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Subject: [MOORE] MOORE NEWS - Vol. IV - No. 6
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 18:25:14 -0400

. "Saga of an American Family"

Volume IV August 10, 2008 Issue 6

... From Clee to heaven the beacon burns,
.... The shires have seen it plain,
.... From north and south the sign returns
.... And beacons burn again.
.... A. E. Housman
.... "A Shropshire Lad"


My goodness Moore researchers have been busy this summer! Here I thought things would slow down on the Moore genealogy front during these slow summer months, but rather, there is a lot of great material from a variety of sources and contributors to include! New subscribers, new research, hopefully some new connections and answers for many of you. Anyone had DNA testing done? Be sure to get in touch with Steve Moore under Queries, what a great resource to have now at our disposal to help with research. Maybe I need to include a new section just on DNA research, if that is a direction in which we are going with our study.

Thank you all for sharing your research, and perhaps it will inspire even more for the next edition. Stay cool and keep up the great work!


Sylvia T ()

**** My husband's grandmother was Mary E Moore, Jones, West, Buttram of AR, Mary was b in AR 1865-1871 (document dates disagree) her father was John "Jack" Moore. Her children were William Franklin Moore, b AR 1890, George W. Jones, b AR 1893, John H Jones, b AR 1895, David C Jones, b AR 1897, Eula Mae West b OK 1906, and Anna Buttram.b AR 1909. Any information about Mary or her family would be a huge help in completing our family tree. Sylvia T


Ted Moore ()

**** Here is my line that I'm working on . John Jackson was my gggrandfather.

John Jackson Moore born 1838 in Tennessee
Francis Matilda Sullivan born 1845 in Alabama or Louisiana

Married November or December 1864 in Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Children are:

Mary E. MOORE born Abt 1866 in Pike County, Arkansas.

William Moore born Abt 1871/72 in Pike County, Arkansas, died July 1879

John N. MOORE born Jul 1873 in Pike County, Arkansas.

Tennessee MOORE was born Abt 1876 in Pike County, Arkansas.

Ritter E. MOORE was born Jul 1877 in Pike County, Arkansas.

Henry Paton MOORE was born Nov 1879 in Pike County, Arkansas. Died 1944 in Shawnee, Ok

Callie Donna MOORE was born Dec 1883 in Pike County, Arkansas, and died Abt 1931 in Texanna, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma.

Gibson MOORE was born Sep 1881 in Pike County, Arkansas

Cebron (Boss) Moore born 1891 in Howard County, Arkansas


Wayne Moore ()

**** My wife Kathy has been interested in her STILLINGS family history for years, but I always thought that MOORE was such a common name that locating my ancestors would be an impossible task. However, with Kathy's encouragement and help using Family Tree Maker Advanced, I became very interested in family history research.

I have confirmed that my MOORE ancestors were among the original settlers of Old Somerset County, Maryland. I grew up in Delaware and graduated from the University of Delaware in 1963. My father was born in Bethel DE on Broad Creek. That part of Sussex County Delaware was part of Old Old Somerset County, Maryland until 1742, when Worcester Co MD was created out of Old Somerset County. In 1765 the century-old boundary dispute between Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania was settled and the Mason-Dixon survey set the final boundary. Hence, I need to research records in both Delaware and Maryland to solve family history puzzles.

Recently I was able to contact Dan Moore, who lives in Cleburne TX (near Ft Worth). He is the author of the best published book I have been able to locate on the Moore family history for the clan that settled in Maryland's Eastern Shore. His book was published in 1999 and a copy is in the Delaware Historical Society's reading room in Wilmington DE. All of his work is carefully documented and he has been able to give me some tips on my Moore family branch (We both had an ancestor named John Moore living in Somerset Co in the period 1700-1740 - there were at least three family heads named John Moore in Somerset Co in that period according to poll tax lists).

Wayne Moore

Web site:


Bobbi McDonald ()

**** I am sending you information I have on the Moore famiily. It is interesting that John Hestein and William Henry married sisters, Lucy Ellen and Elizabeth Ann Clayton. I am now researching the Moore's in Oregon. I have located and have pictures of gravesites. Perhaps someone in my lineage is also researching and we can share information. I do have some pictures and stories.

