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From: Val Schleicher <>
Subject: [MOMARIES-L] Carter-kelley-Rollins-Dunlacey
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 21:51:35 -0500

Hi Jewel, nice to hear from you, I've been searching
Susan for four years, as the possible sister to my
Davis/David Rollins,: One she lists her parents as
being born in NC, same as david. Two: the Kelley's,
Carter's and Rollins traveled from TN to MO together,
and inter married. David names a daughter susan, no
other clan member does.

Here are the children of the Rollins: Kelley: and
Carter families I added William H, Kelley as well and a
Indian application for Lewis kelley son of Sarah and
John Kelley written by Rachel Carter Rollins.

Children of Davis / David1 Rollins and Rutha /
Betsie Carter were as follows:
+ 2 i. Martha Jane2 ROLLINS, b. 2 Oct 1842 TN; m.
John Issac Watson.
3 ii. George Washington Rollins; d. ?; b. 1844
MO; m. Sarah A. Cunningham circa 1860? Maries Co.,
; on 9/12/1908, George turns over inheritance of
land to Daniel L. Rollins.
+ 4 iii. Cotney/Courtney Rollins, m. Robert Davidson;
b. 1848 MO.
5 iv. Joseph D. Rollins Per reference 19 Joseph
middle name initial was a M; b. 8 Jan 1851 ?, TN; the
firs day of Aug. was an approx. day in Aug. he was
born; m. Elimina Beaverett 15 Apr 1873 Tahlequah,
Indian Territory, Cherokee Co., OK., USA; d. 19 Dec
1905 buried in Wood lawn Cemetery, Clairemore Co.,
Rogers Co., OK, at age 54.
; Testate papers of David Rollins page 6 Heirs of
Joseph: mina (wife), lee silk, annie, joe, emma,
jerry, antoma, pin, beulah, paralee, verona all living
in Rollins Co. OK. (Rollins Co. is listed unsure of
credibility of this). He witnessed When Decator Kelley
and Susan Rollins died Joe took in their children and
raised them as their own.
+ 6 v. Jermiah (Jerry) M. Rollins, b. 4 Sep 1853
MO; m. Mary Anne Susan Elizabeth Adkisson.
+ 7 vi. Susan A. Rollins, b. 1855; m. Decater

Children of Davis / David1 Rollins and Rachel
Carter were as follows:
+ 8 i. William T.2 Rollins, b. 11 Mar 1863 Dixion,
Maries Co, MO; m. Cora Groves.
+ 9 ii. Mary E. Rollins, m. Jesse S. Kuhns; b. 1865.

10 iii. Emiline Rollins; d; possible death
certificate found in MO. Death Certificate Listing on
Net; d; Died young no date; b. 1867.
11 iv. Sarah Rollins note: vital record found for
Sarah Rollins Death Certificate found 8/11/1909 in
Lawerence Co. Ohio 1909-1917. Also see various books
written by Sarah Rollins early 1900's; d. died young no
date see memo; b. 1869.
12 v. Melvina Rollins; d. MO; Died young no date;
b. 1871 MO.
+ 13 vi. Morris M. Rollins, b. 31 Dec 1873; m. Sarah
Alberton Mathews.
+ 14 vii. Daniel Levi Rollins Rollins, b. 18 Dec
1876; m. Della Mae Rider.
+ 15 viii. Jacob M. (Jake) Rollins, b. 26 Apr 1878
Dixon, Maries Co, MO., USA; m. Audie Goddard (snow)?;
m. Littie McKnolly.

Application 1024

(__) anything in parenthesis is unreadable. The
application reads.
"Personally appear before me a notary republic of
Pulaski cCo. State of MO. one Rachel Rollins stating
that her father Levi Carter was born in the state of
Tenisee in about the year 1795, near the Cherokee
Nation and was married to Elizabeth Howard in about
1815, (actual date was 7/13/1816). in or near the
Cherokee Nation and lived in Bledsoe Co. Ten. until
1844 when he with all children started west to the
suposed Cherokee Nation and was stoped in Franklin Co.
Mo. by sickness and then he died. Which stoped the
farther west ward move. I remember that when the
Indians left Tenisee (actual spelling) of their stoping
at fathers house sometime one or two days.
And I remember of father and mother talking of Nation
and the Indians and I further state that George Rollins
and Jospeh and Jermiah Rollins and the said Louis
Kelley are cousins their mother being daughter of Levi
Carter and Elizabeth Carter. Rutha Carter married to
David Rollins in 1841. Sarah Carter was married to John
Kelley in 1837 and it is the same Levi Carter that his
name come on the Role of the Cherokee Nation by (_?_)
of then friendly relation in Tenisee.

