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Subject: Re: [MOCHRIST] November 2003
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 13:19:23 -0500
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Is the book general information about the arear, or does it contain
genealogy related material: cemeteries, outstanding known settlers and so
on. I am seraching the SHARP's that settled in Sparta, Christian County, MO.
Thank You. Ira Sharp Dennis in Amarillo, Texas. (I enjoyed my visit to this
lovely area last year.)
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> I just wanted to take this time to tell everyone that I have finished my
> and that its on its way to my publisher as you read this email. I also
> wanted to mention since my publisher and I had discussed the issue of my
book being
> on the whole county and his concerns for the thickness of the book, he
> suggested for me to do a book on each town. Which that is what I'll be
doing and it
> will still cover the whole county.
> My book I just sent in will be on Ozark, Missouri since Ozark is the
> seat it made perfect since to do this town first.
> My book is scheduled to be out around this Thanksgiving, 2003. And since
> did look over what the general prices where for other books they've
> a ball park figure for cost on my be I think, don't quote me since I maybe
> of range too much, $12.99 through $19.99. Again, don't quote me. As soon
> I find out, I will let you know.
> If you would like to be notified of when my book is actually in print and
> the shelf's, e-mail me back to let me know and include how you would want
> to contact you.
> I thank everyone so much for all your support, patience, and your
> to help me make this book possible. Thank you!
> Sincerely,
> Michelle
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