John Hestein Moore residences and US Census
1842 Born Feb. 1, 1842 in Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio
1863-1865 Soldier in the Civil War
1863 New Lexington, Perry, Ohio, married Lucy Ellen Clayton
1864 Indiana: Eleanora born May 10, 1864
1866 Ohio: Oscar Edwin Moore born Aug. 8, 1856
1869 Cicero, Tipton, Indiana: Minnie May Moore born April 19, 1869
1871 Indiana: Orville Orlando Moore born August 22, 1871
1874 Indiana: Viola Jane Moore born June 8, 1874
- George Moore born 1874
1876 Robbie Moore born December 3, 1876
1880 Census: Shawnee, Perry, Ohio
- Living with wife Lucy and children
- John Moore 38, Lucy Moore 34, Eleanora Moore 16, Oscar Moore 13, Minnie May Moore 11, Orlando Moore 9
- Occupation Weighman, a person whose occupation is weighing goods, produce
1881 John Frederic Moore born october 21, 1881
1900 Census: Boone Township, Crawford, Missouri, June 16, 1900
- Occupation: Farmer
- John Hestein Moore age 68, Lucy Ellen Clayton Moore age 54
- Living with son Oscar E. Moore age 33
- Father and Mother both born in Ohio
- Lucy's father and mother both born in Ohio
1906 Moved to Grants Pass Ward 4, Josephine, Oregon
- Joined the GAR in Grants Pass
1909 Grants Pass Ward 4, Josephine County, Oregon
- wife Lucy Ellen Clayton Moore died February 23, 1909
1910 Census: Grants Pass Ward 4, Josephine County, oregon
- Lived on H Street
- Living with son Oscar E. Moore age 44. Oscar was a teamster
- Widowed (about 1909)
- Owned his own business
- Mother's birthplace - Virginia, Father's birthplace- Pennsylvania
1912 Died in Grants Pass Ward 4, Josephine County, Oregon
- Living with son, Oscar E. Moore at 216 Burgess St., Grants Pass
- One other son, George living in Oregon
- Buried in Granit Hill Cemetery, Grants Pass, Oregon, Plot 0/31 Lot 7-8; Buried next to him, his wife Lucy ellen Clayton Moore d. 1909


Married Jan 4, 1827, Muskingum, Ohio- 7 children

1. ABRAHAM MOORE b 1828, Ohio, d 1890 Ohio married March 28, 1854 Muskingum, OH Susan Mobry b/ 1827 Muskingum, Ohio

2. SARAH ANN MOORE b: March 1830 d:1905 Ohio married John Carmichael Sept 18, 1853, Muskingum, Ohio, B: 1810 d:1872

3. MARY JANE MOORE b: 1833 Muskingum, Oh d: March 8, 1894, Zanesville, Muskingum, OH married John Flower Jan 26, 1851 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH

a. William H. Flower b: 1853

b. Charles A. Flower b: 1859 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH

4. MARGARET E MOORE b: Jan 1835 d: 1903 Ohio married Robert J. Miles April 11, 1858 b: 1823 d: 1896

1880 US Census shows Margaret and Frank Miles in Zanesville, Muskingum, OH. Frank is a Coal Miner and 4 children living with them.

a. Anna Miles abt 1862

b. Frank Huston Miles b: 1864 d: 1940 married Cora(Canada) in Canada

i. Robert Miles 1889

ii. Harold E Miles 1890 Ohio

iii. Mary B Miles b: abt 1920 Montana

iv. Ruth abt 1906 Montana

c. Henry Miles abt 1864

d. Fredrick b: 1872

e. Sarah Miles

f. Joseph Miles abt 1872, OH

5. WILLIAM HENRY MOORE b: 1837 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH d: 1896 Butler Co., Mo. Buried in Three Springs Cemetery in Butler Co. Married Elizabeth Ann Clayton (sister of Lucy Ellen Clayton) August 26, 1858 Muskingum Co., OH b: Dec 19, 1838, Zanesville, Muskingum, OH d: Jan 21, 1920 Popular Bluff, MO buried in Three Springs Cemetery Butler Co. 9 children

1880 US Census: Living in Jackson, Hamilton, Indiana, occupation, farming. 9 children living with them

a. SANFORD MOORE b: 29 July 1859 in Zanesville, Muskingum, OH d: Dec 7, 1932, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO married 1883 Rachel Josephine(Josie) Barker b: 17 July 1857 d: 1 Feb. 1925 Butler Co. MO, buried Three Springs Cemetery, Butler Co, MO

1900 US Census: Living in Black River, Butler Co. MO, 3 Children living with them John, William, Lulla. Occupation farmer

1910 US Census: Living in Black River, Butler Co., MO 3 Children living with them John, William, & Lullu. Listed Sanford, John, & William as farmers of a home farm.

