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Subject: Re: [MOJEFFER] Plattin Gap
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 23:09:42 -0500
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Hi, Jo -
Plattin Gap is indeed in Jefferson Co., Mo. It is not a town or city, but a
neighborhood or community. It is actually a gap between two large bluffs. The
nearby residents were said to be from "Plattin Gap" as opposed to being from
the town of Plattin, which is further north. I don't know what kind of maps you
have access to; you will really need a detailed map to locate this area.
Look at the very bottom of the map of Jefferson County, where Jefferson Co.,
St. Francois County and St Genevieve County all come together, between US
highway 67 and Interstate 55, A little north of that 3-county point, you will
find Charter Church Road, which runs into Jefferson County road "T." That's
about where Plattin Gap is located.
The road which goes through the cut at Plattin Gap was part of the old St.
Louis-to- Farmington road, and the section from Jefferson Barracks at St Louis
to Pilot Knob was used a lot during the Civil War
My cousin was raised by our grandparents just a mile from Plattin Gap during
the 1920s and early 1930s. He gave me the above information and thinks he would
recognize the names of at least some of the people who lived there perhaps even
the faces in the pictures you have If you like, I will send you his name and
address. He is not on the internet. Or you could e-mail me and I will call him
with your questions. Good luck in your quest! Dottie Wellington


> Need help locating a place that I think is in Missouri. It is called Plattin
> Gap. This name is written on an old photo from the 1930's, and people in
> this photo are in another photo that I am trying to identify the individuals
> in one of my families. Knowing where this is might give a clue as to the
> names. Plattin Gap is not on a current map of Missouri or an older world
> atlas that I have.
> Thanks for any help you can give.
> -Jo
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