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From: Richard D Brattin <>
Subject: They Traveled in Packs!
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 08:46:58 -0600

This is kind of lengthy but I couldn't figure out where to stop...:)
This might give some insite [or confusion] to some of MY surname
connections in Barry Co, MO.
- John Bratton/in ....[parents still unknown].
- Amy Oldham & Elias Oldham Sr were bro/sister ... children of Jesse
Oldham and Elizabeth Simpson
- Amy Oldham m. Samuel Burton Jr. .... had dau Susannah Burton who m.
John Bratton/in .... their son, Robert Franklin Brattin [Barry Co, MO] m.
Elizabeth Crawford.
- Elias Oldham Sr [Barry Co, MO] m. Mary Burton who is a cousin of
Susannah [Burton] Brattin ... their son, Elias Oldham Jr, m. 1838, Barry
Co, MO to Susan Brattin - dau of John and Susannah [Burton] Brattin.
- Joel Chitwood Jr [Barry Co, MO] m.1st Susannah "Sukey" Corn .... had
dau Mary Ann Chitwood.
- James J. Harrell [Barry Co, MO] m. Abie Moore ... had son James Fowler
Harrell [Barry Co, MO] ..who m. Mary Ann Chitwood ....their dau, Susan
Harrell m. 1860, Barry Co, MO to William Nelson Brattin - son of Robert
Franklin Brattin. [MY G/gpts - RDB]
John Bratton [b.abt 1790, VA or KY], [d. 3 May 1833, Franklin Co, TN] m.
7 Jan 1810, Madison Co, KY to Susannah Burton [b. abt 1791, KY], [d. 8
Dec 1852, Barry Co, MO].
The family moved from Madison Co, KY to Franklin Co., TN about 1814 and
settled along the Elk River near Estill Springs, TN.
There were 11 "known" children born from this marriage: 1. Monroe - b.
1810, KY [ m.1st 1846, Barry Co, MO to Sarah Bowman - m.2nd 1859, Barry
Co, MO to Sephony Emeline Ferguson] ... 2. Elizabeth - bc. 1814, KY or TN
[m.abt 1834, TN to Joshua W. Bibb] .... 3. Robert Franklin - bc. 1815, KY
or TN .... 4. America Jane - bc. 1816, TN [m.late 1830's, TN or AR to
J.G. Walker] .... 5. John Williamson - b 1818, TN [m.abt 1845, MO to
Matilda Martin].... 6. Susan - bc. 1821, TN [m.1838, Barry Co, MO to
Elias Oldham Jr] .... 7. Thomas Haywood - b. 1825, TN [m. 1869, Barry Co,
MO to Sarah "Sallie" Peach].... 8. Samuel - bc. 1826, TN .... 9. Sarah -
bc. 1827, TN m. early 1840's, MO to Isaac B. McGlothlin] ....10. Mary -
bc. 1830, TN m. 1851, Barry Co, MO to John M. Wood] .... 11. Amy - bc.
1832, TN [m. 1855, Barry Co, MO to Joel Holcomb Randleman]. [all
indications are that Monroe was b. in Madison Co, KY ... Elizabeth and
Robert Franklin b. either in Madison Co, KY or Franklin Co, TN ... the
rest of the children b. in Franklin Co, TN - RDB].
John Bratton d. 30 May 1833, Franklin Co, TN but wife Susannah and
children remained in Franklin Co, TN until late 1838. It appears that
Susannah, Monroe and the infant children moved from Franklin Co., TN to
Barry Co., MO in late 1838 where they settled in an area north of
present-day Ridgley in the vicinity of Shoal Creek. Joshua Bibb, with
wife Elizabeth (Bratton) Bibb & family appear to have made the move at
the same time and America Bratton (who married J.G. Walker), also made
the move west from TN but it isn't know if she was married in TN before
moving to Benton Co., AR, where 4 known children were born. Robert F.
Bratton & family didn't move from TN to Barry Co., MO until 1848/49.
"For whatever reason", the spelling of the family surname began to change
between 1850 - 1860 in Barry Co., MO. [ from BRATTON to BRATTIN ]. It is
interesting to note that many of my contacts with the BRATTIN surname
spelling and /or who descend from this surname spelling, can trace their
ancestry back to Barry Co., MO - RDB.
Susannah "Susan" [Burton] Brattin d. Dec 1852, Barry Co, MO [location of
burial site unknown].
1. 1850 Census - Barry Co, MO - Dist #5 - Pg 205 - D196/F196 - Susan
Braton with children: Thomas, Mary and Amy listed.
2. Ref: BLM, Springfield, MO: Land Patent issued to Susan Bratten -
Certificate #9473 - Issued 1/1/1849 for 40.612 acres - [while James K.
Polk was President] .... W 1/2, Lot 2, NE Frac !/4, Sec 3, Twp 23, Rg 27
....[part of her estate when she died in 1852].
3. From Probate Administrators letters, Barry Co. Mo 1835-1853: Susan
Brattin dec'd, Robert F Brattin and Thomas H Brattin, Admin.