1920 US Census: Living in Black River, Butler Co, MO no children living with them, general farm. Listed on same page Charles W. Moore & family, and John W. Moore both living on farms

i. Elizabeth Moore

ii. John W Moore b: Nov 28, 1884, Indiana

iii. William Moore b: 1886, Butler Co., MO

iv. Lullu M Moore f: 1888, Butler Co., MO

b. CARSON MOORE b: Oct 18, 1861 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH d: May 18, 1912 Fort Wayne, Indiana married Alice Castle

Second wife of Carson, Sidney Jane Roadruck married Dec. 31, 1881

1910 US Census: Living in Three Oaks, Berrien, Michigan, occupation Preacher

i. Thomas Moore b: abt 1891, Indiana

ii. Lonnie Moore b: abt 1893, Indiana

iii. Hazel Moore b: abt 1897, Indiana

iv. May Moore b: abt 1899, Indiana

v. Cecil Moore b: abt 1904, Indiana

vi. John Moore b: abt 1906, Indiana

vii. Howard Moore b: abt 1910, Michigan

c. HARRY MOORE b: Sept 4, 1864, Indiana d: May 14, 1934 Pasadena, LA, CA buried in San Gabriel Cemetery married Causadie Endumdson March 5, 1889 Butler Co. Mo. B July 1869 Il d: unknown Il

Second wife of Harry Moore Nora Florence Casey M abt 1908 Poplar Bluff Mo b July 11, 1879 on a farm near Greenville, Wayne Co, MO d July 14, 1974 Duarte, Cal buried Live Oaks Cemetery Monrovia

1920 US Census: Living in Black River, Butler Co, MO wife Nora Florence; children Bernie age 10, Marvin age 7, Harry age 4 yrs 4 mos, Ed 1 yr 3 mos, and stepson Earl Porch age 15

i. Bernie Moore b: Feb 26, 1909 Bernie, Stoddard, MO

ii. Cecil Moore b: 1910

iii. Marvin Moore b: Oct 23,1912 MO

iv. Harry Moore b: Aug 14, 1915, Popular Bluff, MO

v. Ed Moore b: Sept 11, 1918, MO

d. HARVEY MOORE b: Nov 11, 1867, Indiana d: Feb. 5, 1925 Los Angeles, CA married Emma Francis Hopkins b: Sept. 14, Black River, Butler Co. MO b: Sept 13, 1873 Jasper Co. MO d: August 22 Grants Pass, Josephine Co, OR buried at Granite Hill Cemetery in Grants Pass 5 Children

Second wife of Harvey, Mary F. Harwell married 1913 Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR

1880 US Census: Living in Jackson, Hamilton, Indiana with parents on farm. 9 children of William Moore and Elizabeth Ann Clayton.

1910 US Census: Living in Merlin, Josephine, Oregon. Harvey was widowed (wife Emma died in 1909) children: Roy age 15, Katie age 12. Robert age 8, Merle age 6, Sherman age 3 and two boarders; Gust Creep & Charlie Greep

i. Roy Irwin Moore b: Mar 25,1895, Hendrickson, Butler, MO d: Feb 23, 1962 Crescent City, Del Norte, CA

ii. Katie Moore b: Feb 4, 1898, Butler co, MO d: Mar 3, 1989, Lancaster, LA Co., CA married Fred Greip

iii. Robert Earl Moore b: Sept. 1, 1901 Josephine Co, OR d: Aug 1964 Eugene, Lane, OR buried in Granite Hill Cemetery, Grants Pass, OR married June Malone

1930 US Census: Living in Altamont, Klamath, OR with wife and 3 children, Robert, Irving, & Evaline. Occupation, labourer in the sawmill

1. Robert C 1925-2002

2. Irving L b: 1926

3. Evaline I b: 1929

4. Clarence Arthur 1933-1993

iv. Merle Irene Moore b: Dec. 12, 1903, Josephine Co, OR d: May 4, 1988 Glendale, LA Co., CA married Joseph Chirby

v. Sherman Moore b: Oct. 7, 1906, Josephine Co. OR d: June 4, 1979, Klamath, OR Married Edna Eloise Kitterman 1914-2004

