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Subject: Re: [MIXED-BLOODS] my mtDNA results show NA
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 14:53:00 EST


Your email was very interesting. When I first got into this genealogy stuff,
my entire family denied any "Indian Blood".

They know now.

I have been interested in your "Goin" family name. Actually the Mulungeons
mixed with many peoples. My line goes back to Delaware and Virgina and
onwards from there.What I have found intrigues me.My HOUSE line began in Delaware
with the Lenni-Lenapa. Melungeons were there. My GORDON line began in Virginia.

The Cherokee also claim Melungeon.
What M on the census means in early Virginia, is NON_white. Later after
"Plecker" there were two choices, Black or White.

Virginia became extremely biased.When I began this genealogy stuff, the
State of Virginia told me the Indians were all long gone." There are no Indians".

So nothing would surprise me. I AM proud of what blood runs thorough my
veins. It has HISTORY.My blood is OLD.

Descendant of Lenni-Lenapa, Shawnee, Powhatan, Pumunkey, Cherokee, and Sauk
& Fox, with a wee bit of Irish Basque


There are two Talbot great grandmothers.

In a message dated 1/3/2009 10:50:29 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,

Hello Sue,

I started searching for my dad's elusive Goin family a few years ago
and only than learned of Jemima I, as was my family always told
Thomas was married to Rebecca Clark. I believe Jemima was never made
known because of her NA blood, just as i believe Thomas born Abt.1750
died 1838 TN. Would never name his wife. (proven by DNA to have mixed
blood,he probably passed for white.)
I'm descended from Thomas & Jemima Sinnes Goin, (daughter of Benjamin Sinnes)
their son Uriah Goin,
his son Nelson Goin,
his son James Sylvester Goin,
his son,George Milton Goin,
his son, Orville Earl Goin born Springfield, MO. 1909, died 1990
I'm his youngest daughter,

I first found out about my Fingerprint NA blood after my results were
returned February 2007. Since then I've traveled to Oklahoma and have
met people whom i believe are related to me,( we share Jemina) they
also believe they're part Cherokee. I took the Fingerprint mt-DNA test
after discovering my brother's Family Tree Goin y-DNA results show
Mixed Blood. Which I believe point to my ancestor Thomas Goin being
Melungeon. I also have copy of a court case of Goin's having mixed
blood from the 1800's. Interestedly my Family Tree mt-DNA results show
no NA blood and my Fingerprint mt-DNA results do. (Today people are
let out of jail for crimes they didn't commit by Fingerprint DNA test
So i contacted both Dr Yates and Family Tree, each believe their test
is the correct one.
Also by digging i found(relatives in OKLA.to take the Family Tree mt
DNA test to help connect us with Jemina Sinnes Goin, but results did
not show a connection as mt-DNA only shows your mothers mothers
mother... (even close cousins did not match) One of the relatives on
OKLA. now believes we're not related. But something keeps me digging,
could it be Jemina, my 4th great grandmother calling out to me.
I've come to realize something is going on her that's beyond my
understanding, my hazel blue eyes, blond hair, light skin where some
of my cousins have dark eyes, almost black hair, tan skin. 26 ways in
which my Goin name is spelled, discovering "things in my Goin family"
were and continue to be covered up. I have learned A group of so
called Goins from Family Tree results believe they are the only "true"
Melungeons, The Cherokee Nation believes they are the only "true
Cherokees... I'll wait until DNA gets better than I'll retest.

Also i forgot to add that my fifth great grandfather Benjamin Sinnes
name will be placed on a memorial when it's completed.
Benjamin Sinnes on the Henderson List where he gave up his
reservation to go on the Trail of Tears. He was listed as an Old
Settler. I have been told also that mulatto usually means Indiana by
some other mixed blood Cherokees because the State of Tennessee didn't
even recognize Indians as a separate culture at the time. I do
believe i have black blood, but I have found several Goin's on Indian
lists. Mixed blood could be mixed with black, Indian,etc. Also, the
Goin's in Tennessee lived among the melungeons.


On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 7:51 PM, <> wrote:
> Hi Pat:
> Glad that you shared this information with us. How far back was your NA
> blood? I had an MtDNA done a few years ago, knowing that my
GGgrandmother was
> Cherokee, but the test was inconclusive. Don Yates is one of the best,
and I
> plan on getting my test redone by his company very soon.
> Sue

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