Heirs: Monroe Brattin, Elizabeth Bibb, Robert F Brattin, America Walker,
John W Brattin, Mary Wood, Thomas H Brattin, Susan Oldham, Amy Brattin,
Sarah McGlothlin. Monroe Brattin, Elizabeth Bibb and America Walker
reside in Newton Co. Susan Oldham resides in Stone Co. Mo, balance in
Barry County, Missouri. Signed 6 Dec 1852. Bond R F Brattin, T H Brattin,
R Jackman, Wm B Taliafero, A B Brown, Isaac Bell McGlothlin. [The only
child not listed was Samuel Brattin ... bro., Monroe Brattin, appointed
guardian of Samuel in Jul 1848, Barry Co, MO .... Samuel listed with his
sister, America [Brattin] Walker in Newton Co, MO in 1850 but no other
record of him after that - RDB]
4. When Susannah died, she also had 6 slaves which were sold at auction
in Cassville, MO in June 1853 plus she had real estate which was sold at
auction on 15 Nov 1853.
ROBERT FRANKLIN BRATTIN - b. abt 1815, KY or TN, d. 3 Feb 1890, Barry Co,
MO ....I have been unable to locate them during the 1840 census. The
earliest record found in TN on Robert Franklin Brattin was dated - 16 Oct
1848, Lincoln Co., TN - when "R.F. Bratton" petitions the courts to ...
"open a road from petition(er's) house to go to mill or church".
In 1848-49, Robert, Elizabeth and their 6 children moved from Lincoln or
Franklin Co, TN to the Shoal Creek / Liberty Twp area of Barry Co., MO.
They settled near his widowed mother and brothers/sisters who had moved
to MO from Franklin Co., TN during mid-1838.
1. 1850 Census - Barry Co, MO - Dist #5 - Pg 208 - D241/F241 -...Robert
F. [b.TN] and Elizabeth with children: 1. William Nelson - bc. 1839, TN
....2. Thomas Haywood - b. 1841, TN .... 3. John Carter - b. 1843, TN
.... 4. Anthony Crawford - b. 1844, TN .... 5. Felix L - b. 1847, TN ....
6. Susan Atlanta - b. 1849, TN .... 7. James M. - bc. 1850, Barry Co, MO
.... [child #8 - Laura Belle - b. 1854, Barry Co, MO - RDB]
2. One publication states that Robert and his older brother, Monroe
Brattin, were among the first settlers in Liberty Twp, along Shoal Creek
.... Robert's mother, Susannah (Burton) Bratton/in, died Dec 1852, Barry
Co., MO. Robert and his brother, Thomas Haywood Brattin, were appointed
Administrators of her estate .... Elias Oldham Jr., husband of Robert's
sister Susan Brattin, died in 1853, Barry Co., MO. Robert and Susan were
appointed Administrators of his estate. .... On 16 May 1853, Robert
bought 75 and 80 acres of land from the estate of Elias Oldham (Sr). [
The 75 acre parcel of land was bought by Elias Oldham Sr. from the gov't
on 21 Sep 1847 ... Lot #2, NE¬, Sec. 1, Twp 23, Rg 29 ] ....A Barry Co.,
MO publication shows that Frank Brattin and Monroe Brattin were charter
members of the Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church which was organized
in 1864 and located approximately 1« miles east of Ridgely, MO ...
Services were held regularly at Concord until 1925 -- soon after they
moved to another location. The original Concord cemetery is still in use
today ....
On 10 Nov 1877, Robert sold 27 acres of land in Barry Co., MO to George
Keeling & Catherine Butler for $1,312.00. [ Warranty Deed - Book 32, pg.
206 ] . .. On 5 Nov 1886, Robert sold 80 acres of land in Barry Co., MO
to Robert Gooldy for $1.00. [ Quit-Claim Deed - Book 29, pg. 261 ].
On 13 May 1889, Robert sold 50 acres of land in Barry Co., MO to his son,
James M. Brattin, for $1.00. One of the stipulations of this deed was
that James ... "is to see after and provide well, food, and raiment
(clothing) and all other necessaries of life" for R.F. Brattin "so long
as he lives" [ Warranty Deed - Book 43, pg. 125 ].
Since Robert's wife, Elizabeth (Crawford) Brattin, wasn't listed as a
grantor with Robert when he sold the land in 1877, it is "assumed" that
she died between 1870-1877.
The first settlers: John Logan, who was elected sheriff in 1844, and
again in 1846; Jesse Warren, Samuel Montgomery, Elias Ferguson, Daniel
Boman, Monroe and Frank Brattin, James Harrell and William Logan. (--The
State of Missouri, History of Barry County, p. 707.