1. Velton Bruce Moore 1933-1936

e. ANGELINE MOORE b: abt 1868 Indiana d: Feb 2, 1944 Coquille, Coos OR married Calvin Williams, second husband Thomas Choine Williams Mar 16, 1890

i. John O Williams b 1884

ii. Thomas b 1885

iii. Nora A Williams 1888

iv. Louis Henry 1891

v. Jesse Choin 1893-1957

vi. Lizzie A 1895-1896 died about 1 yr

vii. Arthur Edward 1897-1956

viii. Coleman Lee 1900-1988

f. WILLIAM HENRY MOORE b: abt 1871 MO married Elizabeth Westmooreland

g. SARAH JANE MOORE b Aug 12, 1873 Noblesville, Hamilton Co, IN d July 16, 1963 Poplar bluff, MO married Frederick Henry Funke, Washington Township Mo. B Nov 13, 1863 d March 1, 1938 Poplar bluff, Butler Co cemetery Woodlawn

i. Douglas Funke 1897

ii. Ralph Charles 1899

iii. Floyd Lester 1901

iv. Helen gladys 1903

h. CHARLES WESLEY MOORE b: Nov 25, 1875 died April 16, 1952 buried Three Springs Cemetery, Butler Co, MO married Dona T. Tinker b Dec 16, 1885 d: Jan 25, 1966 Poplar Bluff MO, buried Three Springs Cemetery, Butler Co. MO

i. James Evertt 1911-1997

ii. Ruby Pearline 1913-1993

iii. Ernest 1915-1992

iv. Edna Merle b: 1920

v. Dorothy Lucille b: 1923

i. ALICE MOORE b Sept. 1878, Indiana d 1920 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO

6. JOHN HESTEIN MOORE b: Feb 1, 1842 Zanesville, Muskingum, OH, d" Feb 3 1912 Grants Pass, Josephine Co, OR buried in Granite Hill Cemetery, Grants Pass(Moore family plot with wife Lucy) married Lucy Ellen Clayton(sister of Elizabeth Ann Clayton) May 25 1863 in New Lexington, Perry, OH Lucy b:Sept 28, 1845 Muskingum, OH d Feb 23 1901 Grants Pass, Josephine Co, OR

1863-1865 Soldier(Pvt) in 62d regiment Co. D, OVI(Ohio Volunteer Infantry)

1880 US Census: Living in Shawnee, Perry Co. OH Living with wife Lucy Ellen and 3 children: Eleanora Moore 16, Oscar Moore 13, Minnie May Moore 11 & Orlando Moore 9. Occupation weighman.

1900 US Census: Living in Boone Township, Crawford MO. Occupation, farmer. Living with wife and son Oscar Edwin Moore age 33

1906: Moved to Grants Pass Ward 4, Josephine Co. OR with wife Lucy and son Oscar. Joined the GAR chapter in Grants Pass, OR

1910 US Census: Widowed, Lucy died in 1909, living with son Oscar E. Moore on H street, owned his own business

1912: Died in Grants Pass, living with son Oscar Edwin. One other son was living in Grants Pass, George. His nephew Harvey Moore & family(son of John's brother, William Henry Moore)

a. Eleanora Moore May 10, 1864 in Indiana, d. May 3, 1899 Hendrickson, MO married Horatio C Pritner b:1855

b. Oscar Edwin Moore b Aug 8, 1866 in OH d: Feb 25, 1933 buried in CA at Roosevelt Cemetery. Oscar was crippled from birth from spotted fever

c. Minnie May Moore b: April 18, 1869 in Cicero, Tipton, Indiana d: Feb 19, 1960 Compton, CA buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Compton married David Andrew Harman( at sisters home, Eleanor Moore Pritner) June 19, 1888 Columbus, Franklin, OH David A Harman b april 4, 1863, Preble, OH d: Feb 27 1947, Compton, LA Co., CA buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Compton CA

i. Susie Ethel Harman b: Sept. 26, 1889 in MO

ii. Elmer Connel Harman b: Oct 13, 1891 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO

iii. Lucie May Harman b: Oct 21, 1894 in Poplar Bluff, MO

iv. John Andrew Harman b: June 3 1897 in Poplar Bluff MO

d. Orville Orlando Moore b: Aug 23 1871, Indiana d: Dec. 31 1941 in San Diego, CA married Emily Bush

e. Viola Jane Moore B June 8, 1874 died 1878 4 yrs old

f. George Moore b: 1874, Indiana

g. Robbie Moore b: Dec. 3, 1876 d 1878 2yrs old

h. John Frederic Moore b Oct 1881 d: 1883 2yrs old

7. CYNTHIA LEVINA MOORE. B: 1847 Muskingum Co, OH d: Feb. 8, 1899 Enie Co. OH married Levi H Colcher Mar 5, 1865, Muskingum OH

a. Emma Colcher b 1866

b. Noah Colcher b 1868

c. Geroge Colcher b 1869


Moore Family in Oregon

1906 Grants Pass, Josephine Co., OR

- John Hestein Moore and Elizabeth Ellen Clayton

- Son Oscar Edwin Moore

- George Moore

- Minnie May Moore Harman and David Andrew Harman: Merlin, Josephine Co., OR

- Harvey Moore and Emma Francis Hopkins (son of William Henry Moore, 1837 and Elizabeth Ann Clayton)


