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From: "Roberta J. Estes" <>
Subject: [MOORE] Patrick Moore of Lununburg, children to Halifax Co.,Va. and NC
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 21:05:52 -0500

Patrick Moore is the progenitor of the huge Moore clan that lived in Halifax
County in the 1700s. They were also found in Lunenburg, and many popped
over the border to Caswell and Person Co., NC. Given the sheer number of
them, I'm amazed that we don't have someone who descends from this line who
is a DNA participant. If you know of anyone, please contact me.

Bobbi Estes

Patrick Moore of Lunenburg County

Patrick Moore, born 1681, possibly in Ulster, Ireland, patented land in
Brunswick County by 1747 on Miry Creek. This land would become first
Lunenburg and then Halifax County in 1752. However, Patrick would never see
these events as he died in 1750 in Lunenburg County.

We first find Patrick in Scituate, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts where they
appear to have arrived between 1722 and 1724. Patrick's children were all
born in Ireland, but some of his grandchildren were born in Massachusetts
and baptized in the Anglican church in 1724, although the notes for both the
first and second churches of Scituate indicate they were Congregational when
formed in 1635 and 1728, respectively. Patrick's daughter Mary married John
Justice there in 1728. This church is today the Unitarian Church in Newell,

It is entirely possible that this Moore family was from County Antrim,
Ulster Province, Ireland. The area of Halifax Co, Virginia that they lived
was also called Antrim parish. County Antrim has more Moores than any
other County in Ireland. It is also quite possible that this family
is actually Ulster Scots (Scotch-Irish) and originally from Scotland.
Plymouth Co., Massachusetts during the early 1700s was not hospitable
to those that were actually Irish (Catholic) primarily because of the high
population of those that were English, but was hospitable to those that
were Ulster Scots (Scotch-Irish). The great Scotch-Irish migration began in
1717, although most were Presbyterian. It seems highly unlikely that John
Justice who married Patrick Moore's daughter Mary would have
married anyone that was Irish (Catholic), being that he was likely from
and has been documented being a member of The Church of England.

Marion Dodson Chiarito, a long time Moore researcher noted that a Patrick,
Hugh and Robert Moore in Chester Co., Pa. in the 1720s. However, this
particular family, or at least some of them, were in Massachusetts in the
early 1730s as the records of baptisms still exist. Hugh, Robert and
Patrick were all common Scotch-Irish names and Chester Co., Pa. was a hotbed
of Scotch-Irish immigration before the Virginia migration began in earnest
in the 1730s with the Religious Toleration Act of 1738.

Patrick Moore had many sons and 1 documented daughter, and those sons
patented large tracts of land in what would become Lunenburg, Halifax and
Pittsylvania Counties in Virginia. Over the next 2 or 3 generations, it
would become almost impossible to keep track of all of the descendants,
especially because the same names were used in every generation. Migration
to Virginia was not a one time event either, as we find a Revolutionary War
desertion notice for a John Moore of Halifax County who was born in Maryland
in 1749.

Patrick's children were as follows:

*Robert born 1703 in Ireland, patented land before 1743 on Polecat
Creek, married Mary about 1722 in Massachusetts and died in 1796. Robert
had at least three sons, Hugh, Henry and Joseph, and probably Edward and
James as well.

*William born in 1705 in Ireland. In 1724, his son Thomas Moore
bap/chr November 29, 1724 Scituate, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts, son of
"William Moore, a stranger from Ireland".

*John born 1707 in Ireland, died after 1779, married Agnes about 1730
probably in Scituate Massachusetts. His children John and Mary were
baptized in the church there in 1731 and 1733. He had one other known
child, Alexander, but there were probably more children. His son John died
in Person Co., NC in 1794.

*Mary was born about 1709 in Ireland and died in 1792 in Pittsylvania
Co. She married John Justice and they lived on Miry Creek. In the 1790s
they bought land on Harpin Creek as well. They had children Mary "Nancy",
John, Simeon, Thomas, Ailsey, Elizabeth, William and Ezra.

*Hugh, the prominent long-time Gentleman justice and sheriff in
Halifax County was born about 1711 in Ireland, probably married Martha Wall
(daughter of Burgess Wall) about 1740 in Brunswick County. By 1741 he
appears in the records in Lunenburg County. In 1748, he began to amass a
great amount of land on Birches, Toby and Miry Creeks near and on the Dan
River. On July 9, 1760 he wrote his will having been in apparent good
health previously. By the August 21st court session, he was dead and his
will probated. His widow, Martha would remarry in July 1761 to John Bates
who was dead by 1770 and in 1788 she marries John Lawson.

Hugh and Martha had son John born 1744-1749 married Mary
Frances Hemphill about 1771 and died in 1796. Son Alexander born about 1757
married Martha and died in 1848 in Caswell Co., NC. Daughter Mary "Polly"
married Humphrey Hendricks and died before 1787. Humphrey remarried and
this family went to Oglethorpe Co., Georgia before his death in 1816. Other
Moore descendants from Pittsylvania County from William Moore who died in
1786 also went to Oglethorpe County in this timeframe. Hugh's daughter Anne
married John Hurt Hendricks and was dead before 1818. Hugh leaves 400 acres
in his will to Joseph Terry as well, without stating a relationship. Was
Joseph Terry's wife Judith related to Hugh? The end of Hugh's will has been
torn away in the record book.

*Alexander born about 1713 in Ireland was in Orange Co., NC selling
land to John Boyd by 1767. He married Marion before 1752 and had at least
two children, Robert and Rachel.

*Joseph born about 1715 in Ireland died before 1785 in the Ninety-Six
district of SC which later became Spartanburg. He married Ruth about 1739
and had at last 5 children, Robert "Bert" or "Burton", Joseph, John, Patrick
and Jane. Robert is a Revolutionary War veteran and states that he was born
in Halifax Co. in 1755 or 1756 and moved to SC (after 1763 and) before the
Revolutionary War.

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