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There are definitely a few SMITHERMANs now living in Forsyth
Co/Winston-Salem NC. One thing I have noted in my (amateur) research is
that there seems to be an invisible norht/south boundary between
Guilford/Randolph counties and Stokes/Forsyth/Davidson/Rowan counties in the
early era. Perhaps it was the trails and wagon roads but it seems that in
my Forsyth Co. "rooting" that there is not much interconnection east-west
across those counties above. I do have a stray DEAN who appears to have
crossed over from Guilford, and perhaps my brickwall John Peter HOOVER
(1812-1874) did so. There were a lot of HOOVERs over in Randoph Co. but a
paucity here. I suspect his ancestery was Swiss rather than German,
although I am sure he found the German influence on this area somewhat

Richard D. Barnes
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

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> >Surname: SMITHERMAN
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> >I am posting a query answer, see query below.
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> >I did not find SMITHERMAN emigrating on Moravian ships, in Moravian
> >settlement congregation **burials** in Bethlehem or Nazareth, nor on the
> >list of NC Moravians on Faye Jarvis Moran & Elizabeth Harris' website.
> >
> >> Do you have any information about Moses P. Smitherman who came to
> >> Pennsylvania from Germany, then came to North Carolina (Salem area) in
> >about
> >> 1780.
> There are no Smithermans listed in the indexes to the Records of the
> Moravians in North Carolina. Volume 4 contains a list of the adult
> residents in the 1775-1783 period, and he isn't mentioned there.
> There is a William Smitherman in Randolph Co. NC in the 1790 census; none
> in Stokes, Surry or Rowan, which would be more the area around the
> settlement; none in Stokes County through 1830, which would include the
> Salem area. I haven't checked the other census records yet.
> Jo White Linn's compilation of Rowan County tax records lists a number of
> SMITHER names, but no Smithermans. Brent Holcomb's compilation of Rowan
> County marriage bonds doesn't list any either, nor do I find any in the
> Rowan County deed records (Jo White Linn, James Kluttz, compilers).
> I do however have two later Smitherman names in my personal database:
> Alexander Smitherman, age 22 in 1850, living with John H. Randleman and
> family, Forsyth Co. census page 283
> Elizabeth Smitherman married Hampton Scott, who was born about 1834. This
> is from HAUSER family records; his parents were Leonard Scott and Sallie
> Hauser, of Surry Co. NC.
> Finally, there is a Noah Smitherman age 38 in Randolph County in 1850,
> living alone.
> My guess is that the Moses Smitherman mentioned in the query may have
> settled in Randolph county rather than the area around Salem, which
> that he might not have been a Moravian. Randolph County isn't all that
> away from Salem, but it was outside the borders of the Moravian
> Elizabeth Harris
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