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Subject: Re: Civil War Militias
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 10:35:54 -0500

Wayne & all,

Goodspeed's 1888 History of Andrew & DeKalb Counties has quite a few pages on the county in the Civil War. For copyright reasons (I believe that the AC Historical Society holds the copyright) I can't totally copy pages 222-228, but I'll try to give you some of the highlights:

Summer of 1861 "the Southern men raised and drilled military organizations throughout the county, and in August of that year Camp Highly was established in the eastern part of the county, where within a short time about 1,500 men were collected and organized as State Guards, the object being to join the army of the Confederacy." Two battalions, commanders J. P. Sanders (Andrew Co.) and Jefferson Patton (Gentry Co.) A battery of "two pieces", commander Capt. Fisher; several other (nameless) companies raised by Capt. Campbell near Fillmore, Samuel Gant and Lewis Furnish near Rochester.

"Quite a number" of Andrew Co. men joined Col. Craynor's Union camp in Gentry Co, 1,500-2,000 men total. "...after a short time in camp, moved northward toward the Iowa line in order to gain reinforcements preparatory to moving upon the rebel camp in Andrew Co." This gathering caused the breakup of the Confederate Camp Highly; some of those forces marched toward Lexington to join the Confederates, were followed by Craynor's men, and there was a battle in Clay Co. That "ended the Confederate domination in Andrew, and from that time forward no public efforts were made toward recruiting for the Southern army in the county."

1861, "the Forty-first Regiment, Missouri Militia, numbering between 700 and 800 men, was raised in Andrew County, ostensibly for home protection, but subject to be called upon for duty in any part of the State." Cavalry, commanded by Col. William Herren of Savannah, Maj. J. McLain. The 41st was kept up until early 1863.

Then the Third Provisional Regiment, Enrolled Missouri Militia, was formed. William Herren commanded again. Made from men from Andrew, Nodaway, Holt and other counties. Disbanded and mustered out in late 1864.

26 Sep 1861, Kimball's Regiment (about 1000 men) was sworn in (from Nodaway, Holt and Andrew counties). Commanded by Maj. Sturgis, "subsequently attached to Gen. Prentiss' brigade, with which it did gallant service in various parts of the state, principally in Clay, Platte, Buchanan and Andrew Counties." Mustered out 2 Apr 1862.

Spring 1862, Fifth Cavalry Missouri State Militia formed at St. Joseph, with one company (G) "made up altogether of Andrew County men." Commissioned officers were: Robert G. Hubbard, captain; Henry M. Ogle, 1st lt, Mr. Miller, 2nd lt. (Miller died at Lexington and was succeeded by John B. Majors, formerly 1st sgt.) "[Majors] subsequently resigned, and took command of Company G, of Home Guards, stationed at Savannah... Nearly if not quite all the members of Company G re-enlisted in other regiments, and did faithful service until the close of the war."

Non-militia company information: "Company G, Twelfth Missouri Cavalry, R. G. Hubbard, captain, was largely made up from Andrew County; John Anderson, first lieutenant; ___ Stanley, second lieutenant; D.C. Stotts was promoted to the second lieutenancy after the death of Stanley." This Co. G was at battles in W. Tennessee, N. Miss., and Alabama, and after the war went west and "was engaged against the Indians on Powder River," including at Little Big Horn. They were mustered out 10 Apr 1866, "after which the boys from Andrew County returned to their homes."

"Company M, Ninth Cavalry, Missouri State Militia, was recruited at Savannah in the summer of 1863...." Officers: Samuel Hunter, captain; ___ Decker, 1st lt; David Middleton, 2nd lt. Many of them were captured at the battle at Glasgow, Mo., kept prisoners 3 months, and exchanged. Mustered out 1865.

1 Sep 1864, Companies B & D of the 43rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry were from Andrew Co. Co. B Officers: John B. Majors, captain; Henderson Edwards, 1st lt; John P. Herren, 2nd lt; Irwin Mindes, orderly sgt. Company D Officers: Henry M. Ogle, capt; Charles S. Pickett, 1st lt; Richard Buis, 2nd lt.

1865, Fifty-first Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry recruited at St. Joseph, with N.B. Giddings, Savannah, as Lt. Col. "Two companies were raised in Andrew Co., one commanded by Capt. Harvey Tilson, and the other by Robert Cole." Mustered out fall 1865.

Wayne, I know you only asked for information on the militias, but I thought some others might be interested in the rest. If anyone wants any more specific facts that I might have missed, I'd be glad to try to answer questions. From my experience, Goodspeed got the "facts" from local newspapers, so there certainly could be errors in the information.

Happy trails,
Monica Eshelman
Lindsborg, Kansas

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