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Subject: [MIWASHTE] Question (Mary Bowman-Kruhm)
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 09:47:39 EDT

Hi Mary,
Best of luck on your book. Although I can't help you with anyone to
intervies, I do know that there were a lot of stations in this area for the
"Underground Railroad". Manchester, just sough of you, still in Washtenaw Co,
has a rich history as being one of these stations. Several years ago I did
a big of research about our involvement, and remember a web site, that had
to do with the Ann Arbor area. I can't swear that this is the one I found
a few years ago, but here is a site that is interesting.
_http://aaobserver.aadl.org/aaobserver/15566_ (http://aaobserver.aadl.org/aaobserver/15566)

As the slaves made their way notrh from the south, they probably connected
with many of the towns in this area as they made their way to Canada.

Best of Luck

Karen Jenter

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