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Subject: Re: [MONTGOMERY_CO_OH] Looking for ANY of German ancestry fromLenau, Kulmain, Kemnath area of Bavaria.
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 09:21:22 -0500
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I am primarily researching Spatz and Hegman from Altenbuch, Germany - to
Cincinnati & Dayton. However, in my family database, I do have a Joseph
Brunswick married to Elizabeth Boeckman, a Rita Brunswick married to Frank
Tumbusch, a Florence Merkle (daughter of Michael Merkle and Catherine Loges)
married to Wilbur Spatz, Claude Wagner married to Agnes Deppner, Elizabeth
Brinkman married to Gerhard Lemming.

Carla Spatz Lakatos

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Subject: [MONTGOMERY_CO_OH] Looking for ANY of German ancestry from
Lenau,Kulmain, Kemnath area of Bavaria.

Greetings All:

I am a believer in the theory that many families in Dayton and Montgomery
County may have come from the same areas of Germany.

Some early emigrants to Dayton area probably wrote back home telling of the
good life and opportunities here.

Family members and neighbors may have followed the early migrant to the same
location because of those letters.

Cousins and in-laws with different surnames probably read those letters and
followed the early migrant to Dayton.
Those relatives also wrote letters back home some more relatives and
neighbors (with different surnames ) also came to Dayton.

I would like get in contact with anyone whose relatives came from:
the northern area of Oberpfalz, Bavaria.
This would include the towns of:
Lenau, Kulmain, Kemnath, Brand, K├Âtzersdorf, Immenreuth, Zinst, Aign,
Pullenreuth, Ebnath, and other nearby towns. These towns are all in a small
area approximately 20 km EAST of Bayreuth, in Northern Bavaria.

I am also looking to contact those people researching the following families
(who MAY have come from the above areas).
The surnames are: Schreiber, Schrierer (Schreyer), Rauch, Wagner, Plannerer
(Planner), Lennartz (Lehnartz), Brunswick, Brinkman, Kastner, Merkle,
Enders, Stich, Maier, and any others from the same areas. (mostly in the
1880's to early 1890's)

Mike Kennedy
Dayton Ohio

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