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Subject: [MIXED-MARRIAGES] URGENT Call to Help Support Alfred, Ihanktonwan Grassroots Oyate
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:07:43 EDT

URGENT Call to Help Support Alfred, Ihanktonwan Grassroots Oyate

From: Waking Dove
From Alfred Boneshirt and Francis Zephier:

Osiyo Friends,
The Ihanktonwan Grassroots Oyate, Dakota, Lakota, Nakota (D.L.N.)
Human Rights Advocacy Coalition, and A.I.M. have been maintaining Camp
at the Lake Andes Pow-wow grounds, (located on the Yankton Sioux
Reservation) and have been conducting a Daily March for Justice from
Social Services 3rd and Lake St. from there to the County Court House.
They are calling for public and international attention on the continued
violations of Human and Civil Rights that are continuing in South
Dakota. These violations include 32 unsolved murders within the
Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyate Nation, disappearances, beatings and sexual
abuse of indigenous women while in custody.
The latest incident, in which Michael Atwood, a police officer
accused of choking a 12-year-old American Indian boy, has caused much
anger over what is perceived as a lack of action on complaints of police
brutality and racism. A second claim of racism has been filed against
another Lake Andes officer. Three additional investigations have been
launched by the Yankton Sioux Tribe, Bureau of Indian Affairs Police and
South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation. Both the tribal and BIA
investigation could result in a referral to the FBI. If the FBI or DCI
find wrongdoing, Atwood could face criminal charges.
Lake Andes, with a population of 836 people, is located on the
Yankton Sioux Reservation. The incident comes with law enforcement in
Charles Mix County already under scrutiny. The Wagner police recently
stopped serving outstanding arrest warrants for tribal members after an
Argus Leader report on racial profiling.
Frances and "Zeph" Zephier, and Alfred Boneshirt have vowed not to
stop until the officer is fired, and until these issues are addressed
and answered. This is a grueling, exhausting mission, and they are
battling the media trying to suppress this information of injustices and
racism and lack of human rights. They desperately need our help to
continue as Warriors for Truth and Justice. Let's not let them get
discouraged with the lack of gas and food money. This has been
especially hard on Alfred, whose wife became very ill during one of the
marches, and continues to be under medical care.
Let's stand strong and support them, not only with much needed
emergency donations, and prayer, but in getting the word out to as many
websites and organizations as possible.
Please send ANY amount of financial contribution, ESPECIALLY NEEDED
BY TOMORROW MORNING, to Alfred Bone Shirt to the Western Union at Midway
Oil in Valentine, NE -- phone number is (402) 376-1302. Then call or
email Alfred to let him know you have wired money and how much it is so
he will know to pick it up. His phone number is (605) 747-4114. He has a
brand new email as of today -- . Alfred's address is
P.O. Box 283, Mission, SD 57555.
Donations can also be sent to Frances A. Zephier, Box 222, Wagner
S. D. 57380 (605) 384-5945.
Please search your hearts and help if you can. Every little bit is
important and very, very much appreciated!
Waking Dove


Ihanktonwan Grassroot Oyate: march & rally cont.

From: (john zephier)
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 00:01:21 -0500 (CDT)

The Ihanktonwan Grassroot Oyate, D.L.N. Human Rights Advocacy
Coalition, A.I.M., and White Swan Ihanktonwan Oyate.
We are thankful to all the strong hearted, who came to our aid so far.
You are heroes to our children and all Indigenous people. Once again
our children prove that they are the true leaders. People said they
would laugh at us that our tribe and people would turn there backs on
us, but that's not going to stop us. We don't care who laughs at us. It
takes a strong, dedicated , loyal, decent person to stand and walk alone
even if people laugh at us. The only way the people will turn their
backs to us is if they are afraid of themselves for what they may or
may not be doing to their people.

On 7-19-00 we met with States Attorney, Scott Podhradsky, C.M.C.S.O.,
David Pieffer, Wagner Mayor, Ken Dvorak, Commissioner of Lake Andes,
Jack Soulek, F.B.I. , David Heller, Wagner Council , Dean Scheyoer,
Wagner Chief of Police, Ed Zylstre, BIA CI Randy Vetter, U.S. Attorneys
office Michele Tapken, USAO Mayu Mercado, Yankton Sioux Secretary, Ben
Gonzales, C.M.C.S.O. Suzanne Whitepipe, BIA Superintendent Tim Lake,
Yankton Sioux Vice-Chairmen, Hugo Zephier, Julie Weddell. Tribal
Member, Ken Cotton, Assistant States Attorney.

We went in thinking that these people were discussing charges to Atwood
for his treatment of 3 Yankton Sioux Tribal children, according to
Podhrasky. Atwood just snapped , but its not child abuse. The more
they deny it isn't child abuse, the sentence will get longer. Atwood is
responsible for 3 counts Class 4 Felony Child Abuse and 1 count
Aggravated Assault to a Minor when he slammed the car door on one boys

We now know what our ancestors meant by, he spoke with fork tongue. Not
only were the non-Indians speaking with fork tongues, but also our own
Hang around the Fort People. They were not there for what they had told
their people, they were there to build a prison for our children.
Using these boys vandalism as proof it is need. Jack Soulek is the
main one pushing for JDC and it is at the Tribes expense. We reminded
them that our children are reflection of Society and its leadership.
They are calling our children criminals, then what are they saying of

Mr. Zylstre snapped, when confronted about his aggresive acts on us. He
yelled, "you call me a racist," when those words were never said. I
asked him, "you are very defensive, are you racist." Julie Weddell was
also confronted about her possition and that until she can pass her bar
exam, she is not legally an Attorney. David Heller of F.B.I. confirmed
this fact. She claims to help our people. But at what expense???? Our
childrens freedom and future.

F.B.I. David Heller wants to meet with us, he left as a card to call
him and set up a appointment. We do not trust him, also Michelle
Tapken, when passed the buck, she refused to answer. One minute they
wanted to work together, then the next minute they would not define
what was child abuse.

Terry Brugier, the brother of Ruby Brugier, who was taken with her
boyfriend and murder and placed back where they were taken from. He
read a letter that he wanted to get printed in the Sioux Messenger,
But he missed the deadline. He began to cry, when he told how his
sister was thrown in the ditch like trash. And how it pained him and
his family of their loss and not knowing what had happened to her. They
say the pen is mightier then the sword. His words cut straight to the

Frances Zephier, Secretary of
D.L.N. Human Rights Advocacy
Coalition, & A.I.M.

J.L.(Zeph) Zephier
(Ishnana Najin)
Eagle Warrior Society


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