Gene ()

**** In the hopes of finding a fellow researcher on the Moores in Ohio.

My ancestor is Mary Moore born 1778 in Wales, she married James Powell there in about 1800 and they later emigrated to America with 3 or 4 children. By 1822 this family had settled in Richland county Ohio and developed their farm.

James was said to have been an ardent Whig, he raised his family in the Christian faith and was successful and a good man. Mary died November 28, 1858 in Franklin Township just north of Mansfield, Ohio. She is buried at Five Points cemetery, near Pleasant Valley Baptist Church on route 13. Mary and James had eleven children of which Margaret is my gg-grandmother. Margaret Powell married Jessie Huston in 1831. The other children are: Matilda, Nancy, William, John, Abner, James, Jane, Myers, David and Mary. Names of their spouse include Terman, Cline, McConaghy, Modi, and Schumaker.

If you see any possible connection please contact me Happy hunting! Gene

names in search: Alexander, Arras, Baker, Brooks, Burgess, Caudy, Chew, Dickerson, Essinger, Figley, Geis, Gibbens, Gipe, Gushard, Hackett, Houghton, Huck, Huston, Hoffman, Henshaw, Huston, Jager, Kendrick, Laubscher, Latuerslager, Lighfoot, McCormic, Moore, Nestline, Owens, Powell, Rettig, Riebel, Rorabaugh, Schaeffer, Smith, Tracht, Weisbarth, Wyrick, Zediker


Steve Moore ()

**** I am descended from Thomas Moore & Rosannah (presumably) Fowler, through their son Levi Moore, who were active near Durban's Creek, Laurens County, South Carolina from 1772 to 1795. I've spent the last eight years following Levi's line down all branches.

When I first began the hunt, I discovered Moore News (a wonderful discovery in itself) and made contact with Maggie Davis who had written about Thomas Moore in a 1996 issue. I am grateful to Maggie for sharing her research notes with me.

To make a long story short, I hit the same brick wall at Thomas Moore that every researcher has seemingly hit, that is, until I took the DNA plunge. I am happy to report that I share DNA with a descendent of James Walker Moore (and probably Mordecai Moore who was active with James) of Durban's Creek, Laurens County, South Carolina at the same time as Thomas. At this point we do not know how Thomas & James were related, just that the DNA results show that they were.

But the story gets better. Through the DNA angle I have discovered another group of researchers who share my DNA that have traced their line back to the early Quakers of Georgia, and back further to James, the blacksmith, Moore of early Philadelphia. It would appear that Thomas Moore of Laurens County, South Carolina (although buried in a Baptist cemetery in Knox County, Kentucky) came from Quaker stock.

Research has shown that the availability of land in the area of South Carolina that would eventually become Laurens County, was heavily advertised in the original counties of the Philadelphia area, most notably Chester and Philadelphia Counties, where the early Moore's lived.

Many questions are yet to be answered. We do not know the link between Thomas Moore (or James Walker Moore) and James, the blacksmith, Moore, but the DNA evidence indicates that there is one. We do not know how, or if, James, the blacksmith, Moore was related to the Moore stepchildren of David Meredith, how, or if he was related to Dr. Mordecai Moore, son-in-law to Governor Thomas Lloyd.

These families were Quakers and evidence indicates that they came from Shropshire, England, and Radnorshire, Wales (two areas sharing a border), which points to a possible close family relationship in 17th century Britain.

Although DNA research itself won't answer all questions, it is a useful tool. I would recommend that researchers get involved. The larger the database, the more connections can be made. For example, if we can get descendents of Dr. Moredecai Moore to become active in DNA research, we may be able to prove, or disprove, once and for all, the relationships between the early Philadelphia Moore's. We are Group 22 at

I look forward to hearing from others researching these lines.