Ref: BLM, Springfield, MO: Land Patent issued to Robert F. Brattin of
Barry Co, MO - Certificate #11926 - Issued 11/1/1852 for 38.99 acres -
[while Millard Filmore was President] .... W 1/2, Lot 1, E Frac !/4, Sec
1, Twp 23, Rg 29. Ref: BLM, Springfield, MO: Land Patent issued to
Robert F. Brattin of Barry Co, MO -- Certificate #16039 - Issued
3/10/1865 for 116.97 acres - [while Franklin Pierce was President] .... E
1/2, Lot 1, N Frac 1/4, Sec 1 & N 1/2, SE Frac 1/4, both in Sec 1,Twp
23,Rg 29.
Ref: BLM, Springfield, MO: Land Patent
issued to Robert F. Brattin of Barry Co, MO -- Certificate #16040 -
Issued 3/10/1865 for 72.79 acres - [while Franklin Pierce was President]
.... E 1/2, Lot 1 and E 1/2, Lot 2, N Frac 1/4, Sec 2, Twp 23, Rg 2
The following article appeared in the WINTERS EXPRESS newspaper, Winters,
CA - 22 Feb 1890: (Note: Mr. T.H. Brattin is Thomas Haywood Brattin -
son of Robert Franklin Brattin) -
"Mr. T.H. Brattin, of this vicinity, received the sad news of the death
of his father, which occurred on Monday, February 3, at his residence in
Liberty township, ten miles west of Cassville, Missouri. Mr. Brattin died
of general debility at the advanced age of seventy six years. The
Cassville Democrat, of February 8, says of him: "He came to this county,
from Tennessee, about the year 1840, and has been a quiet and esteemed
citizen of said county to the time of his death. He was a member of the
M.E. Church, South, for many years. His remains were interred in the
Chitwood Cemetery, last Tuesday, in the presence of a large number of
sorrowing relatives and friends." The EXPRESS tenders its sympathy to Mr.
Brattin in his bereavement."
[Robert Franklin Brattin died 3 Feb 1890, Barry Co., MO. - - According to
his obituary, he was buried in the Chitwood Cemetery - near Wheaton, MO
... while this is may be true, there is no present-day headstone or other
record of this burial - RDB]
WILLIAM NELSON BRATTIN - bc. 1839, Franklin or Lincoln Co, TN,
1870-71, Barry Co, MO, m. 25 Feb 1860, Barry Co, MO to Susan Harrell, b.4
Aug 1843, Barry Co, MO, d. 29 Aug 1918, Barry Co, MO
1. There is not much recorded on Wm N. Brattin but from what I can
presently see....
a. Wm and Susan were living with his parents, Robt F and Elizabeth
Brattin, in the 1860 census record for Barry Co, MO.
b. William & Susan only had one child, Thomas Fletcher Brattin, b. 9 Dec
1861, McDonald or Barry Co, MO [my grandfather - RDB]
c. On 1 Sep 1862, William and three of his brothers (Thomas Haywood
Brattin, John Carter Brattin, and Anthony Crawford Brattin) enlisted in
the Confederate army:
Pvt. William Nelson Brattin, age 23, blue eyes, brown hair, 6'0", fair
complexion, enlisted 1 Sep 1862, Barry Co., MO by Major Lauderdale, for a
period of 3 years or war. He was joined for duty and enrolled 20 Sep
1862, Washington Co., AR by Major Frazier.
William's name appears on the Company Muster Rolls for the following:
(subsequently one and the same unit) -
Co. G, MItchell's Reg't, MO Inf ... Co. A, Frazier's Batt'n, MO Vols ...
Co. G, 8th Reg't MO Inf.
William's name appears on a "Roll of Prisoners of War": "of Co. G, 8th
Regiment Missouri Vol. Infty, Confederate States Army, commanded by Lt.
N.C. Charles" .... Surrendered at New Orleans, LA, by Gen. E.K. Smith,
C.S.A., to Maj. E.R. Canby, U.S.A. on 26 May 1865 and paroled at
Alexandria, LA on 7 Jun 1865.
(Note: Two of William's uncles - Thomas Haywood Brattin and John
Williamson Brattin - had also enlisted in the same regiment earlier in
1862 - RDB).
d. After William was released from the service, he returned to his home
in Barry Co., MO. He, Susan, and Thomas are listed as living in Liberty
Twp, Barry Co., MO during the 1870 federal census. (Note: According to
family verbal history .... "when Tom was 5-6 years old, he noticed this
man cutting across the pasture. As the man got closer Tom realized that
it was his father so he took off running towards him to welcome him home"
.... from the war. - RDB).
The 1870 census is the last record that I have been able to find on
William Nelson Brattin. It is a known fact that he died in late
1870-early 1871, Barry Co., MO but the cause of death and place of burial
is still controversial .... some say that he died from tuberculosis while
others say he died from some effects that he suffered during the war
(which may be one & the same cause of death).
e. Susan [Harrell] Brattin [b. 1842, Barry Co, MO - d. 1918, Barry Co, MO
- bur. Chitwood Cemetery, Barry Co, MO ] remarried 1871, Barry Co, MO to
Nathan Wyett Patton and they had 4 children: 1. Lenora ... 2. Leona ...
3. Lillian ... and 4. Minnie Frances Patton.

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