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Judicial Departments Judges of Kansas City Court of Appeals page

WILLIAM EWING KEMP (Democrat). Associate Judge Kansas City Court of
Appeals. Born February 8, 1889, on a farm two and one-half miles
northwest of Lamonte, Mo.; educated in the Lamonte grade and high
schools, Warrensburg State Normal (now Central Missouri State Teachers
College), University of Missouri (A.B. 1914), where he took two years of
law, then took his third year of law at George Washington University Law
School, graduating there with LL.B. degree in 1917.

He was admitted to the bar July 3, 1916. Immediately following his
discharge from the Army in January, 1919, he engaged in general practice
of law in Kansas City, becoming a member of the firm of Cooper, Neel,
Kemp & Sutherland and remaining with that firm until his appointment to
the Kansas City Court of Appeals by Governor Stark, November 22, 1938, to
succeed the late Judge Robery M. Reynolds.

He was married June 30, 1921, in Warrensburg, Mo., to Miss MARGARET N.
JOHNSON. Resides at 1011 Romany Road, Kansas City, Mo.

He entered military service as a private at Camp Funston, Kan., in August
1917, and there attended the third officer's training camp, where he was
commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of Field Artillery; transferred to Camp
Jackson, S.C., and later to Camp Taylor, Ky., as instructor in field
artillery. Completed the course of training at the Artillery School of
Fire at Fort Sill, Okla., and was transferred back to Camp Taylor, where
he was discharged January 15, 1919.

Has been a lifelong Democrat and has actively participated in behalf of
the Democratic party in virtually every state and national campaign since
he became of age. Never was a candidate for public office and, prior to
his appointment to the Kansas City Court of Appeals, never held a public


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