Witnesses Sarah J. Mitchill,
Robert F. Mckinzee (?)
Rachel X Rollins (her mark)
subscribed and sworn to before me on this 1st day of
September 1896.
F.S. Huckins
Notary Public
Term expires February 27, 1900

submitted by Nathan Lankford for that of Lewis Kelley.

Children of Levi1 Carter and Elizabeth Howard were as
+ 2 i. Sarah / Sallie2 Carter, b. 1821; m. John
+ 3 ii. Rutha / Betsie Carter, b. 1822 TN., USA; m.
Davis / David Rollins.
+ 4 iii. Rachel Carter, b. 1 Mar 1829; m. Davis /
David Rollins.
5 iv. Betsie Carter; d. late 1800?; b. 1822?
+ 6 v. John Carter, b. 1823 TN.
7 vi. Alexander Carter; b. circa 1830 TN.
+ 8 vii. Nathan Carter, m. Aunt Zena ?; b. circa
9 viii. Eliza or Elizabeth Carter; b. circa 1838 TN;
according to 1860 cencus, she is 22 and living with er
63 year old mother in maries co. Mo.
10 ix. Matilda Carter; d; m. Tom Watson; b.
circa 1840.

The nine children of John1 Kelley and Sarah / Sallie
Carter were as follows:
2. i. Magaret2 KELLEY; born between 1838 and
1839; married James Ezell circa 1858.
3. ii. William Henery II KELLEY; born 22 Nov 1840
in Bledsoe, TN; , married Mary Elizabeth Wadkins 13
Nov 1866 in Wright, MO; died 14 Nov 1915 in Maries,
MO, at age 74; buried 15 Nov 1915 in Fairview Cem.,
Maries, MO.
+ 4. iii. Lewis KELLEY, born 1845 in MO; married
Nancy Mary Watson.
5. iv. Franscis/Frank KELLEY; born 1854; ,
married Elizabeth McKinnon circa 1870?; married
(--?--) Burnett circa 1870?; married Martha Adams or
Seaton circa 1880?
+ 6. v. Decater KELLEY, born 1855 in ?; married
Susan A. Rollins.
+ 7. vi. Sarah Jane KELLEY, born 25 Dec 1856 in
Miller, MO; married John Franklin Mitchell.
8. vii. Andrew Jackson KELLEY; born 1859 in MO?;
died 1859 in MO?; Died young.
9. viii. John Thomas KELLEY; born 1851; per judy
rowe boemio; born 25 Aug 1882; married Mary Mislicy or
Licy circa 1900.
10. ix. Levi KELLEY; married Elizabeth Roger circa
1860; married Tency Clear circa 1870?; died 8 Sep
1905; born 6 Oct 1942 in Bledsoe?, TN.

William H. Kelley:
James Kelly m. ida Croach
Levi Kelley m. ___ snider
Henery Harrison Kelley
Sarah Kelley m. Jess Kuhns
Charley Kelley m. Ida warren
Matilda Kelley twin
Nancy Kelly twin m. hugh nichols
Wesley Kelley m. Cora Yoakum
Molly Kelley m.Benjamin Simpson
Minnie Kelley m. david Nichols
William Marion Kelley
Rhonda Kelley m. Robert hougy and Robert Randeh

Susan Rollins and Decater kelley
. Decater2 KELLEY (John1); born circa 1840; born 1855
in ?; married Susan A. Rollins, daughter of Davis /
David Rollins and Rutha / Betsie Carter, 1865? in ?;
died 1888 in MO; Died same time as wife.

The only child of Decater2 Kelley and Susan A.
Rollins was:
19. i. Walter3 KELLEY; died; born circa 1865?
He lived on 5 Sep 1908 in Rogers Co., OK;
According to testate papers of David Rollins Walter
turns over inheritance to Daniel L. Rollins 1908. He
Walter was listed as a Bachlor in 1908 in testate
papers of David Rollins, Susans sole and only heir,
turns over his interest in the land willed through his
mother through his grandfather over to Daniel L.
Rollins 09/30/1908 on 30 Sep 1908 in Dixon, Pulaski
Co., MO.

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