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Subject: Descendants of Jacob Hartley and Belinda Patterson Hartley part 2
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 21:23:06 -0500
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3. Sarah Jane "Aunt Jennie" Hartley Ray and George Ray's Children

Sarah Jane Hartley (Aug. 29, 1843-Sept. 5, 1924, (McConnell 2001 PC), married 30 August, 1877, in Christian, MO to George Ray (d Aug. 14, 1881, buried in Ozark Cemetery, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri(McConnell 2001 pc). This was her first marriage and his second.

Pictures of Aunt Jennie Ray, her grandsons, and John Patterson are in the Calvin Davis photo Album on the Christian County website.

They had two children

1. Izabeler/Isabella Ray (b: 11 JAN 1878, D: 27 SEP 1907 buried Payne Cemetery, Porter Township, Christian County). Married on Nov. 29,1896 to William F. Payne, (b.15 Oct 1874, d. 7 Dec 1907, Crunk or July 7, 1904/McConnell) also buried in the Payne Cemetery (Crunk 2001, Phillips 2001 pc-Payne Cemetery Interments). William is the son of Sophie Jane Berry (sister of Parlina/Polina Berry who married Thomas Hartley) and James Payne (b. ca. 1831 in Tennessee, son of John Payne and Elizabeth Hartley Payne, nephew of Archibald Payne.(Cox 2001) William was born in Stone County, Missouri. Isabella and William had the following children

1. James Herbert Payne (1898-Nov. 4, 1951) never married

2. George Elmer Payne (1900-Dec. 12, 1959 in Seattle, Washington) never married

3. Clarence Edgar Payne (1902-1950) never married

2. George H. Ray b: 6 OCT 1881, d. 4 JUL 1962 in Nixa, Christian, Missouri
married Annie Ginger McConnell on 17 OCT 1907 in Christian County. Annie McConnell (Jan. 13, 1887-June 11, 1963). Both are buried in the McConnell Cemetery, Christian County.


1. Lillard William Ray (March 13, 1915-Dec. 28, 1941) m. Hetta Lee Bolin in January, 1941, buried McConnell Cemetery, Christian County. No children

2. Evline Louise (Feb. 16, 1917-living) married Paul Roseman (July 25, 1915-living)

They have four children:

1. Lela Ann (July 3, 1942),

2. Lillard Leroy (Aug. 6, 1943)

3. Harold Ray (twin) (b. July 9, 1949-)

4. Helen Fay(twin) (b. July 9, 1949-).

(Crunk 2001, McConnell 2001 pc)

4. Mary Hartley Black had no known children

5. Martha Arminta's Hartley Leach and Hiram Leach's children

1.Mary Alice Leach (Martha Arminta 2, Jacob 1) b. April 27, 1870, Arkansas; marries William Grant Patterson, August 1891 in Selmore, Christian County, Missouri. William is the son of Benjamin Gates Patterson (son of Thomas Patterson and Jane Gates Patterson) and Rachel Ann McCroskey, daughter of Mathew Duff McCroskey and Elizabeth Hickey) Mary Alice and Bill had 9 children: Myrtle, Benjamin, Bertha, Madgie, Capitola, Roxie, Harve, Conrad, John (see Patterson)

2.William Thomas Leach, (Martha Arminta 2, Jacob 1) b. October 22, 1872, Christian Co, Missouri, 1890 marries 1st Etter Patience Cavin; 2nd Mollie Belle Slater.

3.Ida Belinda Leach (Martha Arminta 2, Jacob 1) born February 22, 1877

4.Henry/Hiram Edward Leach, son of Hiram and Martha, is born February 13, 1879, , marries ULA LOWDER, September 26, 1914.

5.Arthur Jackson Leach, son of Hiram and Martha, is born on August 31, 1881, marries Christie Gardner, June 22, 1910

6.Roy Jeremiah Leach, Hiram and Martha's son, is born. July 26, 1886, marries. ELSIE O'DONNELL, January 06, 1914

7.Bertha May Leach, daughter of Hiram and Martha, is born on. April 12, 1889, dies on December 10 1892.

8.Jacob Leach, last child of Hiram and Martha is born on. August 16, 1892. Marries Jewell Hellena Cox, July 26, 1913

(Robin Sherrill, Green p.c)

6. George Jacob Hartley and Elizabeth Leach Hartley's children:

By 1900, George had moved his family from Porter Township, Christian County, to Franklin Township in Greene County, close to his brother and his wife's family in the Fairgrove area.

1. "M.J/B.J.", possibly Mary or Martha Jane, Hartley (George 2, Jacob 1) b. ca. 1875 in Christian County Missouri (1880 census)

2. M.A. "Erva/Eva", possibly Mary or Martha Minerva (George 2, Jacob 1) b. ca. 1877 in Christian County, Missouri (1880 census)

3. Daughter "L.I." (George 2, Jacob 1) b. ca. 1878 in Christian County, MO, married an L. Bennett on August 4, 1892 in Christian Co.(transcribed marriage records)

4. Thomas (George 2, Jacob 1) b. ca. 1885, Greene County, Missouri

Kerry McGrath

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