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I did a search on this subject at the Minnesota Historical Society's
web page a while back, this is the results:

This information is from the MHS web site, in their library collection
as of 20 May 2001
Library: MN Historical Society
Author: Glen Lake State Sanatorium (Minnetonka, Minn.).

Title: Patient records and registers, 1916-1991.
Description: 3.5 cu. ft. (4 boxes and 2 partial boxes).
Restrictions: Patient records and admission registers are closed for
50 years from date of last entry.
Summary: Admission and discharge registers from Glen Lake Sanatorium
and State Sanatorium (1916-1991)and Oak Terrace Nursing Home
(1962-1975). There are separate registers for maternity
patients,tuberculosis cases, veterans, cardiac, and miscellaneous
cases, and for the children's hearthospital. There are also daily
census records for the sanatorium (1916-1932), and miscellaneous
patientlists (1916-1977). The latter include admission and discharge
data (1962-1963, 1976-1977),listings of patients by illness type
(1916-1959), deaths (1968-1969, 1988-1991), autopsypermission
(1968-1973), and missing patients (1974-1975).
Title: Patient information cards, 1916-1991.
Description: 4.75 cu. ft. (5 half-height boxes and 6 card file boxes).
Restrictions: Includes private data; files closed for 50 years from
date of last entry. Researchers may apply to
use these files in accordance with the State Archives access
statement. Files identified as containing private data are noted on
the folder list; the other files in these boxes are open to use.
Summary: Summary medical records for patients at the Glen Lake
Sanatorium, Glen Lake State Sanatorium, and Oak Terrace Nursing Home.
The first set, 1916-1991, includes patient's name, case file number,
address, birthdate, consort's name, addmission and discharge dates,
and brief medical summary. The second set, 1940s-1980s, includes
name, address, case file number, admission and discharge dates, and
billing information.
Title: Medical summary cards, 1916-1976.
Description: 9.5 cu. ft. (4 boxes and 12 card file boxes).
Restrictions: Medical summary cards contain private data; closed for
50 years from date of creation.
Summary: Summary medical cards for patients at the Glen Lake
Sanatorium and Glen Lake State Sanatorium. Information includes
patient's name, case number, age, admission date, residence; also,
stage of disease, discharge condition and date, and other medical
Author: Glen Lake State Sanatorium (Minnetonka, Minn.).
Title: Miscellaneous records, 1918-1991.
Description: 3 v. and 1 v. in folder.
Summary: Guest register (1918-1990) of visitors to the sanatorium and
rest home, including various organizations' attendees that held
meetings at the facility and people who attended the annual homecoming
celebrations and the special 75th anniversary celebration held in
August, 1990. Also an undated housekeeping inventory and
employee/volunteer record containing number, name, and job title for
numbers 36000-39021 (1963-1986).

Title: Pupil index cards, [ca.1932]-1958.
Description: 1 card file box.
Restrictions: Pupil index cards contain private data. Researchers may
apply to use these records in accordance
Summary: Kept by the sanatorium's education department, the cards
include each pupil's name, birth date, school ransferred from,
admittance date, dismissal date, grade level, and parents' or
guardian's name and address.
Author: Glen Lake State Sanatorium (Minnetonka, Minn.).
Title: Autopsy reports and tissue examinations, 1918-1962.
Description: 5.75 cu. ft. (6 boxes).
The autopsy reports (protocols) give autopsy number;
hospital patient number; patient name, age,
and sex; dates of hospital admission, death, and
autopsy; clinical diagnosis; detailed description of
autopsy findings, including sketches locating
pathological lung conditions; and diagnoses. The
tissue reports give laboratory and reg[istration?]
numbers, patient's name, doctor's name, type of
tissue or test, gross description of tissue specimen,
microscopic description, and pathological diagnosis.
Title: Clippings scrapbooks, 1917-1991.
Description: 1.25 cu. ft. (2 v. and 5 oversize folders).
Four scrapbooks documenting activities at the sanatorium
and the lives of the staff, patients, and
former patients. Although consisting mainly of newspaper
clippings, the scrapbooks also contain some
memoranda and photographs.
The 1980-1991 volumes includes numerous clippings
documenting the sanatorium employees'
participation in a 1981 strike by the American
Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
Title: Photographs, [ca.1917]-[198-].
Description: 0.7 cu. ft. (2 partial boxes and 4 oversize folders).
Summary: Primarily black and white prints of all sizes. There are
negatives for a small portion of the
prints. Mostly group and portrait shots of residents and staff of the
sanatorium and a few for the nursing home. They include photographs of
patients in tuberculosis treatment, treatment equipment, and interior
and exterior views of buildings. Several of the prints were used for
an exhibit at the facility when it celebrated its 75th anniversary
homecoming in August 1990.
Location: RC313.M62 G547 1990
Author: Goebel, Norma Anderson.
Title: San memories : Glen Lake Sanatorium, Oak Terrace Nursing Home
/ compiled and edited by Norma Anderson Goebel.
Publisher: [Minnesota : s.n.], 1990.
Description: 78 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

Location: FOLIO GV961 .G6 v.20:1
Author: Dustin, Virginia L.
Title: Glen Lake Children's Hospital : sick children made well and
happy again! / by Virginia L. Dustin.
Description: p. 6-8 : ill. ; 30 cm.
Location: READING ROOM RC313.M62 G544 1961
Title: Glen Lake Sanatorium, 1916-1961, Oak Terrace, Minnesota.
Publisher: Oak Terrace, Minn. : The Sanatorium, [1961].
Description: 18 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Location: RC313.M62 G563 1926
Author: Mariette, E. S. (Ernest S.)
Title: Glen Lake Sanatorium : its growth and development / E.S.
Publisher: Minnesota : s.n., 1926]
Description: 10 p. ; 23 cm.
Title: From beginning to end [videorecording] : Glen Lake Sanatorium,
Oak Terrace Nursing Home
/ produced by Mary Krugerud and Colleen Spadaccini.
Publisher: [Minnesota : s.n., 1991].
Description: 1 videocassette (73 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Summary: History of Glen Lake Sanatorium (1916-1961) and Oak Terrace
Nursing Home (1961-1991),
located in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
Tech-Details: VHS format.


The site of the Glen Lake Golf & Practice
Center is historically significant
as the location of the Glen Lake
Tuberculosis Sanatorium. The Sanatorium's
first patient arrived by sleigh from St.
Louis Park on a cold January day in
1916. At the height of the TB epidemic in
the 1930s, 715 people lived in
the multi-building complex and received
the best medicine available,
plenty of sunshine, rest and good food.
The Minnesota Department of Public
Welfare (now Human Services) assumed
operation from Hennepin County in
1962 and guided the transition from
tuberculosis sanatorium to Oak
Terrace Nursing Home. The state closed
the nursing home in 1991 and the
buildings were demolished. During the 75
years of service, the staff
provided care to more than 17,000 people.

In 1991, Hennepin County appointed the
Glen Lake Task Force to evaluate
the development potential of the Glen
Lake Sanatorium site. After
considering several land use options, the
Task Force recommended the
development of a public golf course. Due
to the current use and physical
limitations of the property, a 9-hole
executive length course was selected.
Hennepin County selected Hennepin Parks
to operate the Glen Lake Golf &
Practice Center as a self-supporting

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> Subject: [MNHENNEP] Glen Lake Sanatorium
> I am hoping that some one can help me find the records of a family
> member that was hospitalized at this Sanatorium. It was in the 1930.
> I have read that they have the records at the State Archives, can
> anyone tell me if they have a web page. Thank you
> Roxanne White
> Nebraska

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