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From: "Monica Schirmer Eshelman" <>
Subject: [MOANDREW] Obituaries to share Aa-Al
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 11:04:11 -0500

Friends of Andrew County,

I've been plodding along this winter converting some of my old paper records to one digital form or another, and would like to share this information with as many people as possible. Right now I'm ready to share the first of the obituaries, which I have carefully transcribed from many, many sources. I'm going to periodically post to this List, names of obituaries which I have. Please feel free to contact me and ask for copies of any of the obituaries listed. I know that often there are several people by the same name, so just check with me to see if it's your person.

Here's the first list:

Abell, Loren Earl

Barth, Ida Naomi (Abels)

Abernethy, Bill

Abernathy, Dennis L.

Abernathy, George Ray

Absher, William E.

Acord, Donald L.

Acord, Ralph Russell

Adams, David Leslie

Adams, Edith Marie

Leidy, Elsie V. (Adams)

Adams, Henry Clay

Adams, Jacob Leslie

Adams, Leo H.

Adams, Leslie Clive

Schildknecht, Lucile (Adams)

McBride, Mary K. (Adams)

Adams, Owen R.

Adams, T. Fred

Howard, Wanda C. (Adams)

Dawson, Wilma G. (Adams)

Brown, Charlinn (Adkins)

Adkins, Chester Arnold

Myers, Ethel Grace (Adkins)

Adkins, Gene D.

Adkins, Herman

Adkins, James Lewis

Adkins, John Richmond "J. R."

Adkins, Keith

Turner, Leota Lucille (Adkins)

Adkins, Lloyd M.

Gillispie, Lola Beatrice (Adkins)

Adkins, Mason Clell

Adkins, Merle C.

Field, Mildred A. (Adkins)

Adkins, Ralph W.

Nichols, Vesta (Adkins)

Adkins, William

Swartz, Lela Mae (Adkisson)

Adwell, Larry Edwin

Aebersold, Doris E. "Dea"

Aebersold, Louis

Aebersold, Walter Faires

Aebersold, Warren G.

Aebersold, William Albert "Bill"

Despins, Twila Marna (Agee)

Akes, Dan

McDowell, Patricia A. (Akers)

Akin, Lowell Allen

Mullins, Patricia (Akin)

Akin, Richard D.

Zion, Hattie (Akins) DeVault

Akins, Herbert L., Jr.

Akins, James M.

Bowland, Betty Fae (Albertson)

Alburn, Carl Raymond

Gourley, Ethel Mae (Alburn)

Rees, Marie (Alburn)

Alburn, Otto C. "Ottie"

Alburn, Ray

Heitz, Edith M. (Alden)

Hoshor, Alice Margaret (Alexander)

Alexander, Dustin Phillip

Alexander, Eugene Louis

Alexander, Herman Renwick

Alexander, Theodore Franklin

Alford, Donald Stacy

Baker, Mary F. (Alford)

Alkire, Arnold Matthew

Neil, Bessie L. (Alkire)

Lance, Goldie M (Alkire)

Teare, Mary Martha (Alkire)

Allbert, Mrs. Opal Christine "Chris"

Guinn, Gladys Marie (Alldredge)

Swartz, Lela Lorene (Alldredge)

Sargent, Meta Edith (Alldredge)

Alldredge, Otto E.

Taylor, Ada Irene (Allen) Weston

Allen, Arthur O.

Warner, Deloris Ann (Allen)

Allen, Beverly Sue

Bartlow, Diana Dee (Allen)

Smither, Grace A. (Allen)

Allen, Herman Leslie "Bill"

Maag, Icle Parlee (Allen)

Huff, Lena Mae (Allen)

Allen, Louis Benton, Sr.

Allen, Louis Benton, Jr.

Post, Lula Mae "Babe" (Allen) Howe

Chambers, Lydia Love (Allen)

Allen, Marvin W.

Allen, Robert Lavern

Moran, Ruth (Allen)

Allen, Thurman Leslie "Les"

Combs, Wilma (Allenbrand)

Meek, Edith L. (Allison)

Frogge, Margery C. (Allison)

Price, Thelma Mae (Allnutt)

Collier, Leola I. (Allsbury)

Hanner, Ethel Berniece (Almond)

Redmond, Daisy B. (Alphin)

Altgeld, John Peter

If you want copies of any of these obituaries, just contact me. And if you have any obituaries related to Andrew Co. people which you'd be willing to share with me, please do, so I can pass them along to others. I am grateful to the many people who have already shared with me. (Remember, these are transcriptions, not photocopies, but I have tried to be totally accurate.)

Monica Eshelman

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