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From: Mike Flannigan <>
Subject: [MO-GHOSTTOWNS] Missouri Ghost Towns
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 04:07:01 -0500

The following are ghost towns in the state of
Missouri. We would like to pinpoint the location
for these ghost towns. If you have any information
on these sites, please share it with the group by
replying to the list.


Pedro - Barton County - Pedro was the name of the RR stop
in the town of Liberal.

Bells Mill - Bates County - This might be present day Athol
or Nyhart. - Bells Mill was a saw mill on the Marais Des
Cygnes in E New Home Township.It was built shortly after
the Civil War and was named for James S. Bell.

Campbells Station - Bates County - Campbells Station was a
hamlet on the Marais des Cygnes River est after the Civil
War. It was named for a family who had a store there. It
was abandoned by 1933.

Chorettes Mill - Bates County - "Chorettes Mill was located
on the Marais des Cygnes 2 mi from the Harmony Mission in
1833. It was named for John B. Chorette, a Frenchman."

Elk Fork - Bates County - "Elk Fork Post Office was located
at the home of William Crawford near Elk Fork Creek, for
which it was named. It was est in 1861 and discontinued in

Fair Oaks - Bates County - "Fair Oaks was a settlement in
Hudson T. est in 1920 by Dr. Troy Brown, and named for the
large number of oak trees there."

Goddards Mill - Bates County - Goddards Mill was located in
Charlotte T. on the Goddard Branch. It was named for Dr.

Haymakers Mill - Bates County - Haymakers Mill was located
on the Marais des Cygnes River about 1870 and named for Mr
Haymaker. It was washed away in 1880.


If you would like to see a particular county,
let me know and I'll move it up in the list.

Mike Flannigan

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