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Subject: Re: [MOCHRIST] SAMUEL MOSES Christian Co. MO.
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 12:37:11 EST

Hi, thanks for the information.

I believe that SAMUEL T. MOSES, b. 1815 was in Hamilton Co. TN. in 1840.

My interest is in JOHN MOSES. In JOHN B. MOSES Civil War pension, JOHN
states that he was born in Monroe Co. TN. He was born 1835-1839. He moved from TN.
to Newton Co. MO. As I'm sure you know, Newton Co. MO. is right next to both
Greene and Christian Co. MO.

According to his pension record, JOHN married in Newton Co. MO. I just feel
that it can not be a coincidence that JOHN B. MOSES was born in TN. and later
moved to Newton Co. MO.

I had assumed for years that JOHN B. MOSES was the brother of DAVID L. MOSES
and BARBARA M. MOSES JONES (my great grandmother).

According to JOHN B.'S pension he married a Kizzie Hicks in 1869 in Newton
Co. MO.

Hamilton Co. TN. is close enough to Monroe Co. TN to allow for a mistake.
And in the pension application there is some question as to when JOHN married
and whether KIZZIE was his first. I have been unable to locate RACHEL and JOHN
MOSES except on the 1870 Census. I wonder if it could be that RACHEL died and
JOHN remarried?

KIZZIE HICKS was adopted so information on her is minimal. I now wonder if
JOHN B. MOSES is the nephew of DAVID and BARBARA MOSES?

Here is something that could likely helps us out. All the prominent MOSES
families of TN-NC have been DNA tested and do not match my family.

I would be very interested in a PROVEN male MOSES descendant doing the DNA
testing. I will even pay for it.

If you have a male MOSES from the line of SAMUEL T. MOSES who is interested
in doing the DNA testing, please let me know. It is a very simple test,
painless and the only testing done is y-DNA. This test can only be used for

Thanks for the info. I have attached the info I have collected.


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