I will & desire is
that all my just debts be paid. I give unto my beloved wife Lydia Mims 5
shillings sterling, I also lend her during her natural life or widowhood the
plantation whereon I now live with all my household & kitchen furniture,
tools of every kind, two negroes, viz Old Jim & his wife Olive & my stock of
cattle, hogs & horses, land. At my wife's death or marriage it is my will &
desire that all the property loaned to my beloved wife except the desk,
cupboard, the 3 beds & furniture, wagon & gear & cotton gin to be sold and
the money to be equally divided between my son Mathew Mims & my daughter
Ridley Gray. I give unto my son John Mims 5 shillings. I give unto my son
David Mims 5 shillings. I give unto my son Briton Mims 5 shillings. I give
unto the children of my son Livingston Mims deceased 5 shillings to be
divided among them to share & share alike. I give unto my son Mathew Mims
negroes Little Dicie & Hampton, one feather bed & furniture and one tract of
land lying on the waters of Beaverdam Creek bound on the north by John
Oliphant's land & on the east by Wallry's land & on the south by John Mims'
land & on the west by land given to my son Matthew Mims by deed. I give unto
my son Drury Mims after the death of his mother the plantation whereon I now
live lying between the Big Branch & Rays Creek being part of the tract of
211 acres, also negroes viz Big Jim & his wife Olive & Cilea, one desk &
cupboard, the wagon & cotton gin & one rifle gun. I give to my son Tingnell
Mims all my land not disposed of lying on Rays Creek, bound by lands of John
Mims, Matthew Mims, Elias Blackburn, Watties & Drury Mims & my silver watch.
I give unto the children of my daughter Winney Ware deceased 5 shillings to
be divided among them. I give unto my daughter Ridley Gray 5 shillings, I
also lend to her during her natural life a negro woman named Lettis & two
feather beds and furniture and at her death the said negro with her increase
to be sold & the money equally divided amongst her children. I give unto my
daughter Lydia Moss 5 shillings, also negroes Anney & her children, also
Hannah & her children & at her death the negroes to be sold and the money
divided equally amonst her heirs." [no executor named] Witnesses: John S.
Jeter, Levie Rardin, Richard H. Tutt. Signed Drury Mims. (Will Bk 5, p 9)
Drury died in 1818 about age 88.

Lydia is not listed as a head of household in the 1820 census, but at age
77, perhaps she was living with one of her children.

In his History of Edgefield County, Chapman wrote that Drury Mims "was
supposed to be well tinctured with native American blood, his father having
been descended from that stock and his mother from the English."


The Douglas Register. p 112, 252.

Johnston Co NC Bk A 1771-1782 p 170.

Edgefield Co SC Records:

Will Bk 5 p 9

Holcomb, Brent. Two 1787 Tax Lists, Ninety Six Dsitrcit SC, 1974. p 2.

Census records:

1790 Cheraw District SC p 66 col 3

1800 Edgefield Co SC p 139

1810 Edgefield Co SC p 39

Chapman, John A. The History of Edgefield Co from the Earliest Settlements
to 1897. p 192.

Wooley, James and Vivian. Edgefield Co SC Wills 1787-1836. p 120.

Researched and written by Ann Blomquist. 2002

This narrative is copyrighted material and may not be posted or published
except by the author.

More About DRURY MIMS:

Fact 1: Bet. 1750 - 1772, Where?

Fact 2: 1772, Johnston Co NC

Fact 3: Bet. 1774 - 1789, NC, then 96 Dis SC

Fact 4: 1790, Cheraw Dis SC p66

Fact 5: 1800, Edgefield Co SC p139

Fact 6: 1810, Edgefield Co SC p39

Fact 7: 1820, where widow Lydia?

Children of DRURY MIMS and LYDIA JONES are:

i. WINNIFORD5 MIMS, b. c 1765, NC; d. c 1812, prob Lincoln Co GA; m. HENRY
WARE, c 1783, SC; b. 1756; d. 1807, Lincoln Co GA.

ii. DAVID MIMS, b. May 28, 1767, NC; d. 1827, Edgefield Co SC; m. SARAH
SCOTT, c 1793, prob SC; b. Feb 13, 1775; d. 1826, Edgefield Co SC.

iii. BRITTON MIMS, b. c 1769, NC; d. Aft. 1830, prob Edgefield Co SC; m.
MARY ANN EDWARDS, c 1798, prob SC; b. Bet. 1775 - 1780; d. Aft. 1830.

iv. MATTHEW MIMS, b. c 1771, NC; d. c 1846, Edgefield Co SC; m. ELIZA TUTT,
c 1809, prob Edgefield Co SC; b. 1790, SC; d. Aft. 1860.

v. JOHN MIMS, b. c 1773, NC; m. MARY GRAY; b. c 1775.

vii. RIDLEY MIMS, b. c 1779; m. JOHN GRAY, c 1799.

viii. TINGNELL MIMS, b. c 1781; d. 1826; m. NANCY TILLMAN, Bet. 1803 - 1809.

ix. DRURY MIMS, b. Jan 16, 1783, Edgefield Co SC; d. Jun 18, 1858, Eufaula,
Russell Co AL; m. CHARLSEY EDWARDS, c 1806, Edgefield Co SC; b. c 1788, VA;
d. 1854, Columbus GA.

x. LYDIA MIMS, b. c 1787; m. JOHN MOSS; d. Washington Co GA.

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> Dear Betty and Sherra,
> Please look at the original email message below, from Sherra, in which it
> said that Drury Mims married Elizabeth Woodson 1761.
> My own ancestor is Shadrach Mims, who died 11-17-1777, and left a Will,
> was married to Elizabeth Woodson 5-24-1760, Goochland Co VA.
> My cousin bought the Book on the WOODSON family in America, and this
> I copied off the pages which specifically pertain to my Mims-Woodson line.
> My question is: Is the Elizabeth Woodson married in 1761 the same woman as
> the one married in 1760? Or is this a case of 2 separate women, both
> the same exact name, and both married Mims husbands, but one is called
> and the other Shadrach?
> My specific line does use the name Drury later. As in Drury Shadrach
> Woodson Mimms, s/o Robert, s/o Shadrack Mims and Elizabeth Woodson, s/o
> David Mims and Agnes Weldy.(My line is VA to Logan Co KY as of 1810)
> ALSO: I have recently had fun using a FREE and searchable newspaper:
> http://www.pastportal.com go to VIRGINIA GAZZETTE, then clink on "M" for
> the listings, then scroll through many Mims, Mimms names. These are very
> old colonial Virginia newspapers, I did see many names I recognised. They
> are articles as well as advertisments. I found some of my ancestors had
> advertised for lost horses, etc. It gives the dates, the locations, and
> helps to understand their world then. Try it.
> Best regards,
> Lilly Martin
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> > Ann,
> > Would you please send me a copy of the DAR papers mentioned below.
> > Betty Bivins descendant of Drury Mims, Winifred Mims Ware, etc.
> > thanks,
> > betty
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