Stephen A. Moore



Marti Hale ()

**** I'm still searching for the parents of my Austin Moore.
Per the following article it looks like his name was A. Austin Moore. This is the only place where I have seen his name with the initial A. in front of Austin and have no idea what the A. stands for. I'm DAR on Edward Garrett II and his wife Ann, their 11th child was Mary Garrett b 1777 and married Austin Moore in 1794 and then he died in 1799-all Laurens Co. SC. Then Mary Garrett Moore married Lod Dulin. I have a copy of the Estate of Austin Moore showing that he died without a will and his wife Mary is named executrix of his estate. So this is the history of how my search for the parents of Austin Moore came about.

History of Christian County Kentucky, Historical and Biographical.
Edited by William Henry Perrin-1884
page 618

Rice Dulin was born near this place (Cotton Knob) in Christian County Ky., February 24, 1809, and has always resided in this vicinity, the past half century at his present home, which was first settled by the Stewart family. He is the son of Lod Dulin, who was born in North Carolina in 1765, and removed to Christian County, Ky in 1806, where he died in 1848. He married Mary Garrett (late Moor), of Lawrence District, S.C., who was born in 1777, and died here in 1853. There children are : Rice, Edward G., Daniel M., Austin M., and Lott W. To the subject's father by his first by his first marriage were born : James J., Demarias and Sarah. Subject's mother by her first husband, A. Austin, had two children : Casander and Pamela.


Laurens County, South Carolina
Administrations of Wills and Estates:

5. Lodowick Dulin signed 6/10/1827 for his wife, Mary Garret Moore Dulin (her 2nd marriage)


Marriage bond for Cassandra Moore and Anderson Hail (Hale)
Christian Co KY, 5 July 1813:

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that we Anderson Hail and Lod Dulin are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the penal sum of fifty pounds, which payment well and truly to be made to the said Commonwealth we bind ourselves and each of our heirs, &c. jointly, severally and firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 5 day of July in the year 1813. The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas, there hasa licence issued for a marriage, shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Anderson Hail and Cassandra Moore. NOW if it shall always hereafter appear, that there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, then this obligation to be void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue. [Signed and sealed by Anderson Hail and Lod Dulin, witnessed by Bartholomew Wood.]


Melibob, Texas ()

**** First, there were 2 Moore men, said to be cousins, who died at the Alamo, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, 6 March 1836 along with Davy Crockett, William B. Travis, etc.


MOORE, ROBERT B. (1781-1836). Robert B. Moore, Alamo defender, was born in Martinsburg, Virginia, in 1781. He immigrated to Texas by way of New Orleans as a member of Thomas Breece's company of New Orleans Greys in 1835. Moore took part in the siege of Bexar and later served in the Alamo garrison as a member of Capt. William Blazeby's infantry company. He died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. Moore was a cousin of Alamo defender Willis A. Moore.

MOORE, WILLIS A. (1808-1836). Willis A. Moore, Alamo defender, was born in Raymond, Mississippi, in 1808. He immigrated to Texas from Arkansas, joined the Texas army at Bexar on November 26, 1835, and took part in the siege of Bexar.qv On January 1, 1836, he joined Capt. John Chenoweth's company. Moore died in the battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. He was cousin of Alamo defender Robert B. Moore.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Daughters of the American Revolution, The Alamo Heroes and Their Revolutionary Ancestors (San Antonio, 1976). Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Muster Rolls of the Texas Revolution (Austin, 1986). Bill Groneman, Alamo Defenders (Austin: Eakin, 1990).



Chapter V

MOORE, ROBERT B.: Age, 55; rank, private; native of Virginia, came to Texas from New Orleans. Sources: Lost Book
of Harris, 111; I San Patricio, 498; I Bastrop, 401; C. M. S. R.,No, 7852; Muster Rolls, pp. 3, 19, 21, 25; Telegraph and Texas
Register, March 24, 1836.

MOORE, WILLIS: Age, 28; rank, private; immigrated to Texas from. Arkansas. Sources: Travis, 657, 688, 775; Goliad,198; Fannin, 979; I Goliad, 281; Muster Rolls, pp. 2, 19. The Muster Rolls give merely " Moore." Also, see. Telegraph and Texas Register, March 24, 1836.

(And the following from )

Artist Eric von Schmidt painted a 23' long picture titled "The Storming of the Alamo", March 1986 and it is hanging at the Incarnate Word University Library in San Antonio, Texas. At the above website, is "The key to the Alamo" as explained by the artist. #25 New Orleans Greys explains how he arrived at the little part of the painting depicting them.

