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Ross, Here are a few things of Old John Hash.

John Hash "just appeared" on the New River prior to 1773 in what is now
Grayson County, Virginia. Researchers, historians and descendants have named
this John Hash as “Old John” to identify him from the John Hashes of his
children and the many descendants named John. To date, there are ten known
documents found in direct reference to this John Hash: The two wives of this John
Hash have not been identified.
1) 1737 tax records for Middle River Hundred in Maryland
2) December 16, 1773 Land surveys on New River by Robert Preston
3) September 29, 1777 Oath of Allegiance in Capt. Osbourn’s Company
4) Listed in Enoch Osbourn’s Company in 1777
5) April 13, 1784 Date of his death written on a page of a Psalm Book
6) May 22, 1784 Recorded Will listed in Fincastle and Montgomery County,
7) June 26, 1784 Property inventory as recorded in Montgomery County
8) Affidavit of a ‘House Boy” in the home of Jane Hash Phipps
9) The 1880 Census records of Nancy Osbourn
10) Deposition of James Cox
The departure of Old John Hash from the “Middle River Hundred” may have
been several years after being taxed there in 1737. His removal West was most
likely1740 or shortly thereafter. He may have settled for a time on the
Shenandoah before removing to the New River a year or two before 1773. Time lapse
would be about 20 years unaccountable
In 1768 and in 1773, John Hash 1st Jr was taxed w/William Grover on the
Upper Gunpowder Hundred near where his father had settled on the Middle River
Hundred in Maryland. He removed from Maryland after his father had left, and
settled on the Shenandoah before 1784. In the summer of 1789 he was taxed with
3 white souls. This probably included his wife Sarah and daughter Ruth and
Griselda. In the year 1799 he was taxed with 8 white soles
Known children who are identified from the recorded Will of “Old” John
1. John “by my first wife” who married Sarah ________
2. William Horton Hash who married Eleanor Osbourne
3. Rebecca Hash who married Francis Sturgill Sr.
4. Jane Hash who married Enoch Osbourne
5. Thomas Hash, 2/13/1756-12/5/1848, married Ruth Sturgill
6. John “by my second wife” married Theodocia Sturgill
7. The probability of another daughter, the mother of Richard Hall who was
listed in the Will of Old John Hash.
Jane Hash Phipps applied for pension of deceased husband Benjamin Phipps,
and enclosed a page from a Psalm Book with the death date of Old John Hash as
April 13, 1784. Jane Phipps, born ca 1766, died at the home of Thomas Hash Jr.
on March 1, 1854 at age 88. This Thomas Hash Jr. married Cornelia Phipps
This would not have been the Jane who married Osborune. She most likely was
a daughter of the elusive James Hash.

The deposition of James Cox, in his application for Benefits while serving
in the Revolutionary War dated September 24, 1832, wherein he named Enoch
Osborne, Benjamin Phipps, Peter Hash and William Hardin as “the only Whigs who
would render any assistance when required in this situation, surrounded by
Tories”. This deposition may have given the full name of John Hash This name,
Peter, has been disputed and was most probably not a name of Old John.

The Children of Old John Hash
1. John “by my first wife” removed from the Upper Gun Powder Hundred in
Maryland after his Father had left and settled on the Shenandoah.
A. Griselda (Grizza) Hash, a daughter of John and Sarah Hash, married
Christopher Neighbarger December 8, 1796. He was a son of Christian Neighbarger Sr.
Grizza died April 5, 1843 and Christopher Jr. died April 22, 1850 in Licking
County, Ohio.
Known children of Grizelda (Grizza) Hash and Christopher Neighbarger:
1. John Westly Neighbarger (9/12/1797-8/19/1841) died Licking Co.Ohio
2. James Neighbarger (5/28/1801-4/11/1865) died Decatur, Ill.
3. Christopher Neighbarger Jr. married Sarah Clase 6/21/1838.
4. Nancy Neighbarger (4/4/1804-4/3/1867) McClean Co. Ill.
5. Susan Neighbarger married Abner Stapleton 7/1/1841.
6. Sarah Neighbarger married James Matthews 11/28/1841
B. We also find a Polly Hash who married John Albright September 28, 1799 in
Botetourt County Va.
C. Ruth A. Hash, a daughter of John1st and Sarah Hash, married Henry Steed
9/23/1810. a son of Jesse R. Steed and Eva Rosenberger. Ruth and Henry died
in Warren County, Va. The known children of Ruth A. Hash and Henry Steed were:
Jonathan; Elizabeth; James Madison; Julia A.; Amos, and J. Decatur Steed.
2. William Horton Hash, a son of Old John, was born in Maryland. From tax
records, he is thought to be listed as a grandson of Elizabeth Horton. William
Hash (Sr) remained in the New River Valley as a large land holder. He
married Eleanor Osbourne a sister to Enoch. There were 6 known children to this
family: Margaret who married Joseph Fields, John married Rebecca Anderson,
Robert married Margaret Hart, William Jr. married Nancy Anderson, Andrew married
Nancy Hart, and Joseph married Margaret Halsey. In 1781 William Hash Sr. was
listed in Capt. Osbourn’s Company as “not fir”
3. Rebecca Hash, born in Maryland, was a daughter of Old John and his first
wife. She married Francis Sturgill, Sr. and lived out her life in the Piney
Creek section of what is now Alleghany Co., NC. Francis was a son of James
Stodghill and Ann Calloway
4. Jane Hash, a daughter of Old John, married Enoch Osbourn and lived out
their lives on the banks of the New River in what is now Grayson County, Va..
They are buried in “un-marked” graves in the Osbourn Cemetery on the banks of
the New River.
5. Thomas Hash, a son of Old John, was born in Virginia on 2/13/1756. He
died 12/5/1848. Thomas was listed in Capt. Osbourn’s Company in 1781 and again
in 1785. Sometime after the death of his father, Thomas migrated to Tennessee
and later to Kentucky then to Illinois and later to Missouri where he died.
Thomas married Ruth Sturgill, a daughter of James Sturgill and Ann Calloway.
6. John Hash “by my second wife” married Theodocia “Docia” Sturgill and
remained in the New River Valley a few years. He later migrated to Tennessee
and then to Illinois and finally settled in Washington County Arkansas where
he raised a large family. Theodocia was a sister to Ruth who married Thomas
7. An un-named daughter of Old John Hash, whereabouts unknown, had a son
Richard Hall as mentioned in his grandfather’s will. It has been thought her
name was Sarah who married John Hall and removed to the Lee County Virginia

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