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It is PLECKER, not Plucker. The man was into Eugenics which is what Hitler
was all about.It was not just Plecker, it was almost all of Virginia. Plecker
even had what is called his suspected hit list of family names.He had his
staff go back thorough the Virginia files and change them If a person was not
"white, the person was BLACK .A family was either all white or all black.

My great grandmother is listed as B for black in 1870 Eastville Virginia.

Barb aka Earthfeather

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About 1920 would be the time of Plucker.? If you do some research into
Virginia history you will find that this man was changing the racial identity of
most Indians to Negro.? The reason for this stems from an 1845 law that says
that any child from Negro and Indian would be considered Mulato and could pass
for White.? Needless to say that did not make a lot of people happy and Mr.
Plucker wanted to prevent any Blacks from possibly marrying into White

There is also another book about Monacans and Coal Minning.? A number of
Monacans worked the mines.? My Great Great-grandfather did.? According to family
history he became very wealthy from it.

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Subject: [MONACAN-INDIANS] my monacan ancestors

I grew up understanding our Indian blood was Cherokee (a common
misconception, I've since been told). At the age of 42 when I began my
genealogy research I learned that those members of our family who held
Indian Community cards were believed by those who assisted them in obtaining
their "cards" - to be Sioux. What this was based on, I don't know - unless
it was because, to add to all this confusion, my Grandmother's 1929 WVA
marriage license said she was "Cherokee" - born on the "Rosebud Reservation
in South Dakota". All the info I could obtain about the South Dakota
reservations said they were primarily Sioux.

When I finally found my way to Amherst Co., VA - I found SO MUCH information
about my ancestors I was able to fill in most of my genealogy blanks.
Reading and researching the Indian history of Amherst Co., VA I found that a
good portion of my ancestor's names were listed on the Monacan Indian rolls
- who, from what I understand spoke a Sioux language (?). I BELIEVE they
were Monacan, but I believe there was Cherokee in there too (this probably
only a PORTION of their rumored multi-racial backgrounds).

My family descends from the family line of Frederick James Beverly and Sarah
Ann Taylor of Amherst Co., VA.

Through their son, Richard Beverly - who married Aurora Ann Wood the
daughter of Mary Wood (the deceased daughter of Cabell and Elizabeth
(Phillips) Wood of Amherst Co)

Through Richard and Aurora Beverly's son, Leonard W Beverly/Belvin who
married Rose L Burch the daughter of William Burch (Leanna Hartless, Burch,
Beverly's son) And Jenny Roberts the daughter of Margaret Roberts of
Amherst Co, VA).

>From what I understand, Frederick & Sarah Beverly, Richard & Aurora
and Leanna Hartless Burch Beverly, and well as some of the Roberts family
connected to Jenny & Margaret Roberts are all on the Monacan rolls. This
would mean BOTH my Greatgrandparents had Monacan connections.

My great-grandparents left Amherst Co., VA shortly after 1920 - lived for a
short time in WVA where they cha
nged their last name - and then settled in
Ohio. I always understood growing up, that as young people their families
had been "treated badly" - and that ONE of the reasons they came to Ohio was
because "they wanted their children to be treated better then they had".

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