"It is interesting to note that none of the nineteen N.O. Greys who died defending the Alamo was a native of Louisiana. Three were born in England, two were from Germany, one came from Ireland. Nor were they all firebrands caught up in the first flush of patriotic fervor. ROBERT B. MOORE [caps mine - meli], born in Virginia, raised in Arkansas, was the oldest man to die in battle. He was 55 years old and he was a private. The uniform worn by Moore and his fellow volunteers........"

BOUNTY AND DONATION LAND GRANTS OF TEXAS, 1835-1888, by Thomas Lloyd Miller, U of Tex Press, 14 Sept 1982, has the following records noted from the General Land Office:

ROBERT B. MOORE, received Bty Wnt 3897 for 1920 acres from S War on 20 June 1838 for "his service from 30 Dec 1835 to 27th day of March 1836 and having been killed at the Alamo." 640 acres in Travis Cty were ptd to the heirs on 9 Aug 1846. Pat 65 Vol 3 Abst 547 GLO File Bastrop Bty 137, and 1280 acres in Burnet Cty were ptd to the heirs on 9 Aug 1846. Pat 66 Vol 3 Abst 619 GLO File Bastrop Bty 137. Note: The termination date of service as given on Wnt 3897 is obviously incorrect; it should be 6th March 1836. His heirs received a donation "for his having been killed at the Alamo."


WILLIS A. MOORE receive Bty Wnt 4/23 for 960 acres from CC on 13 Sept 1858 for "his service in the Army in 1836," as a result of a spl act of the Legislature passed 15 Feb 1858. 960 acres in Karnes Cty were ptd to the heirs on 13 May 1862. Pat 194 Vol11 Abst 215 GLO File Goliad Bty 198. Note: The heirs of Willis A. Moore received a Donation for his "having been killed at the Alamo." See Fan Don 979.

Meli continues: On, there is a Robert Burwell Moore recorded, born 5 Sept 1806, Sully, Fairfax, Virginia who married a Barbara Williams Sammon, born 1784-1869. The researcher sates that this Robert B. Moore died at the Alamo, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx on 6 Mar 1836. We know the Alamo defender was born 1781, so I haven't determined yet if other info related to this Robert Burwell Moore is accurate. Also, I haven't been able to track "the heirs" of either man to see who they were and what happened to the Bounty land grants and the Donation land grants. I plan to contact the Texas State Library soon, but it is undergoing remodeling and most of their stuff is in storage.

So, if any one can help with information about the ancestry or descendancy of these two heroes, I would be eternally grateful. Happy Hunting....melibob, Texas


Joyce Browning ()

**** Using the given names Freeman and Pleasant in this Moore family, I looked up records that might pertain to earlier instances where Moores with these two given names appeared. Due to the migrations, these Moores look an awful like they are descendants - over a century later - of James and William Moore of New Kent County and James Moore's nephews, brothers James and Alexander Moore of York County, all of whom appear in Virginia around 1658-60.

Because of the migrations of the Freeman Moore and Pleasant Moore families, I suspect that they are descendants of James Moore or William Moore of New Kent County. In fact records prove that Mark Moore (see below) is a fourth generation descendant of James Moore of New Kent County.

Keep in mind that pre-Revolution, the eldest son almost always inherited the family homestead while younger brothers, and sometimes daughters, received a portion of the estate, according to the testator's ability, to aid them in relocation to another site. Thus, younger children moved to free land, often west along the same river or on the other side of the river. Note, also, that both Freeman and Pleasants are early families in the area of the Chickahominy River, that runs through present Henrico County. Henrico County was jurisdictional on both sides of the river until 1728 when Goochland was created on the south side of the James River.

The general route of migration for early Henrico County folks was directly west on the peninsula of land between the James, Chickahominy and York Rivers; i.e., into counties that became Hanover, Louisa, Albemarle and Amherst.

Or, in the part that became Goochland in 1728, migration was again west along the James River into counties that became Buckingham, Powhatan, Bedford and Campbell. The huge area south of land that directly bordered the James River was Indian land until about 1710-12 when Gov. Alexander Spotswood negotiated a treaty with them. Spotswood was also instrumental later (1730-35) when he opened up the part of Spotsylvania County that became Orange County.

Here's what I find in early Virginia records pertaining to Pleasant Moore and Freeman Moore. Note that both of these given names appear to be of the same generation approximately one century after the arrival of their suggested ancestors.


