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From: "Darla Marbut" <>
Subject: Re: [MOBARRY] Camp Bliss
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 15:52:00 -0500
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Previously, I typed "Ft" Bless, it is actually "Camp Bliss".

Just found this reference to Camp Bliss on this site at this link: (Can also
read below)

Report of Lieutenant Hugh Cameron, Second Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

Headquarters Detachment.

In the Field, Mount Vernon, Mo., October 31, 1864.

General: I have the honor to report that on the 29th of October, 1864, with
a detachment of about 400 men, principally of the Second Arkansas Calvary, I
pursued a body of rebels, supposed to be 800 strong, under command of
Colonel Hodge, from Buck Prairie, Lawrence County, and encountered them at
the Upshaw farm near Camp Bliss, Barry County. Routed and dispersed them;
killed 50, took 37 prisoners, 58 horses, 4 mules, a large number of saddles,
and several stand of arms. Three wounded only were found; the remainder
escaped on their horses or concealed themselves in the brush. The prisoners
report that there were ten captains with Colonel Hodge, viz, Captains Thomas
Todd and John Merrick, Captains Sitton, Kimball, Shull, Rudd, Withers, Onam,
Arnold, and Anabury. The last named was killed early in the encounter. My
loss was 1 slightly wounded, 1 man injured by his horse falling, and a few
horses crippled.

The officers and men under my command behaved gallantly. Captain Mitchell,
Seventh Provisional Enrolled Missouri, commanding the advance, deserves to
be especially mentioned.

I have the honor to be, general, most respectfully, your obedient servant.



July 28, 1917, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Barry Co., MO

We hear talk of building the State Road, known as the "Old Wire Road", that
was used as a military road during the Civil War, but the way of McDowell
and near Crane, on through the Wilson Creek battle ground and on to
Springfield. This would be a scenic route from start to finish and is
covered all over with military history. This road would go on to Camp Bliss
Hollow and by the Spring where Gen. Bliss and his arm camped during the
winter of 1865. Many historical spots can be pointed doubt ... rest is
missing. (Found on this link:

Camp Bliss is located in Section 27, Twn 25N, Range 26W in the 1909 Map:

Today you can reach it by going to McDowell, take Farm Road 2070 and turn
on Farm Road 1165, the spring is right next to the road. Darla

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>I got directions to Ft Bliss and all I found was a spring coming out of a
> cliff. A road has been built near it and I believe it caused the water to
> be dammed up and covers part of the cliff. It is said that, when Civil War
> soldiers were marching down the Wire Road, they would stop there for a
> drink and sometimes camped there. There is suppose to be names cut in the
> face of the cliff. To my knowledge there hasn't ever been a marker there.
> One of my relatives who is over 90 years old told me this. Darla
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> Subject: [MOBARRY] Camp Bliss
>> Hello List,
>> Does anyone know the history of Camp Bliss in Barry County? It is near
>> McDowell. It is mentioned in a Civil War soldier's diary.
>> Is there any kind of a marker/monument there?
>> Thanks,
>> Fran
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