Will, Amherst County
Thomas Martin's will of 1785 probated in Albemarle County, Virginia, is cited in a suit brought in 1792 in Augusta County. Martin's will refers to his grandson Martin Moore, granddaughter Milly Moore and children Charles, John, Thomas, Pleasant, Martin, Lilly Moore, Milly Oglesby, Nancy M. Bland and Molly Dawson and Martin Moore. [Note: Pleasant Martin and Pleasant Dawson are closely associated with this Albemarle family that is very visible and traceable in Albemarle records.

Marriage Bond, Prince Edward County
In A Bond is recorded on 25 April 1803 for the marriage of Samuel Brightwell and Betsy A. Moore, daughter of Pleasants Moore, decd. This name is also transcribed as Moon.

1810 Census, Hanover County
Pleasant Moore 10010-10010-00, P. 63
Richard Moore 00010-10100-00, P. 72

1830 Census, Albemarle County
Archer Moore John Moore Samuel D. Moore
Benjamin Moore John Moore Sarah Moore
Benjamin Moore John D. Moore Sarah Moore
Betsy Moore Nathaniel Moore Sarah P. Moore
Henry C. Moore Pleasant Moore Stephen Moore
Jesse Moore Richard Moore Thomas Moore
John Moore Richard D. Moore Thomas Moore
William Moore


1787 Amelia County Tithing List
"A" List
Moore, Charles himself and 0 0 0 1 0

"B" List
Moore, William himself and 0 1 4 5 6
Moore, Anderson himself and 0 1 2 2 0
Moore, Britton himself and 0 2 4 3 6
Moore, John himself and 0 0 0 3 6
Moore, Amey non tithable 0 0 0 1 5
Moore, John Jr himself and 0 0 0 0 0
Moore, Mark himself and 0 0 0 3 11
Moore, Freeman himself and 0 0 0 0 0
Moore, William himself and 0 4 2 4 14
Moore, Robert himself and 0 0 0 0 0

[Nearly all of the 1790/1800 census' for Virginia were lost when the national capitol burned in 1812]

Campbell County (created from Bedford County in 1782)
On 1 October 1795, Freeman Moore and Sarah Moore, Administrators, recorded the inventory of the estate of Charles Cobbs, decd. In 1796, Freeman Moore, administrator of the estate of Charles Cobbs, decd, filed the estate account in right of his wife Sally Moore. Division of estate of William Hammersley recorded on 10 Oct 1808, part of which was conveyed to Freeman Moore, Guardian of William Moore's orphans.

Written: 19 Jul 1811
Prooved: 13 Sep 1812
Wife: Martha (land I now live on.)
Dau.: Lucy Moore, youngest child.
Son: Freeman Moore all my books.
Others: Rest of my children I had by my first wife, $1.00 each.
Exuor: Son Freeman and Publias Johns.
Wits. Chas. Cobbs, David Cobbs, Benjamin Trent.

1820 Census, Campbell County
Benjamin Moore
Elizabeth Moore
Christian Moore
Freeman Moore

1830 Federal Census, Campbell County (Householders)
Asa Moor Jesse Moore Predham Moore
Barbary Moore John G. Moore Sampson Moore
Christopher Moore John G. Moore Sophia Moore
Elizabeth Moore Joseph P Moore Thomas Moore, Sr
Freeman Moore Martha Moore William Moore
James Moore Matthew Moore William Moore
James Moore Obadiah Moore William G. Moore
Jane Moore


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**** Moores listed in the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 34, Number 4, 2008

Moorehead Methodist Church, Brockway, Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania

Baptisms, 1864-1904:

8/31/1890: Adam V. Moore, adult, of Mr. & Mrs. John Moore, at Clarion Mines, by W. W. Dale

8/31/1890: Ellie E. Moore, at Clarion Mines, W. W. Dale

5/19/1895: C. R. Moore, adult, at church, by J. L. Stratton

Marriages, 1865-1904:

2/21/1869: John Moore, of Armstrong Co., PA and Dellie E. Clark, of Brockwayville, PA, by Geo. F. Reeser

10/25/1898: N. R. Moore, Rockdale, & Edith Pearl Loughrey, Beechtree, by D. A. Platt


Class Records of the Allegheny Circuit Pittsburgh Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, 1868-1878

Class No. 3, Robert Wright, Leader, Meets at Franklin:

10. Margaret J. Moore W

Class No. 7, George Quaill, Leader, Meets Fleming Chapel (Bellevue)

26. George Moore M

27. Magdalen Moore M

Class No._, Joseph Munsch, Leader. Meets Fleming Chapel (1873)

35. George Moore M

36. Magdelen Moore M



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